No 1006 “En mi opinión” Julio 24, 2015

No 1006   “En mi opinión”   Julio  24, 2015

“IN GOD WE TRUST”  Lázaro R González Miño Editor



10,000 Patriots Deliver Obama a Message in Unison

B. Christopher Agee via

In a show of solidarity against a largely unpopular Iranian nuclear deal, an estimated 10,000 protesters showed up at Times Square this week to express their frustrations.

Western Journalism has already shared a remarks by a number of prominent figures who have major problems with the deal’s language, the manner in which it was negotiated and approved, or both.

Among the featured speakers at the event was former U.S. Rep. Allen West, who gave a fiery speech that rallied conservatives nationwide. View his remarks now by clicking on this link.

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Chris Agee

WJ Managing Editor




The Extinction of Markets

Realities and Revelations

, by Michael Pento



Photo by EPA

China’s four-week-long stock market rout wiped out nearly 30% off the Shanghai Composite Index since its highs of June. To stem those losses the Chinese government has formulated an interesting hypothesis: stocks won’t go down if you ban sell orders.

Working off this proposition Beijing has ordered shareholders with more than a 5% interest to stop selling shares; directors, supervisors, and senior management personnel are also barred from reducing their holdings.

China has also launched investigations on those it believes engaged in malicious short selling. The threat of imprisonment has proved an effective deterrent to those who may have been contemplating a short in the Chinese markets.

And even if you don’t fall into either of the above categories of sellers you still will have trouble getting your money out of shares because two thirds of the stocks on the exchange have been halted.

It should come as no surprise that the Communist government of China has fallen off the free market wagon. After all, the government is of the belief that economies grow by building empty cities. So why shouldn’t they think markets work best when not allowing participants to sell?

The reaction on Wall Street has been just as alarming. Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have applauded the Chinese governments for doing everything necessary to keep the bubble afloat.

But Wall Street’s counterintuitive and ironic bullishness on China is most evident in the powerhouse investment firm Goldman Sachs. Goldman is urging investors to buy stock in China right now!

In Observing 40 years of statistical history the Goldman team in China believes “…the market is currently experiencing a standard bull market correction, not a transition into a bear market.” This is eerily reminiscent of the Wall Street models that concluded housing prices could never go down on a national basis.

First, I would like to know how anyone could get forty years of honest and consistent data from China. Then tell me where else in that forty year history of data did China expand its debt by $20 trillion dollars in the space of just eight years, as they have today?

Statistical analysis such as this can offer a complement to fundamental analysis in making market predictions. However, this assumes the exchanges where China trades equities bears any resemblance to a market.

A market is a place where a multitude of buyers and sellers freely meet and price is discovered. What China has now created is a roach motel where money moves in but it can’t easily move out-if at all. Therefore, all technical and fundamental analysis goes out the door. And those who choose to participate in this charade are left waiting for Beijing’s next decision on how to direct the market move.

This is the antithesis of capitalism and how free markets work. That’s why it should be shocking to see Wall Street, the supposed bastion of capitalism, embrace such measures. But the sad truth is there are no free markets left in this world, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that most on Wall Street prefer it that way. We have grown so accustomed to market manipulations that we have completely lost sight of how the free market is supposed to function.

In this new market dystopia stocks never go down, companies never fail and countries never default on their debt–central banks just print all the problems away. And where counterfeiting money and lowering interest rates doesn’t solve the problem, governments are trying to demonstrate that market regulations will lead to success.

We can all sleep well knowing that a small group of plutocrats who now control the global economy will make everything turn out right. Genuine market analysis has been supplanted by the need to parse the words of statements from central bankers like students at a bible meeting.

And when you really think about it, why bother analyzing their words anyway. Central bankers don’t understand how markets and economies work; all they have shown the proclivity to do is print more money. So we can all continue in our dystopian slumber.

But the victory over command and control economies by free markets has been decided long ago. However, these hard-fought lessons seem to have been too easily forgotten. Even the Pope has joined on the Capitalist bashing band wagon. Referring to it as ideological idolatry which leads to wage slavery, vast communal dislocation, and commodity-market driven hunger. But perhaps he should take a drive on the Pope mobile down the streets of Cuba or Venezuela to witness the living standards of the poor that exist without the “ideological idolatry” of Capitalism.

The truth is there is no place where people live better than in a free market Capitalist economy. And it is only when you stray from this model, as we have for the past seven years, that you see the spread between the rich and poor blow out.

Freedom should have vanquished Egalitarianism forever with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. But if those at Goldman still see the merit of investing in a tyrannical command and control economy, perhaps North Korea is the next logical investment to make. I am sure Kim Jong-un has a bridge to nowhere he would be happy to sell them.

Nevertheless, economic freedom and prosperity is rapidly being replaced by markets that are driven by the edicts from autocrats, which is leading to the evisceration of the middle class. People have willingly abandoned most of their freedoms. Why? Because they have been dumbed down dramatically. How else could they have handed over the markets, economies and, most importantly, the structure of the family to governments with such ignorance and alacrity?

The abrogation of markets leads to stagflation, economic collapse and chaos. Sadly, this is the ultimate fate of the entire developed world.



Donald Trump Is Right About John McCain

John McCain’s POW record has been shrouded in controversy from the very beginning.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin 

Maverick Republican Donald Trump has been under intense pressure from the GOP establishment for his off-the-cuff remark about Senator John McCain (R-Arizona). In a televised interview, Trump said: “[John McCain] is a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Predictably, establishment Republicans immediately called Trump just about every dirty name in the book. Lindsey Graham called him a “jackass.” Rick Perry said the comment made him “unfit” to be President. Mitt Romney said Trump “shot himself down.” (Not hardly! Trump is the clear front runner of all the GOP presidential candidates in most polls.) But, clearly, the Republican establishment is frustrated with Trump’s popularity–and for good reason.



Donald Trump is scorching the GOP for its support of illegal immigration, and he is scorching it for its support of incessant foreign wars. Trump said: “We spent $2 trillion in Iraq, $2 trillion. We lost thousands of lives, thousands in Iraq. We have wounded soldiers all over the place, thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers. And we have nothing. We can’t even go there. We have nothing. And every time we give Iraq equipment, the first time a bullet goes off in the air, they leave it.” Amen!

See the report here:



And he is scorching them BIG TIME by calling into question the GOP’s 2008 standard bearer. Specifically, he has dared to tell the truth about the miserable record of John McCain’s treatment of America’s veterans.

See this report:

In refusing to apologize for his remarks about Senator McCain, Trump rightly said: “The reality is that John McCain the politician has made America less safe, sent our brave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures, covered up for President Obama with the VA scandal and has spent most of his time in the Senate pushing amnesty. He would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona’s.”

See the report here:

While most everyone has criticized the second part of Trump’s statement (“I like people who weren’t captured”), hardly anyone has dared to broach the first part of the statement: “[John McCain] is a hero because he was captured.” That statement is an absolute fact.

John McCain rose to become one of America’s most powerful senators and became the Republican Party’s nominee for President in 2008 mostly on his Prisoner of War (POW) status. Absent his POW history, McCain would no doubt have lived his entire life in relative obscurity. It usually takes more than simply being a veteran or being the son of a Navy admiral or even being a POW to make one obtain famous hero status. How many other POWs do you know who have achieved McCain’s political power and influence?

Alabama’s Jeremiah Denton was a POW who truly endured intense torture at the hands of the enemy and who became one of our finest U.S. senators. And there was never the first hint of dishonorable conduct or scandal or accusations that Denton used his war record for personal profit. I had the privilege of meeting Senator Denton a couple of times, and the thing that struck me most about the man was his deep and genuine humility. The same cannot be said of John McCain.

John McCain’s POW record has been shrouded in controversy from the very beginning. Many independent journalists and military veterans have accused McCain of being America’s version of “Tokyo Rose.” They offer convincing evidence (or at least credible postulations) that McCain was NEVER tortured, that he received special treatment by his captors, and that he actually willingly participated in anti-America propaganda, in much the same way that Tokyo Rose did in the Pacific during World War II.

One Vietnam veteran who was publicly critical of John McCain was my friend Jack McLamb. McLamb served nine years in secret operations in Cambodia and other nations before going on to become one of the most highly decorated police officers in Phoenix, Arizona, history, winning Police Officer of the Year twice before taking a role as a hostage negotiator for the FBI.

McLamb said of McCain: “I know a lot of Vietnam veterans and a few POW’s and all the POW’s that I’ve talked to over the years say that John McCain is a lying skunk.

“He never was tortured–they were there in the camp with him and then when he came in….he immediately started spilling his guts about everything because he didn’t want to get tortured,” said McLamb, contradicting the official story that McCain only offered his name, rank, serial number, and date of birth.

“The Vietnamese Communists called him the Songbird, that’s his code name, Songbird McCain, because he just came into the camp singing and telling them everything they wanted to know.”

McLamb also said: “The POW’s said that McCain made 32 propaganda videos for the communist North Vietnamese in which he denounced America for what they were doing in Vietnam.

“They have these sealed now, our government has these sealed, we can’t get to it, they have it classified. In truth the POW’s hate John McCain.”

See the report here:

There are many similar reports about John McCain. I suspect that Donald Trump is familiar with these reports. Here are a few of them:

Reports note that former American POWs such as Col. Ted Guy and Gordon “Swede” Larson, who were held in the same communist prison as McCain, have gone on record saying that they are very skeptical about McCain’s claims of torture.

See this report:

Another former POW, Philip Butler, a man who was also imprisoned with McCain, is more sympathetic to the man, saying that he had probably been tortured early on in his captivity and made no reference to McCain’s alleged anti-America propaganda charges–but was emphatic that McCain was unqualified to be President. Butler firmly said that he would NOT vote for McCain because McCain was a hot-tempered man who had become a Bush-like warmonger and who had used his POW status for personal and political gain. Remember, this is from a fellow POW who actually likes McCain.

See the report here:

Regardless of McCain’s real war record (the U.S. government has sealed the record, so we will likely never know the truth about the matter), it is a fact that, as one of the most powerful senators in Washington, D.C., John McCain has done little to assist America’s veterans. In fact, McCain is commonly regarded as being one of the strongest opponents to the investigation and rescue of POWs left behind in Indochina following the Vietnam War.

While a member of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs (1991-1993), McCain referred to POW/MIA family members and activists as “whiners,” “vultures,” and “the lunatic fringe.” Although the committee concluded that there were indeed American POWs left behind in Indochina, McCain voted to normalize relations with Vietnam without any accountability for America’s missing servicemen. In so doing, McCain ignored a letter written by fellow POW Captain Eugene “Red” McDaniel and co-signed by 50 former POWs which asked him to not support normalized relations with Vietnam until the POW issue had been resolved.

In 1996, McCain opposed the Missing Service Personnel Act (MSPA) as being “unnecessary” and “burdensome.” He also helped to amend the MSPA to remove criminal liability, which POW/MIA families knew was a serious blow to obtaining meaningful accountability on behalf of their loved ones still languishing in Southeast Asia.

See the report here:

And this report:

John McCain has spent most of his senatorial career promoting an open border with Mexico, a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, and incessant foreign wars; facilitating the miserable performance of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA); and covering up evidence of Americans left behind in Indochina. No wonder so many people have referred to McCain as “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Read this report:

By telling the truth about John McCain, Donald Trump has hit the rawest of nerves within the Washington establishment (and New World Order globalist elite). Without a doubt, John McCain is one of the globalist elite’s political darlings. A favored son of globalist puppet-masters such as Henry Kissinger, John McCain has been a water boy for the New World Order from the time he entered politics. Guilty of corruption as one of the infamous “Keating Five,” John McCain was given a mere “slap-on-the-wrist” and allowed to continue his pernicious ways.

See the report here:

And McCain’s “war hero” status has made him virtually untouchable–until now.

My mind is far from made up in regards to supporting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. But, so far, Donald Trump has been willing to courageously confront the Washington establishment in an in-your-face, no-holds-barred manner that we have not seen in a long, long time. And if Trump accomplishes nothing else in his presidential bid except exposing establishment sycophants like John McCain, I, for one, am excited that he has entered the race.


P.S. This is the final announcement regarding the availability of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. This is a giant compilation of over 50 of America’s greatest documents in one volume. THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS cannot be found in stores or anywhere else. And this is a limited printing, so our supply will not last long.

Notable constitutionalists such as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and former congressman Ron Paul have their copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

Most schools today, including most private and Christian schools, do NOT require the reading of these great historical documents. Without the written record of our history, how are we going to pass down our heritage to our children and grandchildren? And with the way things are going, how much longer will it be before these documents are completely forgotten, or even banned?

Again, this is the final announcement; so order your copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS now.

To order THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, go here:

The Freedom Documents

And to read a more detailed description of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, go here:

A Great Way To Celebrate Independence Day

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Donald Trump tiene razón sobre John McCain

Registro de prisioneros de guerra de John McCain ha estado envuelto en la polémica desde el principio.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Maverick republicano Donald Trump ha estado bajo intensa presión de la creación del Partido Republicano por su fuera de la manga observación sobre el senador John McCain (R-Arizona). En una entrevista televisada, Trump dijo: “[John McCain] es un héroe porque él fue capturado. Me gusta la gente que no fueron capturados “.

Como era de esperar, establecimiento republicanos llamaron inmediatamente Trump casi todo nombre sucia en el libro. Lindsey Graham lo llamó “idiota”. Rick Perry dijo que el comentario lo hizo “no apto” para ser presidente. Mitt Romney dijo Trump “se pegó un tiro hacia abajo.” (No apenas! Trump es el favorito claro de todos los candidatos presidenciales del Partido Republicano en la mayoría de las encuestas). Pero, claramente, el establecimiento republicano se siente frustrado con su popularidad y de Trump por una buena razón.



  • Donald Trump tiene razón sobre John McCain
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Donald Trump es abrasador del Partido Republicano por su apoyo a la inmigración ilegal, y él es abrasador que por su apoyo a las guerras extranjeras incesantes. Trump dijo: “Gastamos $ 2 billones en Irak, $ 2 billones de dólares. Hemos perdido miles de vidas, miles de personas en Irak. Hemos heridos soldados en todo el lugar, miles y miles de soldados heridos. Y no tenemos nada. Ni siquiera podemos ir allí. No tenemos nada. Y cada vez que damos equipos Irak, la primera vez que una bala se dispara en el aire, lo dejas. “¡Amén!

Véase el informe aquí:


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$ 15 la Ley de Salario Mínimo de Seattle • Sólo regresó a la mordedura de una manera totalmente inesperada

  • Expuestos: Esta parcela Impresionante contra Donald Trump estaba gestando en el Partido Republicano

Y les es abrasador BIG TIME por cuestionar abanderado del Partido Republicano 2008. En concreto, se ha atrevido a decir la verdad sobre el récord miserable de tratamiento de John McCain de veteranos de Estados Unidos.

Ver este informe:

Al negarse a pedir disculpas por sus comentarios sobre el senador McCain, Trump ha dicho con razón: “La realidad es que John McCain el político ha hecho que Estados Unidos sea menos seguro, enviado a nuestros valientes soldados a equivocadas con cabeza de aventuras en el extranjero, encubierto para el presidente Obama con el escándalo VA y ha pasado la mayor parte de su tiempo en la amnistía empujando Senado. Él prefiere proteger la frontera iraquí de Arizona “.

Véase el informe aquí:

Aunque casi todo el mundo ha criticado la segunda parte de la declaración de Trump (“Me gusta la gente que no fueron capturados”), casi nadie se ha atrevido a abordar la primera parte de la declaración: “[John McCain] es un héroe porque él fue capturado. “Esa declaración es un hecho absoluto.

John McCain llegó a convertirse en uno de los más poderosos senadores de Estados Unidos y se convirtió en el candidato del Partido Republicano para el presidente en 2008 sobre todo en su prisionero de guerra (POW) de estado. En ausencia de su historia prisionero de guerra, McCain sería, sin duda, han vivido toda su vida en una relativa oscuridad. Por lo general toma más que simplemente ser un veterano o ser hijo de un almirante de la marina de guerra o incluso ser un prisionero de guerra para hacer uno obtener la condición de héroe famoso. ¿Cuántos otros prisioneros de guerra Cómo sabes que han alcanzado el poder y la influencia política de McCain?

De Alabama Jeremiah Denton era un prisionero de guerra que realmente soportó intensas torturas a manos del enemigo y que se convirtió en uno de nuestros mejores estadounidenses senadores. Y nunca hubo el primer indicio de conducta deshonrosa o escándalo o acusaciones de que Denton utiliza su historial de guerra con fines de lucro personal. Tuve el privilegio de conocer a senador Denton un par de veces, y la cosa que me impactó más sobre el hombre era su verdadera y profunda humildad. Lo mismo no puede decirse de John McCain.

Registro de prisioneros de guerra de John McCain ha estado envuelto en la polémica desde el principio. Muchos periodistas independientes y los veteranos militares han acusado a McCain de ser la versión de América “Tokyo Rose.” Ellos ofrecen pruebas convincentes (o al menos creíble postulaciones) que McCain fue NUNCA torturado, que recibió un trato especial por sus captores, y que él realmente buena gana participó en la propaganda anti-Latina, de la misma forma en que Tokio Rose hizo en el Pacífico durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Un veterano de Vietnam que fue públicamente crítico de John McCain era mi amigo Jack McLamb. McLamb sirvió nueve años, en operaciones secretas en Camboya y otros países antes de pasar a convertirse en uno de los oficiales de policía más condecorado en Phoenix, Arizona, la historia, ganando Oficial de Policía del Año dos veces antes de tomar un papel como negociador de rehenes del FBI .

McLamb dijo de McCain: “Yo sé que muchos de los veteranos de Vietnam y de algunos prisioneros de guerra y todos los prisioneros de guerra que he hablado con más de los años dicen que John McCain es un zorrillo mintiendo.

“Nunca fue torturado-que estaban allí en el campamento con él y luego, cuando él entró de inmediato … .He comenzó derramar sus tripas sobre todo porque él no quería quedar torturados”, dijo McLamb, contradiciendo la versión oficial de que McCain sólo ofrecía su nombre, rango, número de serie y fecha de nacimiento.

“Los comunistas vietnamitas le llamaban el Songbird, ese es su nombre en clave, Songbird McCain, porque él sólo entró en el canto campamento y decirles todo lo que querían saber.”

McLamb también dijo: “El prisionero de guerra de McCain dijo que hace 32 videos de propaganda para el comunista de Vietnam del Norte en la que denunciaba América por lo que estaban haciendo en Vietnam.

“Han éstos sellada ahora, nuestro gobierno tiene estos sellados, no podemos llegar a ella, lo tienen clasificado. En verdad odio del prisionero de guerra John McCain “.

Véase el informe aquí:

Hay muchos informes similares sobre John McCain. Sospecho que Donald Trump está familiarizado con estos informes. Éstos son algunos de ellos:

Los informes señalan que los ex prisioneros de guerra estadounidenses, como el coronel Guy y Ted Gordon “sueco” Larson, que se celebraron en la misma prisión comunista como McCain, han ido en expediente diciendo que son muy escépticos sobre las afirmaciones de McCain de tortura.

Ver este informe:

Otro ex prisionero de guerra, Philip Butler, un hombre que también fue encarcelado con McCain, es más simpático al hombre, diciendo que probablemente había sido torturado al principio de su cautiverio y no hizo referencia a presuntas propaganda anti-América de McCain cargos, pero fue enfática que McCain no estaba calificado para ser presidente. Mayordomo con firmeza dijo que no votaría por McCain porque McCain era un hombre de mal genio que se había hecho un belicista de Bush-como y que había utilizado su condición de prisioneros de guerra para beneficio personal y político. Recuerde, esto es de un compañero de prisioneros de guerra que en realidad le gusta McCain.

Véase el informe aquí:

Independientemente de registro verdadera guerra de McCain (el gobierno de Estados Unidos ha cerrado el expediente, por lo que es probable que nunca sepamos la verdad sobre el asunto), es un hecho que, como uno de los senadores más poderosos en Washington, DC, John McCain ha hecho poco para ayudar a los veteranos de Estados Unidos. De hecho, McCain es comúnmente considerado como uno de los más fuertes opositores a la investigación y rescate de los prisioneros de guerra quedaron atrás en Indochina después de la guerra de Vietnam.

Mientras que un miembro del Comité Selecto del Senado sobre POW / MIA Asuntos (1991-1993), McCain se refirió a POW / miembros y activistas de la familia MIA como “llorones”, “buitres”, y “la franja lunática”. Aunque el comité concluyó que En efecto, hubo prisioneros de guerra estadounidenses dejaron atrás en Indochina, McCain votó a favor de normalizar las relaciones con Vietnam sin cualquier responsabilidad por los militares desaparecidos de Estados Unidos. Al hacer esto, McCain ignoró una carta escrita por el también prisionero de guerra Capitán Eugene “Rojo” McDaniel y co-firmada por 50 ex prisioneros de guerra que le pidieron que es compatible con la normalización de relaciones con Vietnam hasta que el problema se había resuelto de prisioneros de guerra.

En 1996, McCain se opuso a la Ley de Personal del Servicio Missing (MSPA) como “innecesaria” y “gravosa”. También ayudó a modificar la MSPA para eliminar la responsabilidad penal, que POW / MIA familias sabían que era un duro golpe para la obtención de la rendición de cuentas significativa en nombre de sus seres queridos siguen languideciendo en el sudeste asiático.

Véase el informe aquí:

Y este informe:

John McCain ha pasado la mayor parte de su carrera senatorial promoción de una frontera abierta con México, un camino hacia la ciudadanía para los inmigrantes ilegales, y las guerras extranjeras incesantes; facilitar la lamentable actuación del Departamento de Asuntos de Veteranos (VA); y el encubrimiento de la evidencia de los estadounidenses dejó atrás en Indochina. No es de extrañar que tantas personas se han referido a McCain como “The Manchurian Candidate”.

Leer este informe:

Por decir la verdad sobre John McCain, Donald Trump ha dado en el más crudo de los nervios dentro del establishment de Washington (y Nuevo Orden Mundial elite globalista). Sin lugar a dudas, John McCain es uno de queridos políticos de la elite globalista. Un hijo favorito de titiriteros globalistas como Henry Kissinger, John McCain ha sido un chico de agua para el Nuevo Orden Mundial desde que entró en la política. Culpable de la corrupción como uno de los infames “Keating Five”, se le dio a John McCain un mero “slap-on-the-muñeca” y permite que continúe sus caminos perniciosos.

Véase el informe aquí:

Y el estado de “héroe de guerra” de McCain le ha hecho prácticamente intocables hasta ahora.

Mi mente está lejos de hecho en lo que respecta a apoyar la candidatura presidencial de Donald Trump. Pero, hasta ahora, Donald Trump ha estado dispuesto a afrontar con valentía el establishment de Washington de una manera en-su-cara, todo vale sin que no hemos visto en mucho, mucho tiempo. Y si Trump logra nada más en su candidatura presidencial, excepto la exposición de aduladores establecimiento como John McCain, yo, por mi parte, estoy emocionado de que ha entrado en la carrera.


PD Este es el anuncio final respecto a la disponibilidad de los documentos LIBERTAD. Esta es una recopilación gigante de más de 50 de los mejores documentos de Estados Unidos en un solo volumen. LOS DOCUMENTOS DE LA LIBERTAD no se pueden encontrar en las tiendas o en cualquier otro lugar. Y esta es una impresión limitada, por lo que nuestra oferta no durará mucho tiempo.

Constitucionalistas notables como Alabama Suprema Corte Juez Presidente Roy Moore y ex congresista Ron Paul tienen su copia de los documentos LIBERTAD.

La mayoría de las escuelas de hoy en día, incluyendo la mayoría de las escuelas privadas y cristianas, no requieren la lectura de estos grandes documentos históricos. Sin el registro escrito de nuestra historia, ¿cómo vamos a transmitir nuestra herencia para nuestros hijos y nietos? Y con la forma de las cosas, ¿cuánto tiempo pasará antes de que estos documentos están completamente olvidados, o incluso prohibidos?

Una vez más, este es el anuncio final; así que ordenar su copia de los documentos LIBERTAD ahora.


Los documentos de la libertad

Y para leer una descripción más detallada de los documentos LIBERTAD, vaya a:

Una gran manera de celebrar el Día de la Independencia

© Chuck Baldwin

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Breaking: Hillary Could Soon Get Blindsided By A Criminal Investigation From An Unlikely Source

The emailgate scandal suddenly gets much more serious.

Norvell Rose 

The scandal surrounding emailgate — then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account managed on a personal server — has just been escalated to a higher level that could prove extremely damaging to Mrs. Clinton’s hopes for the White House.

The New York Times reports that the Justice Department has been asked to open “a criminal investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account Hillary Rodham Clinton used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.”



And it’s not a Republican politician or a conservative watchdog group that’s requesting the criminal probe of Mrs. Clinton’s email practices. It’s two inspectors general working for the federal government who have reportedly asked for the inquiry into whether Hillary included classified information — sensitive government secrets — in the emails she sent. Mrs. Clinton has denied that she ever included any classified material in her many thousands of official emails when she was the country’s top diplomat.

However, as The Times article points out, when Mrs. Clinton turned over to the State Department the digital communications she had held and controlled on her private server, the review of those emails raised serious and troubling questions.

In the course of the email review, State Department officials determined that some information in the messages should be retroactively classified. In the 3,000 pages that were released, for example, portions of two dozen emails were redacted because they were upgraded to “classified status.” But none of those were marked as classified at the time Mrs. Clinton handled them.


So now, President Obama’s new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, will have a huge say in whether a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s controversial email practices will be undertaken. Such a criminal probe would almost certainly further damage Mrs. Clinton’s already shaky image for being an honest and trustworthy person.

Just a couple of days ago, Western Journalism reported on a new poll from Quinnipiac that showed Mrs. Clinton losing serious ground to potential Republican challengers in three key swing states. The survey confirmed what other polls have found in recent weeks — the frontrunner for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president is not seen as particularly honest and trustworthy.

Mrs. Clinton recently drew a fair share of snickers and snide comments when she boasted to a CNNinterviewer, “People should and do trust me.” Should Obama’s attorney general decide that a criminal probe is warranted into Hillary’s emails and their possibly classified content, even the presidential candidate herself would be hard-pressed to make that statement again with a straight face.

Should a criminal investigation be launched over Hillary Clinton’s controversial email practices? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



Cruz Goes On Fox News, Drops This Incredible Truth Bomb On ‘Washington Cartel’ And Trump

On this issue, he pointed out, both he and Trump represent the field’s minority.

  1. Christopher AgeeJuly

While some in the Republican presidential primary field have trashed Donald Trump for his controversial remarks on issues like immigration, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz explained in a recent interview that he was observing his party’s 11th commandment.

Often cited by Ronald Reagan, Republicans obeying the rule agree to never “speak ill of any fellow Republican.”



It is not only party unity, Cruz told Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity Wednesday, that keeps him from criticizing Trump.

“He’s a friend of mine,” he said of the real estate tycoon. “He and I have sat down and visited many, many times.”

As for the attention – both positive and negative – his comments have received, Cruz chalked it up to Trump’s willingness to address uncomfortable truths.



“And he’s taking on the Washington cartel,” he added.

Cruz went on to charge that several others in the primary field are not so open to hearing a conservative immigration message.

Trump has focused on “illegal immigration and sanctuary cities” in recent speeches, Cruz explained, adding that “a great many of the candidates in 2016 for the Republican nomination have been vocal aggressive advocates of amnesty.”

On this issue, he pointed out, both he and Trump represent the field’s minority.

“When we come to the first debates in a couple of weeks,” he asserted, “I’m going to be one of the very few major candidates on that stage who has never embraced amnesty.”

Instead of throwing stones at a fellow GOP candidate, Cruz said he would prefer to focus on real proposals to address our immigration problem, including his plan to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities and impose a mandatory five-year minimum sentence for anyone convicted of illegal re-entry into the U.S.

Is Trump right on immigration? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.





‘Why would you risk your credibility by getting involved in this nonsense?’

Published: 19 hours ago


CHELSEA SCHILLING About | Email | Archive


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CNN anchor Jake Tapper ripped into Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Thursday, excoriating Arpaio for daring to call President Barack Obama’s birth certificate a forgery.

On “The Lead,” Tapper said, “You’ve trafficked in this rather preposterous notion that Obama was not born in the United States and that he may have forged his birth certificate that he released.”

He continued, “Why would you risk your credibility on issues you care about – like illegal immigration, like law enforcement – by getting involved in this nonsense?”

“What do you mean ‘risk’?” Arpaio asked. “I’m the chief law enforcement officer elected by the people. I have a right to investigate and speak out. I’m not talking about where he came from. I don’t care where he came from. We’re working on a fraudulent, forged government document. That’s what we are doing.”

Tapper interjected, “You’re maintaining that the birth certificate that the president of the United States revealed and released to the public, you’re maintaining that that is fraudulent?”

“That’s right,” Arpaio responded.

Get everything you always wanted to know about Obama’s eligibility in the classic “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” — now just 99 cents!

The CNN host asked, “Is there anyone, any credible law enforcement person outside of you and your organization and your contractors, who has any agreement with you on this?”

“No, they haven’t looked at it,” Arpaio said. “What are you kidding? I’m probably the only law enforcement official who has looked into it. Nobody looks into it. They shy away from it.”

Once again, a flustered Tapper interrupted: “Because the president was born in Hawaii.”

“I don’t care where he was born,” Arpaio replied. “I’m talking about a fraudulent government document, a birth certificate. That’s all I’m concerned with. That’s a violation of the law.”

Tapper further questioned the sheriff, asking if he came to his conclusion because “there are glitches in some of the printing.”

Sheriff Joe said he wouldn’t “get into all the technical details” at that moment, but he added: “I’ve been around a long time. I’m not stupid enough to even talk to you about it if I didn’t think there was a lot of smoke and fire there.”

The WND Superstore has the resources you need to understand the critical constitutional issue ignored by Washington and establishment media — the essential qualifications for the person responsible for the nation’s security.

As WND reported on July 5, Arpaio affirmed he is “pretty well convinced” Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” stated Arpaio. “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced it’s a fake document.”

The sheriff was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

Listen to “Aaron Klein Radio” clip of Joe Arpaio discussing Obama’s birth certificate:

During the interview, Arpaio brought up the birth certificate.

Arpaio’s office has been investigating the birth certificate since 2011.

Arpaio’s statements prompted Klein to ask for an update on his team’s investigation into the long-form birth certificate document, posted April 27, 2011 as a PDF file on the White House website.


Arpaio told Klein that “once again nobody wants to look at it right now.”

“So it’s not my problem. I did my job.”

Obama’s qualification for president as a “natural born citizen” has been challenged in court since before he was first elected in 2008. The White House finally relented in 2011 and posted a birth certificate, but Arpaio’s investigative team concluded it is a forgery.

Arpaio’s appointed lead investigator on the birth-certificate case, Mike Zullo, has been promising the release of “universe-shattering” information regarding the document.

“When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering. This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine,” he told WND in a December 2013 interview.

Now an ebook on! Be sure to read “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” to get up to speed on this issue!

Zullo has testified that the White House computer image of Obama’s birth certificate contains anomalies that are unexplainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document.

See some of Zullo’s evidence:

Zullo has noted that Reed Hayes, a document examiner who has served as expert witness for Seattle law firm Perkins Coie – the firm that flew an attorney to Honolulu to personally deliver two paper copies of the birth certificate to the White House – has concluded in a signed affidavit that the document posted on the White House website is “entirely fabricated.”

The White House also has never verified the authenticity of a letter purportedly sent by President Obama to the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu in which he declares the center to be “the place of my birth.”


A letter purportedly signed by Barack Obama indicating the president’s claim he was born at the Kapiolani Center for Women and Children in Honolulu.

There also remains a mystery as to why Obama is using a possibly fraudulent Connecticut-based Social Security Number, when he and his parents never resided in the Constitution State.


Feels good to unmask an incompetent.

Miriam Dopico


Good job Senator!!

“No aceptamos donaciones de dinero”

“Solo aceptamos su voto para poder sacar a

toda la basura que nos desgobierna”





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Trey Gowdy is coming under intense fire for forcing Hillary Clinton to testify…now he’s in political danger.

And those political enemies are now attacking Stop Hillary PAC too.

We don’t have a moment to lose.

Here’s the situation: As you know, Trey Gowdy has summoned Hillary Clinton to appear before the Select Committee on Benghazi for a fully transcribed, under oath interview, AND Hillary has refused!

After her refusal, the full weight of the Clinton machine is out to crush Rep. Gowdy. 

In the last few days Hillary apologist and loyalist are relentlessly attacking Gowdy trying to discredit his investigation. Just look at these few examples: 

   >>>  David Brock of the Pro-Hillary Super PAC is spending millions and accusing Gowdy of “politicizing” the Benghazi murders to “score partisan points.  
   >>>  Democrats on the Benghazi Committee are using taxpayer dollars to attack Trey Gowdy calling his investigation a “politically motivated, $3.7 million fishing expedition.”  
   >>>  And Hillary defenders on the Committee have now turned their attacks towards Stop Hillary PAC — and the almost one million supporters of Stop Hillary PAC — attempting to intimidate and silence your voice and your support for Congressman Gowdy’s good work.  

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Gowdy’s affirmed — in light of her wiping clean the email server — that Hillary MUST appear separately to discuss EACH of these events — Benghazi AND her “illegal” email practices.

She’s broken the law, and she won’t hesitate to do it again.

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Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Republican Field

Brian Darling  |

Trump: Relationship ‘Very Good’ with Hispanics

There is a simple reason why Donald Trump is leading the race nationally amongst the numerous Republicans vying for the nomination of their party. Voters are despondent, and angry, and looking for somebody different.

Republicans are mad that the Republican controlled Congress has produced nothing. They recognize that the Republican leadership has been ineffectual. They see Donald Trump fighting and fighting hard.

Same seems to be true on the Democratic side where Hillary Clinton has been forced to re-launch her campaign two times, because she is such a boring candidate who does not say anything to excite rank and file Democratic voters.

Donald Trump has tossed aside the Queensbury rules of combat for a political version of a bloody MMA battle. This has caused chaos in the Republican field that will hurt Gov. Jeb Bush more than any other candidate. As we get closer to debates, it is clear that Trump will train his fire on Jeb and it is not going to be pretty. Expect Jeb to have to tap out of this political fight when it becomes a Trump versus Bush debate battle.

While Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is pulling huge crowds and showing that Clinton has a glass jaw, Republicans leaders in Washington have done as much as they can to help put Hillary, or another Democrat, into the White House.

Polls indicate that since the Republican sweep to victory in 2014, President Obama’s popularity is rising. That helps Hillary.

During that time, Republican rage at leadership is also rising. A recentPew Research Center study found that “the Republican Party’s image has grown more negative over the first half of this year. Currently, 32% have a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 60% have an unfavorable view. Favorable views of the GOP have fallen nine percentage points since January.” This is because a Republican controlled Congress has helped President Obama close out his second term with some historic victories.

While Republicans in the Capitol are floundering, Donald Trump has electrified the polls with some harsh populist rhetoric against all things Washington, DC.

It has not taken long for the establishment to fire back at The Donald. Rick Wilson wrote a snarky piece in <href=”#ixzz3gf4SG0cz”>Politico where he argued “greetings, Donald Trump super fans. I am a member of the GOP establishment. I’m writing to tell you that, no matter how much you wish it otherwise, the Donald Trump candidacy is almost over.” Wilson makes a weak case that somehow support for Trump translates into support for Hillary, because Trump can’t win.

Not to be outdone, Victor David Hanson at National Review Online has an equally ridiculous piece comparing Donald Trump to President Obama. “In his current unbridled commentary and without worry over party politics, Obama has perhaps gone the full Trump — though in the opposite fashion of tossing out politically correct themes of the progressive Left, which lead to little concrete action. So Obama is Trump’s doppelgänger. The two see the world in similarly materialist — though, again, opposite — terms.”

John Feehery at The Hill went in another direction by comparing Trump to Joe McCarthy. “McCarthy wasn’t wrong about communist influence in the State Department or in Hollywood. There were plenty of spies in both places, as records would later show. But his approach to weed them out was paranoid, undisciplined and erratic. And when he decided to take on the Army, he made a huge strategic mistake. Donald Trump reminds me a bit of McCarthy.” I am sure a George Wallace or Adolph Hitler analogy is in the establishment hip pocket for the next round of attacks.

Despite the establishment attempt to bully voters, the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll puts Trump at the top with 24%. The numbers indicate that he has siphoned off Tea Party support from Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Gov. Christie’s support was cut in half because he seems to be a less conservative version of the outspoken New York/New Jersey guy. It looks like New York is tougher than New Jersey in this battle of the tough talking politicos.

Democrats should not be so excited about Trump screwing up the Republican field, because they have their own problem – Hillary Clinton. The latest Quinnipiac poll indicates that the coronation of Hillary may be on hold because she is losing in head to head battles in the swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. Her favorability ratings are bad and she is looking over her shoulder at Sen. Sanders who is gaining fast.

Democrats are not ripping Sanders, because they are in denial that Hillary is a terrible candidate. They forget that she gave away the nomination in 2008 when she ran a terrible campaign. Her strategy right now is to embrace the socialism-lite and hope that the Sanders campaign peters out on its own.

The American people are sick and tired of the lame establishment policies of both parties. Hillary and Jeb’s attempt to retain control for our nations’ two royal families – the Clintons and the Bushes – may be on hold. Get some popcorn and enjoy the next few months while the voters of both parties root for the underdog socialist and bombastic billionaire.

Trump and Sanders may not win, but they sure will make it interesting. They also show that the American public is ok with some non-traditional candidates who are scrapping with two well-funded establishment elites.




Watch Trump Dismiss This Liberal’s Inane Question

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump batted down and dismissed questioning from MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart Thursday during a press conference in Laredo, TX at the U.S./Mexico border.

Diaz-Balart began asking Trump about his comments from his kickoff announcement address, but soon into his question, the real estate mogul began railing against the media for taking his points out of context.

“Mr. Trump, you know 53,00o hispanics turn 18 years of age in this country every month, born in the country of voting age,” Diaz-Balart, also a host for Telemundo, told Trump. “54 million plus hispanics —  many feel that what you said when you said that the people who cross the border are rapists and murderers –.”

“No, no, no. We’re talking about illegal immigration and everybody understands that,” Trump said. “And you know what: that’s a typical case — wait, that’s a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. They take a half a sentence — they take a half a sentence, then they take quarter of a sentence and put it all together. It’s a typical thing.”  Source: The Daily Caller

– See more at:

Suspendida la pena de muerte sobre Asia Bibi

Luis Losada – CitizenGO

Estoy emocionado, Lazaro R. Tras seis años en el corredor de la muerte, por fin una buena noticia. El Supremo de Pakistán determinó este miércoles suspender cautelarmente la pena de muerte sobre Asia Bibi y decretar la libertad provisional.

Además, considera que el fallo de la Corte de Apelaciones contiene irregularidades o fallos y abre expediente para estudiarlos.

¡¡¡Si se puede!!! Si participaste en esta campaña, Lazaro R, gracias y enhorabuena.

Te recuerdo la campaña:

Es un paso muy importante, pero todavía no podemos cantar victoria. El Supremo de Pakistán todavía debe emitir su sentencia definitiva, que esperamos sea exculpatoria.

Además, aunque Asia se encuentra en libertad provisional, va a permanecer en la cárcel hasta que se produzca el fallo por razones de seguridad. El islamismo radical la quiere matar. Ya han ofrecido 5.000 dólares por su cabeza.

Pero lo de este miércoles ha sido un exitazo. Estoy emocionado, Lazaro R. Supongo que tu también. Sin duda la movilización social a nivel internacional ha ayudado. El mismo miércoles organizamos un acto frente a la embajada de Pakistán. Puedes ver aquí las fotos y el video del acto.

Esta buena noticia demuestra que la movilización tiene sus frutos. Cuando los ciudadanos de manera organizada decidimos alzar nuestra voz, somos imparables, Lazaro R.

Por eso es tan importante participar. Y lo de Planned Parenthood es INACEPTABLE. No sé si has tenido de ver el segundo video. La “doctora” Mary Gatter, Presidenta del Consejo de Directores Médicos de Planned Parenthood Federation of America aparece negociando con los órganos de los bebés abortados. Como si fuera una broker. ¡Repugnante!

Puedes verlo aquí:

Y lo peor, Lazaro R. Dice abiertamente: “Quiero un Lamborghini” (coche de lujo)

¿Médicos?, ¿labor humanitaria? Son presuntos delincuentes, Lazaro R, que lo único que pretenden es hacer NEGOCIO con los órganos de los bebés abortados.

‘Venderán’ que hacen labor asistencial y que ayudan a las madres a decidir sobre su maternidad… bla, bla, bla. La realidad es que tienen el PEOR comportamiento de la especie humana. El peor. Sólo de escribirlo, me hierve la sangre…

¿Tú crees que estos establecimientos pueden seguir abiertos? Pide al Departamento de Justicia que intervenga

Ya sabes que estos tipos reconocen que la comercialización de órganos de bebés abortados es práctica habitual en todas sus filiales. ¿Te imaginas? ¿También en las de nuestro país?

Planned Parenthood y sus filiales no pueden permanecer ni un minuto más abiertas. ¡Tenemos que cerrarles! Pide al Departamento de Justicia que intervenga:

Gracias, Lazaro R, por estar siempre ahí. Gracias por defiende las causas justas. Juntos construimos un mundo más digno para todos. ¡Si se puede!

Un fuerte abrazo,

Luis Losada Pescador y todo el equipo de CitizenGO

  1. Tengo más buenas noticias. ¿Te acuerdas que el Senado de California pretendía retirar la estatua defray Junípero Serra del Capitolio? Pues bien, el gobernador ha dicho que estará ahí “hasta el final de los tiempos”. ¡Bien!

PD2. Por favor, Lazaro R, firma y comparte. Tenemos que cerrar Planned Parenthood. ¡Podemos! ¿Puedes publicar la campaña en tu muro de Facebook? Mil gracias anticipadas.

PD3. Te presento a parte del equipo de CitizenGO 😉


Lázaro R González para Alcalde del Condado de  Miami  Elecciones de Noviembre 8 del 2016.  Use la boleta en blanco.

No aceptamos contribuciones monetarias. Necesitamos que se lo informe a todos los familiares, vecinos, amigos, compañeros de trabajo y a todos.



“En mi opinión”



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