No 1139 “En mi opinión” Enero 26, 2016

No 1139 “En mi opinión” Enero 26, 2016

“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R Gonzalez Miño  Editor

Lázaro R González Miño  para  Alcalde de Miami Dade




DeLay: FBI ‘Ready to Indict’ Hillary

(Newsmax TV)

By Bill Hoffmann   |  

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings, former U.S. House Majority leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.
“I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,” DeLay said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

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“They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”
Clinton is under FBI investigation for her use of a private server to conduct confidential government business while she was secretary of state. But some Republicans fear any FBI recommendation that hurts Clinton will be squashed by the Obama administration.

Latest News Update

DeLay, a Texas Republican and Washington Times radio host, said:

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“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges.”
Last week, Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon accused intelligence Inspector General Charles McCullough of colluding with Republicans to damage Clinton’s campaign for president.
The charge came after a report that McCullough sent a letter to two GOP lawmakers that some of Clinton’s emails sent from her private server when she was secretary of state should have been marked with classifications even higher than “top secret.”
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Shariah or the…

U.S. Constitution?

Irmende Mendez

From: Response Action Network <>

Your answers are urgently needed on our National Citizen Opinion Survey about the growing foothold Islamic supremacists and their agenda for dominating the world known as Shariah are achieving in America.

Iraida Rivero,

Your answers are urgently needed on our National Citizen Opinion Survey about the growing foothold Islamic supremacists and their agenda for dominating the world, known as Shariah, are achieving in America.

Alarmingly, those who believe Islam and its repressive anti-Constitutional Shariah must rule the whole world are making serious inroads in towns and cities right here in America – sometimes with our own tax dollars!

What’s more, the followers of Islam’s Shariah are not simply believers in a “religion.” Instead, they are waging jihad (holy war) – in one form or another – to force the whole world to submit to their dictates, non-Muslim and Muslim alike . . .

. . . even coercing or forcing what we would consider to be “the good Muslims” to join them in conforming to Shariah.

And with illegal and legal Muslim immigration in America growing at record rates, Shariah-adherent immigrants are challenging the Judeo-Christian foundation of our U.S. Constitution, our culture and values – often in ways unknown to most Americans.

Worse yet, Islamic leaders are cleverly using our own 1st Amendment rights to establish and defend so-called “Islamic Centers” here in our country, that in reality are Shariah-adherent mosques that advance “Jihad” against America . . .

. . . often providing safe-havens for terrorist recruitment and indoctrination in their quest for world dominance and power.

That’s why it’s so vital for you to sign and return your National Citizen Opinion Survey in support of keeping U.S. courts and government agencies from enabling Shariah law to take hold here.

Whether or not this problem has affected your area yet, just think about this:

·         An undercover investigation found that a staggering 80% of Islamic mosques or “cultural centers” in America are under the influence of the Shariah-promoting Saudi (Wahabbist) wing of Islam. Under Shariah, gender and religion determine specific “rights” in ways at odds with our Constitutional ones.

·         And Shariah promotes “jihad” . . . violence and terrorism against all Islamic “non-believers.”

And unless thousands of freedom-loving citizens like you share their views with key community leaders and our legislators to stop the creeping political influence of supremacist Islam and Shariah in America, all we need to do is look to Europe to see where our country is headed.

Great Britain now has 85 Shariah courts. In Germany, Shariah law has been used to defend a husband’s right to beat his wife and practice polygamy. France has overhauled its domestic tax laws to accommodate “Islamic Finance.”

Just think about what is already happening in America:

Secure Freedom has identified 146 U.S. court cases in which an attempt was made to use Shariah to decide the dispute. In one in five instances, the judge agreed. We expect those numbers to grow. And recently, a group of Muslims in northern Texas tried to establish the first official “Islamic tribunal” to dispense Shariah law in the United States.

How can this be happening in our country?

It’s because of a clever technique used by a particularly dangerous Islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. They call it “civilization jihad,” a term that describes how the Brotherhood is aiming at, in their words, “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Here are some of the ways the civilization jihadist leaders are stealthily trying to take us down:

·         Islamists are placing Muslim Brothers into positions as advisors to and, in some cases as employees of, our government – placements that facilitate their insidious influence operations.

·         Islamists seek to prevent our free speech – particularly the kind that might allow us to understand and effectively counteract their secretive assaults on our country and its institutions.

·         Islamists are trying to use the “Common Core” curriculum – our children’s textbooks – to promote Islamic supremacism in our academic institutions.

·         Islamists are working to insinuate Shariah into U.S. courts and establish their own parallel “Islamic tribunals” to subvert our rule of law and Constitution.

·         Islamists are using our immigration system – especially our refugee resettlement program – to engage in what the Islamic supremacists call the hijra, a Muslim colonization of America.

·         Islamists enlist leaders of other faiths through so-called “interfaith dialogue” to obscure and enable what is fundamentally a subversive political, not a legitimate religious, agenda. And,

·         Islamists use what is known as “Shariah-Compliant Finance” to penetrate and coopt our capitalist system.

While the Europeans are further down the tubes than we are at the moment, I think you’ll agree there is reason to believe we are catching up. For example:

·         Many national food chains are selling unmarked Shariah-compliant “Halal” meat (the animal is ritually-slaughtered by a Muslim who sacrifices it to Allah), unbeknownst to most Americans who are buying and consuming it.

·         Our own U.S. Treasury Dept. has hosted in its headquarters a course called “Islam Finance 101” to promote Shariah-compliant financial activities. And today, most of our major banks and financial institutions – including one-time government-owned and taxpayer-funded AIG – offer “Shariah-Compliant” products that are overseen by Muslim “scholars” to ensure they comply with Islamic law.

·         Some public and taxpayer-funded university gyms are now providing separate hours for male and female swimming . . . to comply with Shariah laws for Islamic followers.

·         Several years ago, at a Tyson’s chicken processing plant in Tennessee, the American Labor Day holiday wasREPLACED with an Islamic religious holiday. A public outcry forced the company to reverse that decision, but it did so by making accommodations for both holidays.

·         A New Jersey judge denied a protective order to a Moroccan-American woman being systematically beaten and tortured by her Muslim husband on the grounds that he was just practicing his faith according to Shariah. And in Virginia, an Islamic school operating under Shariah not only ignored the reports by a little girl that she was being molested by her father, but the principal sent her home for him to “handle it”.

·         A Muslim father murdered his two daughters in Houston a few years ago in an act known as “honor killing” for dating American boys. Others are having their girls’ genitals mutilated – yes, here in the United States.

So I hope you will do your part by answering and submitting your National Citizen Opinion Survey and join in our fight to push back on the Islamic supremacists and their Shariah agenda.

I am emailing you and a few other key people in your area who I thought would be most likely to help us stop this growing threat.

My name is Frank Gaffney. I am the founder and President of Secure Freedom (also known as the Center for Security Policy). For twenty-seven years, we have forged partnerships between elected and other government officials, past and present military leaders, experts and citizens like you to safeguard our U.S. national security against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Since before the attacks by jihadists on 9/11, we have been investigating and challenging Islamic supremacism, and the growing influence of Sharia in America. 

Perhaps you’ve seen me as a guest on Fox News and other media outlets warning about Shariah. They call me or a member of my staff when they need an expert on how Islamic supremacism, its Shariah program and jihad are becoming problems for Americans, not just somewhere else, but here at home, as well.

We’ve launched a major national educational campaign to expose millions of Americans to the truth and mobilize them to turn this crisis around now . . . before it’s too late.

We hold strategic briefings and training programs for key community leaders, legislators, law enforcement and military personnel, pastors and others to warn them about the dangers of civilization jihad, as well as the violent kind, right here in our own country. We also equip these partners with strategies for defeating the jihadists.

We have modeled our strategic approach after the one my old boss, President Reagan, used to defeat the last totalitarian ideology that tried to take us down: Soviet communism. We call it the Secure Freedom Strategy.

If you would like to know what we are recommending to bring all instruments of national power to bear against today’s ideological counterpart to communism, Shariah, you can check out this strategy for free at

And if you want to learn more about the how the Muslim Brotherhood’s “civilization jihadist” techniques in our country, visit our free, online course at or download for free our publications at

You may have also heard me discuss this issue on my nationally syndicated show, Secure Freedom Radio. You can also catch our podcasts at any time at

Currently, Muslim Brotherhood-associated organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are trying to suppress the sort of information we need to get out. Their influence operations against our government, media and elites – in which they call truth-tellers “Islamophobes,” “racists” and “bigots” – all-too-often succeed in enforcing Shariah blasphemy restrictions on free expression.

This is all the more outrageous since, in a speech, a former Chairman of CAIR proclaimed:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth”.

Chilling words indeed!

Currently, Secure Freedom’s “Counter Jihad Campaign” is working on 4 principal fronts. For our efforts to succeed we must:

1) Contact and educate at least 3 million key Americans like yourself, by exposing them to information about the Islamists’ insidious threat to America.

We want to do that by sharing with them informational letters and getting feedback in our National Citizens Opinion Survey. Funds permitting, we want to distribute our free mini-book with highlights ofShariah, The Threat to America – It contains all you need to know about Islamic supremacism and what its practitioners have in mind for you. Our goal is to do this within the next 60 days.

Then, we must communicate to state, local and federal leaders the results of our Survey to ensure there are, at a minimum, no morejihadists or additional jihadist mosques and organizations allowed to operate in this country and to begin effectively countering those already here.

2) Take out newspaper and radio advertisements, use the Internet – even produce TV ads – to expose the truth about Shariah to tens of millions of citizens and create even more public pressure to defeat jihad.

3) Ramp up our ongoing work to foster among key groups – law enforcement, veterans and other military personnel, pastors and community leaders – awareness of and what to do about the insidious, and growing, Islamic supremacist movement.

Such folks have, after all, an urgent need to know of this danger since in many cases, their towns, cities or states are being systematically subjected to the Islamists’ civilization jihad, colonization or other subversive operations.

4) And I must continue holding one-on-one strategy sessions with Members of Congress, presidential candidates, leading folks in the media and other influential figures in our effort to encourage the necessary course-correction for our country. We have to educate them about the true nature of Shariah and the imperative of preventing it from subverting our Constitution and way of life.

Yes, we have our work cut out for us, but please know that the Secure Freedom team has the unique expertise needed for us to succeed on this critical task.

But because Secure Freedom is a non-profit organization, our funds are very limited. We must ensure that our financial resources are used to the greatest possible effect.

It was important to me that you be one of the first to be invited to help with this campaign. Along with your answers to our Survey today, will you also include a generous donation to our effort – $20 or $25, or even $50, $100, $200 or more if you can possibly afford it? Even $15 would be a blessing.

I know in these hard economic times, many people are tightening their belts and making financial contributions wisely. But an investment in the work of Secure Freedom is one of the wisest contributions you can make, as it is truly unique and urgently needed.

If you and I do not make the effort NOW to stop the Islamic supremacists and their jihad and Shariah from gaining more ground, I shudder to think what America will look like just a few short years from now – and how it will afflict our children and grandchildren.

Perhaps this problem has not directly affected you or your community, yet. But I can assure you, with Muslim immigration at record rates and the success of the Islamists’ civilization jihad, it soon will.

So please join us in working to counter jihad and secure freedom by completing the National Citizen Opinion Survey – a critical first step in helping us protect our Constitution and our country in these difficult and increasingly dangerous times.

With heartfelt thanks for your help,

Frank Gaffney
Founder and President, Secure Freedom

P.S. It’s vital for you to complete the National Citizen Opinion Survey right away to help us create the massive public pressure needed to counter this jihad and keep Shariah from subverting our Constitution and rights in our courts, media, churches, financial sector and government. 

So, please let me hear back from you today. And I hope you’ll be as generous as you can to help us fund this unprecedented national educational and advocacy campaign. Thank you.



The Wall Street Journall:

The Bloomberg View

Why the former New York mayor may think he can win as a third-party presidential candidate.

Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot on the former New York mayor’s potential third party presidential candidacy. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Jan. 24, 2016 6:32 p.m. ET


You read it here last week. As the odds rise of extreme outcomes in the presidential election, so do the chances of a serious third-party candidate getting into the race, especially Michael Bloomberg. Now word has leaked that the former three-term mayor of New York is actively exploring the possibility.

Mr. Bloomberg considered a run in 2008 and 2012, only to conclude he couldn’t win, and that may be what happens this year too. The U.S. political system is tilted against third-party candidates, which is why the last one to take the White House was Abraham Lincolnin 1860 as the nominee of the antislavery Republicans.

Third-party candidates have made other notable runs but their influence has mainly been as spoilers or to force the major-party candidates to confront issues they’d ignored. Teddy Roosevelt ruined William Howard Taft’s chances for re-election in 1912, and Ross Perot contributed to George H.W. Bush’s defeat in 1992 though he won no electoral votes. He split the Reagan coalition by winning 19% of the vote and helped Bill Clinton win with only 43%.


We’ve been skeptical of a third-party Bloomberg candidacy in the past, but this year’s tumult has thrown convention out the window. Mr. Bloomberg is looking at the primary chaos and figuring he may have a chance if the parties nominate flawed or polarizing candidates who struggle to unite their parties.

The 73-year-old’s opening would widen on the left if the Democrats nominate avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. He’d probably not run ifHillary Clinton is nominated—unless she is wounded by an indictment or plea deal for having mishandled classified information. Mr. Bloomberg tilts left enough on guns, climate change and immigration that many Democrats would find him politically congenial. He’s more centrist on economics, and somewhat hawkish on foreign policy, but many Democrats would not find those views disqualifying amid 2% growth and the rise of Islamic State.

Mr. Bloomberg’s appeal is harder to discern on the political right, though that also depends on the GOP nominee. He has a stellar record reducing crime in New York and he fought the teachers union for school choice and accountability. He’s a social liberal loathed by the National Rifle Association and he has a nanny-state tendency (his failed big-soda ban) that irritates free-marketeers.

But if Republicans nominate Donald Trump, who is also no conservative, Mr. Bloomberg’s pitch would include his governing experience in New York and that he’s not a leap in the policy dark. He might also find a lane up the political middle if the GOP nominates Ted Cruz, whose belief that he can win merely with conservative voters means he could struggle in swing states like Iowa, Florida, Colorado and New Hampshire, among others.

As a self-financing billionaire, Mr. Bloomberg could get on the ballot and field a strong campaign in every state. He might do well enough in the polls to get into the autumn debates where he would compete on equal terms. That’s how Mr. Perot finished strong after he had previously dropped out of the race. Mr. Bloomberg could figure that many Republicans might find him more palatable as Commander in Chief than the say-anything style of Mr. Trump.

The big question is whether Mr. Bloomberg could win enough states to deny 270 electoral votes to the other candidates. That would throw the election to the House of Representatives, which would presumably still be controlled by Republicans, though you never know if the GOP presidential nominee trailed badly. Mr. Bloomberg would then have to make the case that he would be better for the country and the GOP than its nominee.

All of this would require events that almost never happen in American politics. But Mr. Bloomberg is a serious man who wouldn’t waste his money or time if he didn’t sense an opportunity. If we’ve learned anything so far in this tumultuous election season, it’s that the electorate is volatile enough that anything can happen.





NewsMax: Cruz Is a True Conservative

By David Limbaugh   |  

Some time ago I said that many establishment Republicans dislike Ted Cruz so much that they would even back their nemesis, Donald Trump, if necessary to keep Cruz from winning.
This is one time I wish I had been wrong.
The establishment has long held Cruz in contempt but didn’t believe he had any realistic chance of securing the GOP nomination. Now, with his campaign success, he’s scaring their pants off. Former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole has issued apocalyptic warnings against nominating Cruz, and I’ve just received an email that Sen. Orrin Hatch prefers Trump over Cruz as well.
Earlier this week, it was New York Times pretend-conservative columnist David Brooks who suggested a Republican conspiracy against Cruz and Trump in favor of any other GOP candidate. “Very few presidents are so terrible,” he wrote, “that they genuinely endanger their own nation, but Trump and Cruz would go there and beyond.”
Setting aside this mindless conflation of Cruz and Trump, do you believe we should be taking advice about potentially bad presidents from a guy who drooled over candidate Barack Obama because of his trousers?
More and more insiders fear Cruz far more than Trump. Trump drives the establishment batty by ginning up his supporters against them and for his current hardline stance on immigration; but they have to know it hasn’t been that long since Trump espoused a number of liberal positions and financially supported establishment figureheads in each party. As hard-nosed and independent as he seems, his track record reveals he is much more malleable and they’d have a better chance to influence him than Cruz.
Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has been a thorn in the establishment’s side since he came on the scene. Insiders are astounded that he has actually refused to abandon his campaign promises and his commitment to Reagan conservatism, despite overwhelming pressure and derision from the party and its power brokers.
They have concluded that Cruz must be driven by egomania and not principle. Who but a stubborn, opportunistic loner could resist the temptation to rub elbows with the power brokers once elected?
Only oddballs honor their constituents and grassroots conservative causes above those of the ruling class. Only charlatans continue to articulate conservative ideas with passionate optimism and idealism once in office.
Only zealots evince an abiding dedication to Reagan conservative principles beyond what’s necessary to get them elected. Only grandstanders would truly stand up to President Obama’s reckless budget demands instead of throwing in the towel of surrender before the fight has even begun. 

Why is it automatically presumed that Obama will win every game of chicken he insists on playing with Republicans? Why can’t our side ever be confident enough in its own ideas and of the American people — as Ted Cruz is — to believe the people will back us if we call Obama’s bluff and articulate our case to them? 

Special: Halle Berry Shocks World With New Look and 27 Year old Man

The establishment’s rationale for caving has always been that Republicans, being the party of less government, can never win over the public in a shutdown showdown.
They think that Cruz knows this too, but puts on a grandiose but futile show to play to the base and advance his political ambitions. Oh ye of little faith — little faith, that is, in the conservative ideas you maintain you embrace.
If only the establishment would join Cruz in promoting the principles they say they share, just as Democrats always support an uncompromising and extremist Obama, there’s no telling what progress we could have made in thwarting some of Obama’s agenda.

As I see it, there are two major differences between Republican supporters and opponents of Cruz. One is that his supporters are more consistently conservative on every category of issues. The fight, in other words, is not just about strategy, as the establishment insists, but also involves policy.
The second is that Cruz’s supporters believe he is a man of integrity. Many of his detractors contend he is a phony, but I think their real fear is that he is not. He will not change his positions for expedience — though many are working overtime to convince us otherwise.
The establishment, then, either believes or wants to fool us into believing that it opposes Cruz because he is a poseur, a saboteur of good government — a man who impedes the cause of conservatism by his unwavering commitment to it.
Only by compromise and pragmatism, they argue, can we really advance conservative principles.
The truth, however, is that they are not as committed to conservative principles as they say they are and don’t regard the current problems confronting our nation with the same degree of urgency as mainstream conservatives.
They also place a high value on process — on bipartisanship and collegiality for their own sake — even over advancing a conservative agenda.
Not long ago I read that one establishment icon said he didn’t think a Hillary presidency would be that bad. Seriously?
We finally have a candidate who is committed to conservative principles across the board, a man who reveres the Constitution and America, as founded, who acutely understands the destruction President Obama has wrought, and who we can rely on to fulfill his promise to do everything in his power, if elected, to reverse this disastrous course and restore us on a path to recovery.
If the establishment would quit hyperventilating over Ted Cruz and get behind him they could do more than anything else to advance the cause they profess to believe in.
David Limbaugh is a writer, author, and attorney. His latest book is, “The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.”
Read more reports from David Limbaugh — Click Here Now.
From: Rick Pignone <>
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Subject: FW: THE DEVIL:…
To: Richard Pignone <>, Bill Huntress <>, “DerVarts (” <>, Mark Hutchinson <>

Adult Joke of the Year 

One day in the future, Barack   Obama has a heart-attack and  dies.
He immediately goes to hell,   where   the devil is waiting for him.

“I don’t know what to do here,”  says the devil. “You are on my list, but I have no room for you. You definitely have to stay here, so I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’ve got a couple of folks here who weren’t quite as bad as you. I’ll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I’ll even let YOU decide who leaves.” 

Obama thought that sounded pretty good, so the devil opened the door to the first room.
In it was Ted Kennedy and a large pool of water. Ted kept diving in, and surfacing, empty handed. Over, and over, and over he dived in and surfaced with nothing. Such was his fate in hell.

“No,” Obama said. “I don’t think so. I’m not a good swimmer, and I don’t think I could do that all day long.”

The devil led him to the door of the next room.

In it was Al Gore with a sledge-hammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing that hammer, time after time after time. 

“No, this is no good; I’ve got this problem with my shoulder. I would be in constant agony if all I could do was break rocks all day,” commented Obama. 

The devil opened a third door. Through it, Obama saw Bill Clinton, lying on the bed, his arms tied over his head, and his legs restrained in a spread-eagle pose. Bent over him was Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best.


Obama looked at this in shocked disbelief, and finally said, “Yeah man, I can handle this.”

The devil smiled and said………..

“OK, Monica, you’re free to go.”




WSJ Editorial today.

Charles Santos-Buch

Obama’s Plans to Burden the Next President’s Administration. Another example why Socialism does not work!

The Deficit Rises Again

Obama has set up deficits and debt to soar after he leaves office.

Jan. 25, 2016 7:29 p.m. ET


Perhaps you’ve heard President Obama’s talking point that the federal budget deficit has fallen by two-thirds on his watch. That overlooks that the deficit first soared on his watch, and then fell thanks largely to the GOP House and modest economic recovery, and that as he leaves office he is going to need one more asterisk: The deficit in 2016 has begun to rise again, in dollars and as a share of the economy. And after he leaves office, it takes off.

That was the news Monday in the Congressional Budget Office’s largely ignored annual budget and economic outlook. CBO’s gnomes estimate that the annual federal deficit will increase this year after six years of decline—to $544 billion from $439 billion in 2015. It will also rise as a share of the economy to 2.9% from 2.5%. The nearby table tracks the numbers across the Obama post-recession era.


This deficit increase by itself shouldn’t cause great alarm, but the reasons to care are the explanation and the trend. The deficit is rising again largely because spending is climbing rapidly again, an estimated 6% this year, or triple the rate of inflation. As a share of GDP spending will climb by 0.5-percentage points to 21.2%. 

December’s budget deal explains the $32 billion increase in 2016 in discretionary spending (the kind Congress approves each year). Defense spending will “edge up slightly,” CBO says, while domestic discretionary climbs by 4%. That leaves the big money to the usual suspects—entitlements. Outlays for Medicare (net of premiums), Medicaid, the children’s health insurance program and ObamaCare subsidies will increase no less than 11%, or $104 billion, this year. 

Even an estimated federal revenue increase of 4% for the year can’t keep pace with this kind of spending blowout. Receipts will rise to 18.3% of the economy, which is well above the average of 17.4% from 1966 through 2015. So even as revenues return to their historical norm, they can’t compensate for the spending on entitlements that Mr. Obama has refused to reform.

Now for the bad news. CBO estimates that deficits will continue to rise each year after Mr. Obama leaves office. “As a percentage of GDP, the deficit remains at roughly 2.9 percent through 2018, starts to rise, and reaches 4.9 percent by the end of the 10-year projection,” says the budget office. This assumes that the economy grows by 2.7% this year and 2.5% next year before levelling off to an average of 2%, which also assumes there is no recession even though this expansion is already long in the tooth into its seventh year. 

As ever, the big spending drivers will be entitlements, which are projected to rise to 15% of the economy from the current 13.1% over 10 years. This is the fiscal time bomb that Mr. Obama will leave his successor, thank you very much. 

By the way, all of this is the optimist’s tale. The CBO estimates assume that discretionary spending will fall over the same period to 5.2% of the economy from 6.5%. This will never happen because it means defense spending would have to shrink well below 3% of GDP, a form of gradual unilateral disarmament. So without entitlement reform or faster economic growth, the deficits are likely to be much higher.

The federal debt held by the public—the kind we have to pay back—has already climbed to 73.6% of GDP (from 39.3% in 2008) on Mr. Obama’s watch and will increase to 75.6% this year. CBO expects it will keep climbing to 86% in 2026.

We realize such unhappy realities are not supposed to intrude on a presidential campaign, and the American public long ago dropped spending and deficits as major concerns. Voters care more about the economy and terrorism, and there’s good sense to that. The deficit will never vanish without faster economic growth, and the various tax reform plans that Republicans are offering would spur growth. By all means let’s debate growth.

On the other hand, any candidate who tells you that the country can keep spending as it is without a day of reckoning probably believes Mr. Obama’s spin about his fiscal record.






The Nominee We Deserve? By STEPHEN F. HAYES, An intellectual now under character assassination by Sean Hannitty, Judge Jeanine, and of course, the next president of USA, Donald Trump.

Charles Santos-Buch

The Nominee We Deserve?

Do Republicans deserve to lose? Consider the state of play as we write this in late January, just days from the first GOP nominating contests.

The Republican frontrunner is a longtime liberal whose worldview might best be described as an amalgam of pop-culture progressivism and vulgar nationalism. His campaign rallies are orgies of self-absorption, dominated by juvenile insults of those who criticize him and endless boasting about his poll numbers. He’s a narcissist and a huckster, an opportunist who not only failed to join conserv­atives in the big fights about the size and scope of government over the past several decades but, to the extent he was even aware of such battles, was often funding the other side, with a long list of contributions to the liberals most responsible for the dire state of affairs in the country, including likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In short, he’s an opposition researcher’s dream. But Republicans have spent tens of millions of dollars on political advertising this cycle and virtually none of it has targeted Donald Trump. He is poised to glide into the early-state contests having largely avoided the kind of sustained paid-media attacks that bring down candidates with far fewer vulnerabilities.

Where is that money going? Much of it has been spent to attack Marco Rubio — more than $22 million since December 1, according to a Republican source who tracks campaign spending. Rubio defeated incumbent governor Charlie Crist for the Senate in 2010 as an antiestablishment, Tea Party candidate in Florida and won praise from across the GOP as the future of the Republican party and the face of modern conservatism. “You want conservative purity,” said Rush Limbaugh on September 7, 2011. “I’ll give it to you: Marco Rubio, who is someday going to be president of the United States.” Limbaugh was at least half right. Over his time in Congress, Rubio has earned a 98 percent rating from the American Conservative Union.

His one moment of apostasy, if you want to call it that, came on immigration. But even there Rubio’s position at its core was very close to those held by other conservatives: Sean Hannity called for a “pathway to citizenship” after the 2012 elections, and Ted Cruz favored a pathway to legalization or at least repeatedly made that argument. Even Trump, whose rise is often attributed to his restrictionist immigration views, in 2013 pronounced himself open to “amnesty” after the border was secured.

So here we are. The Republican frontrunner, a non­conservative longtime Democrat, is waltzing into GOP nominating contests largely untouched by GOP paid media. And the candidate long viewed as the party’s brightest hope for the future has been the subject of relentless negative ads.

Who is to blame? Virtually everyone.

First, the establishment. That descriptor has been so widely used this cycle as to render it virtually meaningless. Tea Party darling Marco Rubio is widely seen as competing in the “establishment lane” of the GOP primary. Trump supporters have labeled as “establishment” groups that were founded to challenge the Republican establishment — Club for Growth and Heritage Action, to name just two. And now Ted Cruz is accusing Trump himself of representing the Republican establishment.

But there is an actual establishment — risk-averse Republican donors and consultants, mercenary GOP-leaning lobbyists, and feckless congressional leadership. And this establishment deserves considerable blame for the current state of affairs. There are dozens of examples. But the origins of the fight over government funding and Obama­care from 2013 are instructive.

On July 17 of that year, Senator Mike Lee gave a speech on the Senate floor. The White House was calling for a delay in the implementation of two key elements of Obama­care— the employer mandate and verification of eligibility for subsidies on health care exchanges. Lee’s argument was simple: If the Obama administration cannot implement the law, Congress shouldn’t fund it. He proposed a big fight on a big issue, one where public opinion was squarely on the side of Republicans. It was a fight Republicans could win even if they lost. By elevating the issue and highlighting the deep problems with Obama­care, Republicans could at least force Democrats to retrench and vigorously defend it. And if Republicans stuck together, perhaps they could pick off a few wavering Democrats up for reelection in 2014.

Lee drafted a letter with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and circulated it among their colleagues in the Senate. One after another they signed it — conservatives and moderates alike—and even two members of Senate GOP leadership. And then, suddenly, everything changed. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell didn’t want the fight and enlisted his deputies to kill the effort. Within days, five signatories asked for their names to be removed, and the whole thing collapsed.

It was a profile in cowardice. There were others: the fiscal cliff, the Export-Import Bank, the farm bill, the transportation reauthorization, the recent omnibus. Senate Republicans even quietly removed Paul Ryan’s entitlement reforms from their most recent budget proposal, despite the fact that every senator up in 2016 has voted in favor of them before.

Perhaps it didn’t make sense to engage on all of these fights, with Barack Obama still sitting comfortably in the White House. But was it too much to have a real battle on just one of them? To think strategically? To challenge the White House with something other than press releases?

The roots of our current discontent lie here. And conservatives are right to be angry. But the establishment does not shoulder the blame alone. As one conservative strategist told us: “Leadership is to blame for never identifying any hill worth dying on,” but critics of the establishment “are to blame for only being interested in dying.”

To put it another way: If the establishment is responsible for the conditions that led to Donald Trump, many critics of the establishment are responsible for making him the frontrunner. Since Trump entered the race, these voices — on television, on talk radio, in Congress, even in the Republican presidential field — amplified his craziness. They rationalized his vulgarity, explained away his insults, ignored his lies, even celebrated his ignorance.

Mock a war hero? Trump isn’t politically correct! Ban every Muslim? The man has a point! Embrace a Russian dictator who kills his political opponents and journalists? Trump being Trump! Belittle the looks of a female opponent? He’ll be tough on Hillary! Ridicule a reporter with a disability? Finally someone who stands up to the liberal media! Nuclear triad? Hezbollah versus Hamas? Quds Force or the Kurds? He’ll hire people who know these things!

Some of those who have championed Trump have become true believers. Rush Limbaugh said last week that the rise of Trump means “nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.” For others, he was a means to an end. Mark Levin, who was more a Trump defender than a Trump booster, has become a harsh critic, accusing Trump of practicing “crony capitalism” and “taking the low road” in his attacks on Ted Cruz. Last week, Levin tweeted: “Based on what you’ve observed today & the last few days, do you believe Trump’s a reliably solid conservative?”

Cruz himself praised Trump for months despite the fact that they were rivals. “He’s bold and brash, and he’s willing to speak the truth. And he’s taking on the Washington cartel,” Cruz proclaimed in an interview on Hannity last July. But now, with the first Republican nominating contests just days away, Cruz is making the polar opposite critique. “Donald Trump said just yesterday that the problem with me is that I wouldn’t go to Washington to make a deal and go along to get along with the Democrats,” Cruz said. “If you’re looking for someone who’s a dealmaker, who’ll capitulate even more to the Democrats, who’ll give in to Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, then perhaps Donald Trump is your man.”

Did Cruz badly misjudge Trump? Or did he know all along that he was boosting an unprincipled dealmaker? If it’s the former, what does that say about Cruz’s judgment? If it’s the latter, what does it say about Cruz’s scruples?

There’s much to like about Cruz. He’s smart, he’s articulate, he’s a nimble debater, and he’s made clear time and again that he doesn’t care at all what the New York Times editorial board thinks of him.

There may be even more to like about Marco Rubio. He is among the best communicators in American politics. He is an instinctive, visceral conservative who doesn’t need a focus group to understand how to speak to conservatives. But his appeal isn’t limited to Republicans. Rubio all along has looked like the strongest general election candidate in the Republican field — the only conserv­ative who has a chance, at least, to put in play states that haven’t been competitive in recent presidential elections.

Rubio is currently third in national polling at 11.6 percent of the GOP primary vote, well behind Trump (34.8) and Cruz (18.8). Current polling puts him third in Iowa, fourth in New Hampshire, and third in South Carolina. Given the length of the coming delegate contest, the suddenly harsh attacks between Trump and Cruz, and the volatility of the Republican primary electorate, it would be foolish to write off any candidate, much less one as talented as Rubio.

But if the polls stay as they are and if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee, then Republicans surely deserve their fate. And that would be a shame. Because Democrats — whose seven years of activist government at home and weakness abroad have left the country in crisis, and who will nominate either an avowed socialist or a failed secretary of state under investigation for mishandling classified information, a woman who is one of the least trusted public figures in America — surely don’t deserve to win.

Elecciones en noviembre, 2016


Para Alcalde del Condado Miami 2016

Escriba el nombre de Lázaro R González en

el espacio de la boleta electoral en blanco

Hágalo para acabar el relajo, el robo, el abuso, el descaro, la mala administración y haga  que el gobierno le responda a usted y no que sea un feudo de los políticos ladrones y descarados inescrupulosos, no permita más abusos.

Envie nuestros mensajes a sus amigos y conocidos.

 “NO Donaciones de Dinero”


Lázaro R González, Candidato a Alcalde

del Condado Miami en la boleta en blanco.

“Que DIOS nos ilumine en este empeño”

     lazarorgonzalez@gmail,                          305 898 4146

“Nuestro Plan”

> Eliminar las cosas incorrectas: Abusos contra los ciudadanos, Reparar las cosas malas de este gobierno y otros gobiernos anteriores, estupideces,  derroche de dinero público malas decisiones, favoritismo, amiguismo, prácticas nefastas.

>El actual Alcalde y sus comisionados apoya a los Tolls y las cámaras de los semáforos. Y ahora quieren poner otras cámaras en la parte no incorporada. A pesar que ya se sabe que los accidentes en las esquinas donde hay cámaras han subido en un 22%  Regresar las carreteras a los ciudadanos. Se han apoderado de las carreteras locales y nuestras calles explotando a los ciudadanos ilegalmente, porque todo esto se construyó con nuestro dinero. No solo le da apoyo al MDX sino que también quiere que lo nombren presidente del MDX. QUE DIOS NOS COJA CONFESADOS. Si ahora los miembros del MDX tienen salarios de más de 100,000 dólares imagínense cuando el este ahí y lleve con el a todos los vice alcaldes y toda su ralea.  Esto es un abuso y un descaro. La historia de Giménez en eso de sacarles dinero a los ciudadanos es un experto.                                                                       

>Hace unos cuantos meses se nos pidió nada más que 30,000 millones de dólares para reparar el sistema del alcantarillado de Miami y yo por lo menos no he visto hacer un hueco para reparar ningún alcantarillado todavía pero el dinero ya si está ahí sacándonos en formas de taxes adelantados para gastarlo. ¿Qué paso donde está el dinero cuando van a empezar a hacer el nuevo alcantarillado de oro de Miami? ¿A dónde fue a parar todo el dinero que nos cobran por servirnos el agua y los impuestos que cobran para mantener los alcantarillados?

>También nos pidieron “Los intocables de la Comision de Educacion”  al el pueblo de Miami aprobó que se le dieran Doce mil Millones de dólares para el Departamento de Educación para reparar las escuelas. También me pregunto a donde se fue todos los millones que recaudan de impuestos a los ciudadanos todos los años La comisión de Educación. Yo no he visto ni siquiera una persona con una brocha pintando una escuela o cogiendo una gotera en los techos.

>Giménez no hablo nada mas de los autos de la policía que recientemente se encontraron un edificio de parqueo con cientos o miles de carros para el condado o la policía, supuestamente destinados a la policía, que se estaban pudriendo en un parque porque nadie los uso. La prensa formo el escándalo y todo el mundo se disgustó y protesto. Pero nada paso. Quién es el culpable de que esto ocurriera.  A quien despidieron? ¿A quién han puesto en la cárcel?

>Tampoco Gimenes no hablo nada del el Jefe de la policía de Miami apareció muerto en su propia casa; primero dijeron que había sido asesinado, y después entonces lo suicidaron y de pronto la prensa no hablo más del asunto y todo el mundo se quedó “El dinero cierra las bocas”  Por fin se suicidó o lo suicidaros.  Y aquí paz y en el cielo gloria: Sun Centinel. Tuesday Oct. 6, 2015. 

>Otro de los problemas más acuciantes es la locura del incremento de los taxes de la propiedad. En esto hay algo que es repugnante por parte del departamento de taxes a las propiedades de Miami, han tenido el desparpajo de decir que los taxes no han sido aumentados. Que falta de respeto a la inteligencia de los ciudadanos porque SI SE SUBIEROSN LOS TAXES. EL VALOR DE LA PROPIEDAD SI FUE ELEVADO “Y MUCHO ESTE ANO” ALGO QUE LO HACEN TODOS LOS Años. Así que eso de decir que los taxes no fueron aumentados, es mentira… Comparen lo que pagan este 2015 con lo que pagaron en el 2014 y vean si les cobraran más que el año pasado.                                                                                Yo considero que cuando usted compra una casa. Esa casa mantine por siempre ese valor. A menos que usted le haga mejoras o adiciones esa casa no cambia de precio. Y es asi como yo considero que deben hacer las cosas. “Ningún aumento de taxes de la propiedad a menos que se le hagan obras que ameriten subir su precio.                               >En el condado hay demasiadas personas “Trabajando” y Cobrando muchísimos más dinero que los que normalmente ganan los ciudadanos que no trabajan en el condado. ¿Por Qué?  Porque es muy fácil gastar el dinero de los ciudadanos que tontamente se dejan quitar el dinero en taxes y toles por los políticos. Tenemos “5 nuevos vice alcaldes”. Unas posiciones que nunca habían existido en el Condado Miami. Solo teníamos un administrador y ya!!! Que invento es ese. ¿O es que los Virreyes son amigos del alcalde y el los acomodo?

Sabían ustedes que el hijo del alcalde es uno de los CABILDEROS más influyentes en el Condado Miami en que su papa es el alcalde. Dice un vecino mío que todo queda en casa. Es legal que el hijo de un alcalde sea cabildero donde su papa es el que “ordena y manda”. Es esto ilegal o legal???

>El crimen es altísimo en Miami, Creo es más alto que en toda la historia de Miami. Y todos los días aumenta mucho más. Los noticieros de la televisión todos los días llenan los espacios con  noticias  “Sangrientas” de asesinatos y todos los días es así. Los casos de tráfico de drogas son cada vez más populares y más dañinos y terribles. ¿Qué pasa la policía está de vacaciones permanente?  El transito es un verdadero infierno en las calles y carreteras. Decenas de  accidentes son el pan nuestro de cada día. Muertes y personas mutiladas es el saldo de todos los días.  Las autopistas son sucursales de las funerarias y los Hospitales. Las calles están más atiborradas de autos y cada día hay más accidentes.  (Nada) Dicen en la TV que el tiempo de la luz amarilla le han quitado tiempo para poder ponerle un ticket a los que doblan a la derecha en los semáforos y eso ha creado más accidentes.  (Un 22% mayor de accidentes)

En Hialeah se ha terminado hace más de un año una purificadora de agua y nadie se ha podido tomar todavía un vaso de agua porque no sirve lo que purifica. Quien estuvo a cargo de esto, cuando van a meter a un político en la cárcel y le van a quitar todo lo que se robó. Pero no aquí no pasa nada.

>Aquí se encontró un grupos de personas que se dedicaban a recoger boletas ausentes y luego llenarlas fraudulentamente y colocarlas en el Departamento de Elecciones y así llenaban las posiciones de los políticos pésimos que ahora tenemos. Y las boleteras aparecieron retratadas con el alcalde, muy sonriente todos. No hubo ninguna boletera  ni el alcalde preso.

>Tenemos una fuente de saqueo a los ciudadanos de Miami y de todo el estado de la Florida que es la que es La lotería de La Florida, donde nadie sabe quién es el que se gana el premio. Alguien me puede decir porque solamente aquí hay tres casinos en que se juega: Los Micosuky, Los Perros y El hipódromo de Hialeah. Porque estas tres entidades son los UNICOS que tienen derecho a expoliar a los jugadores. Estas entidades que yo sepa no contribuyen a nada en el Condado. Porque no se aprobó un casino ahí en donde estaba El Herald. POR QUE? Porque no dejan que los casinos sea una empresa abierta para todos los que paguen taxes??? Eso se llama ¡FAVORITISMO! ¡o COBRAR La Gabela”. Nosotros podemos tener un sistema como el de las Vegas… Miami es más, mucho mejor plaza. Podemos invitar a La mujer del Raton Mike de Orlando, a que su esposa se bañe en tanguitas en la playa mientras Mickey Mouse juega en un casino como los de Las Vegas y que tengan que dejar impuestos en Miami y así disminuir los abusivos taxes del gobierno condal de Miami. De todas maneras nos están saqueando con la Lotería de La Florida, donde nunca se quién se la saca. Mientras que en todos los mercados de Miami y gasolineras etc. Te venden los tickes de la Lotería Saqueadora de los bolsillos de los trabajadores.           >Nadie me puede justificar porque aquí se cobran todos esos asfixiantes taxes, Tolls y otros cobros que son muchísimos, tan exagerados y asfixiantes contra los ciudadanos del Condado Miami. Porque con los miles de millones que genera el Puerto de Miami y los otros miles de millones que genera el aeropuerto de Miami. Estos dos solos colosos Generan dinero más que suficiente para mantener las calles de Miami pavimentadas con Plata Mejicana. ¿En que se gasta ese dineral?  Porque no se presentan en público todo el dinero que generan estas dos entidades y en que se malgastan.

>El transporte de pasajeros en Miami es una porquería, las guaguas están sucias y desvencijadas, vienen cuando les da la gana y casi siempre vienen atrasadas y medio bacías. Porque el pueblo no las usa. PORQUE SON INEFICIENTES E INSUFUCIENTES PARA TODO EL QUE DESEARIA USARLAS. El un dinero que se derrocha y que no resuelve ningún problema. Yo propongo que se venda el sistema a quien lo va a explotar mucho mejor que estos ineptos. Ademas toda esa GIGANTESCA NOMINA DE TRABAJADORES DEL TRANSPORTE. Ustedes se recuerdan cuando algunos particulares pusieron guaguas a dar servicio por donde los Miamenses necesitaban ir y aquello se hizo muy popular. Creo que le decían “La Conchita” Lo que pasa que como siempre el gobierno es inepto y eso tiene que cambiar.

>Aquí tenemos una organización que se lama “El Children Trust” que no se puede saber dónde van todos los dineros que le sacan a los propietarios de casas. La forma en que esa organización despilfarra el dinero no es posible de auditar y ver donde se usa todos los millones que les sacan en los taxes de la propiedad a los ciudadanos. Porque no se puede auditar las finanzas del “Children Trust” donde se despilfarra nuestro dinero. Este es otro de los canceres económicos que padecen los contribuyentes de Miami. 

>Nosotros tenemos el mejor lugar del MUNDO para vacacionar, playas, restaurantes, podemos hacer casinos, cabaret’s y Parques temáticos, Tenemos los moles más bonitos y mejor surtidos del mundo. Pero no hacemos nada porque estamos rodeados de enanos anormales que son electos. Y el pueblo duerme el “Sueño eterno” ¿Y nadie despierta? Parece mentira que la industria permite al gobierno manteniendo a Miami como una aldea retrograda. Porque no se ha invitado y se les da facilidades a las grandes corporaciones de producción de películas de Hollywood a que vengan aquí a hacer películas y que establezcan estudios aquí. Las Películas de playas no podrán ser mejores que aquí porque el frio del agua de California le pone los pelos de punta a cualquiera que se meta en el agua. Aquí el agua es calientica y las playas no puedes ser más bellas.

>Los noticieros de la TV y Los periódicos  diariamente están llenos de cadáveres (Parecen cementerios todos los días) porque los accidentes. La ciudad es un expendido de drogas de todos los colores y sabores.   Y la policía bien gracias. Los Miembros de los algunos gobiernos de los diferentes municipios han terminados en las cárceles porque son unos delincuentes, Las oficinas de los gobiernos es una extensión de la familia de los Alcaldes y otros funcionarios.  Otros terminan en manos de la policía porque hacen cosas locas en Motos o automóviles borrachos conduciendo a mucha más de la velocidad permitida. Otros se dedican a robar los bienes de los ciudadanos. Tenemos una falta de moral, decencia y legalidad. Pudiera estar escribiendo cientos de páginas más de miserias y violaciones y burlas a los ciudadanos por los gobernantes.

 >Yo siempre he estado esperando que el pueblo de Miami  forme un “motín” como el que ocurrió en el pequeño pueblo de Bell en California, donde el pueblo tomo la alcandía y llevo hasta la cárcel a patadas por los fondillos a los comisionados y al alcalde donde todavía están ahí por ladrones y descarados.  El problema del despilfarro de los gastos del gobierno condal en Miami. El 60% de los ingresos del condado se gastan en pensiones y salarios. El alcalde actual recibirá una pensión de $150,000. Tenemos demasiadas personas cobrando altos salarios y pensiones.

> Todos los candidatos a cargos públicos por elecciones como Comisionados, alcalde, Jueces etc.

  1. a) No les será permitido presentarse a ser reelectos más de una vez.
  2. b) El máximo de tiempo para servir para políticos electos será de 8 años.
  3. c) Deben presentar prueba de que no tienen antecedentes penales.
  4. d) Hacer una declaración jurada de todos sus bienes, dinero y propiedades al comenzar su perido electo..
  5. e) Entregar un currículum laboral, experiencia y académico que pruebe su capacidad y experiencia.
  6. f) Tienen que entregar un plan de las mejoras que se comprometen a implementar en el ejercicio de la posición a que son candidatos. Este plan será Jurado, notariado y entregado ante el Clerk de la Corte un mes antes de las elecciones. El candidato podrá ser impugnado en la corte por no cumplir con su documento de compromiso.

> Todos los candidatos a cargos públicos por elecciones como Comisionados, alcalde, Jueces etc.

  1. a) No les será permitido presentarse a ser reelectos más de una vez.
  2. b) El máximo de tiempo para servir para políticos electos será de 8 años.
  3. c) Deben presentar prueba de que no tienen antecedentes penales.
  4. d) Hacer una declaración jurada de todos sus bienes, dinero y propiedades al comenzar su perido electo..
  5. e) Entregar un currículum laboral, experiencia y académico que pruebe su capacidad y experiencia.
  6. f) Tienen que entregar un plan de las mejoras que se comprometen a implementar en el ejercicio de la posición a que son candidatos. Este plan será Jurado, notariado y entregado ante el Clerk de la Corte un mes antes de las elecciones. El candidato podrá ser impugnado en la corte por no cumplir con su documento de compromiso.

> El proceso de RECALL o REFERENDUM se facilitara con los siguientes cambios:

  1. a) 20 firmas de apoyo por planilla,
  2. b) No necesidad de afidávit por el Circulador.
  3. c) El circulador si debe firmar la hoja recolección de firmas de apoyo; al final del documento una sola vez. Sirviendo de testigo como que sí estuvo presente en el momento de que los ciudadanos firmaron dicha hoja de recogida de firmas de apoyo al referéndum.
  4. d) No será necesario que la hoja de firmas de apoyo sean notarizadas.
  5. e) Prohibida la persecución o acoso a las personas que participen en el proceso como voluntarios.

El gobierno tiene que proteger a los ciudadanos y no protegerse de los ciudadanos.

> Reducir el presupuesto del condado Miami Dade, en un 10% anualmente hasta que lleguemos al nivel del presupuesto del año 2000. Este presupuesto tiene que ser balanceado de acuerdo con una razonable colección de impuestos.

> La policía y los servicios de seguridad tienen que mejorar sus técnicas, entrenamiento y protocolos. El criminal y el delincuente tienen que ser perseguido y castigado ejemplarmente, sea quien sea y viva donde viva. Se fomentara un plan en el cual la ciudadanía puede y debe participar activamente en la persecución de los criminales y ayudando a la policía y los servicios de seguridad ciudadana.

> Los Taxes sobre la propiedad inmobiliaria no podrán elevarse mientras el desempleo en el condado Miami Dade sea mayor al 8%. Se debe eliminar la posición de Tasador de la propiedad y crear un departamento mucho más pequeño y menos costoso; que realice los ajustes en los taxes de acuerdo con esta enmienda.

> La administración del condado actuara de una forma mucho más enérgica ante casos de mala administración, errores, corrupción o abusos con los empleados o el público como los pasados ocurridos en Los departamentos de Transporte, Viviendas, DERM, Aeropuerto, Puerto, ETC. Se despedirá desde el Director del Departamento en problemas hasta la tercera línea de ejecutivos. Y en los casos que se amerite se les pondrá a disposición de la corte.

> a-Reducción de los distritos del condado Miami Dade de 13 a 5 Cada distrito tendrá igual número de votantes.

b-Asalariar a los comisionados a $72,000.00

c- Está prohibido prohibirles a los comisionados o a cualquier político electo o empleado del Condado Miami Dade de por vida que puedan cabildear o hacer negocios, o ser parte de una compañía que haga negocios con el condado de Miami Dade durante o después de terminar su empleo o servicio.

d-Los comisionados tendrán una sola oficina con 3 empleados.

e- El presupuesto total de su oficina será de $322,000 anual en total.

f-Se elimina radicalmente la asignación de $800,000 anuales para usar como gastos discrecionales por el comisionado.

> El alcalde y/o los comisionados del condado no podrán aprobar y ordenar la ejecución de proyectos nuevos de la magnitud del túnel de la Bahía o el Estadium de los Marlins. Todos los proyectos de gran magnitud del condado deben ser consultados electoralmente con los ciudadanos y aprobados por los votantes mediante votación secreta y directa.

> El alcalde y/o los comisionados del condado no podrán aprobar y ordenar la ejecución de proyectos nuevos de la magnitud del túnel de la Bahía o el Estadium de los Marlins. Todos los proyectos de gran magnitud del condado deben ser consultados electoralmente con los ciudadanos y aprobados por los votantes mediante votación secreta y directa.

> Se tiene que nombrar una comisión de personas ajenas al condado Miami Dade o un gran jurado para que investigue todo lo relacionado Los despilfarros que han quedado impunes como en El Aeropuerto, el Puerto de Miami, el departamento de Transporte, DERM, Viviendas, El Túnel de la bahía, El Estadium de los Marlins, etc. para saber quién se benefició y después encauzarlo legalmente en la corte correspondiente.

> El condado está en la obligación de publicar en un sitio del internet creado al efecto Las subastas de trabajos públicos a contratar por los diferentes departamentos. Deben publicarse también los nombre de los lobistas que atienden a la subasta y a las empresas o personas que representan y los detalles de la oferta incluido las cantidades que ofrecieron cada participante. Y después de adjudicado el trabajo, tendrán que publicar quien fue el ganador y porque razones. En la subasta debe estar presente un oficial de la Oficina del Inspector General que certifique la legalidad del proceso.

> Toda persona “político u Oficial” que sea despedido de su cargo por alguna razón legal como: fraude, cosa mal hecha o delito, lucro indebido, mal desempeño de su función por estar por incumpliendo sus obligaciones o renuncia personal por el motivo que sea. No debe recibir ninguna pensión ni compensación de ninguna clase por parte del condado. En caso de que se esté haciendo algún pago en estos momentos proceder a presentar demanda en corte para detener estos pagos.

> a-Se elimina la posición de Jefe de Policía y se sustituye por la de Sheriff este ejercerá todas las funciones del actual Jefe de Policía.

b- El Sheriff, El Inspector General, El Jefe de la Oficina anti corrupción y El Jefe de la Oficina de control de ética. A partir de la aprobación de esta enmienda serán posiciones elegidas por los votantes del condado Miami Dade en elecciones. c-Tendrán todas las funciones que tienen ahora pero serán absolutamente independientes del alcalde y los comisionados y rendirán cuenta directamente a los votantes.

> a-A partir de la fecha en que estas enmiendas sean aprobadas por votación en elecciones secretas y directas por los ciudadanos del Condado Miami Dade. Estos cambios serán incorporados a la Carta Constitucional del Condado Miami Dade inmediatamente.

b-Los próximos cambios que se le proponga en el futuro a dicha carta solo podrán efectuarse mediante la acción de un Referéndum que aprueben estos nuevos cambios mediante elecciones por los ciudadanos del condado Miami Dade.

c-Los comisionados del condado Miami Dade, no tendrán el poder de modificarlas, agregar, sustituir o cambiar ninguna de las regulaciones en la Carta del Condado..

> 21

>En el condado casi nada funciona bien. Existen 50,000 personas que están esperando en la lista del programa Plan 8. Varios edificios que están semi abandonados y que se están cayendo a pedazos fabricados y carecen de estacionamientos. “Ahora mismo hay uno en West Kendall que los construyeron pero está vacío porque tienen que dar casi $4,000 dólares para poder vivir ahí. “El alcalde Giménez en los últimos dos años se ha enfocado en lo que se llama “Workforce Housing” el ha dado propiedades de Miami Dade, terrenos de Miami Dade para construir casas que se están ofreciendo a $170 mil dólares y esas casas no se le están vendiendo a las personas que están en listas de espera y no tiene un proceso aprobado por el departamento de vivienda a nivel de Washington”, ahora están hablando de gastarse más de $70 millones de dólares en el proyecto Liberty Squere. Hay una crisis en el departamento de viviendas de Miami Dade. Actualizar la lista de las personas que esperan por vivienda sería un buen paso para comenzar a reparar el daño,  el sistema de computadoras que tiene el condado, señalando “que es anticuado”. “Hace aproximadamente 6 meses el gobierno federal encontró que el departamento de viviendas públicas de Miami Dade, había dado más de $2 millones de dólares erróneamente a compañías que no cumplieron con el requisito federal, y que decidió Carlos Giménez “pues Giménez decidió pagar la multa, no con el dinero que tenemos ahora, sino con el dinero que vamos a recibir para las viviendas en dos años”. De acuerdo con el alcalde Giménez, “en Washington no hay dinero y que el estado no le quiere dar dinero al condado Miami Dade”.

>Quieren vivir en un lugar decente, donde no malgasten su dinero ni le cobren taxes donde el dinero no se usa para el bienestar de los ciudadanos y la comunidad  y vivir con tranquilidad y legalidad. Si ustedes me apoyan estoy dispuesto hacerlo. Los que quieren votar por mi tendrán que hacerlo en la boleta en blanco. No habrá propaganda en TV o periódicos ni pasquines. No recogeremos dinero para campaña, ni para nada. Lo que podemos haremos es poner los anuncios en mi sitio Web y en mi página “En mi opinión” Ustedes pueden copiar mis mensajes y ponerlos en sus sitio web y en Facebook. Coméntenlo con sus amigos y familiares. Así es que le vamos a ganar a los que no se merecen ser sus representantes en el gobierno.


Lázaro R González Miño

Candidato a Alcalde de Miami Dade Elecciones del 2016


“En mi opinión”

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