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Shocking: A Brutal Beheading Has Just Occurred On American Soil

He had been trying to convert other employees to Islam…


A recently fired employee of a food processing plant in Oklahoma — a man at least one report claims may be Muslim — has attacked and beheaded a woman with whom he used to work.

Police in an Oklahoma City suburb say that the 30-year-old suspect severed the head of a 54-year-old woman, then started to stab another plant employee with a knife. Before the second victim could be killed, the attacker was himself taken down by someone with a gun — he was shot and wounded by the armed owner of the company. The suspect is now in custody.

Watch: This Fox News Host Needed Just 36 Seconds To Utterly Destroy Eric Holder

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros doesn’t shy away from showing her true feelings… JUSTIN KOSKI —

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros doesn’t shy away from showing her true feelings when she delivers an epic rant on the newly outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

“I think he was Obama’s cover up guy. He was one of the most divisive, polarizing, controversial, most dangerous men in America and unethical,” she began.

“He didn’t enforce the laws on Obamacare. He was droning terrorists without a trial while he was giving them trials in downtown Manhattan. He ran the DOJ much like the Black Panthers would. That is a fact,” she said.

“I wanna talk about the timing,” she continued. “Don’t you find it a bit fascinating, I think they’re having him resign now so they can get their next candidate confirmed before the Senate possibly flips into Republican hands.”


Replacing Eric Holder Could Be A Total Nightmare For Obama After What Ted Cruz Just Said

Cruz concluded that any confirmation vote must be…


As Western Journalism reported earlier this week, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was pleased to hear the news that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had decided to resign.

“It is good news that Eric Holder has announced his resignation,” the Texas legislator said Thursday, adding that “it is incumbent upon the next attorney general to uphold the law without regard to partisan ideology.”

He explained that the process of choosing Holder’s replacement, therefore, must be taken seriously – especially by Republicans.

The conservative senator has taken a firm stance against Holder, especially regarding his handling of a scandal involving the improper treatment of conservative groups by the IRS. Holder’s unwillingness to appoint a special prosecutor to the case, Cruz asserted, constituted grounds for his impeachment.

Cruz concluded that any confirmation vote must be postponed until after the new Congress is sworn in to avoid the possibility that outgoing Democrat senators would use their lame duck status to sway the decision.

If November’s midterm elections provide Republicans with a majority of Senate seats, Los Angeles Times reporter Lisa Mascaro indicated that Democrats will likely attempt to speed up the confirmation process before the end of the current session. An effectively resolute GOP, however, could make use of legislative rules allowing the minority party to stall.

As The Hill reported, though, determined Democrats could likely force a vote before incoming senators are sworn in next January.

One Republican aide told the Times that the Holder years have shown the party how important it is to hold the highest law enforcement official in the nation accountable.

“The relationship has been pretty scarred over the last six years,” the source stated. “I think they’ll look at it pretty closely.”

A number of potential replacements, including California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, have already confirmed that they are not interested in the job. Other names, such as Holder’s direct subordinate, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, and former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, are being mentioned as possible successors.



Rick Scott 

Florida Governor.



Florida has achieved an incredible turnaround. In the last four years, we’ve created hundreds of thousands of jobs, gave millions of dollars back to Florida families through tax cuts, and made record investments into our schools. 

Charlie Crist – like Barack Obama – thinks that money grows on trees, but we know better. We know it’s your money, and we believe that you’ll spend it better than the government ever will.  

I will continue to fight for all Floridians, but I can’t do it without you. I need your support this November. 

To help, you can visit right now. There, you can sign up for an absentee ballot, and it’ll be delivered to you in the next few weeks. 

It’s that easy to make sure we keep moving Florida in the right direction. Visit today, and let’s keep Florida working. 


Rick Scott

(EMO) I think Scott is the best options… Lázaro R González Miño



Columna de Amenper

  Historic 9/11 Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero Rally.  9/11 Ground Zero Mosque Protest gathers Victims’ Family Members, NYPD, FDNY, Veterans to hear courageous Dutch MP

Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, arrived in New York under intense security on 9/11. He leads the new Freedom Party (PVV) which is currently negotiating to form a complicated ruling coalition in the Netherlands. His party is opposed to Sharia law and non-assimilation of a vast wave of muslim immigrants in the Netherlands. He came to New York for the singular purpose of showing his support for the Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero effort that has galvanized 70% support amongst the American people.

In an annual Dutch survey about terrorism, this year’s poll included a question about the construction of an Islamic centre near ground zero. Almost half of Dutch voters questioned are against the planned Islamic center in New York, with only 15 percent in favor.

Mr. Wilders addressed this massive Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) rally on the afternoon of 9/11. This rally was practically ignored by the dominant liberal establishment media. Even Fox News incorrectly reported the size of the crowd as only 2,000. One exception was local NYC News Channel 10 which reported live that there were 30,000 people at the rally, opposing the ground zero mosque. I was one of them. People were packed so densely for three city blocks, it is very difficult to be precise, but it could easily have exceeded 40,000. Side streets were jammed with people as police turned many thousands away due to overcrowding.

Pamela Geller, author and blogger at Atlas Shrugs, organized the rally together with Robert Spencer, author and blogger at Jihad Watch.

Mr. Wilders was surrounded by Dutch government security men due to Islamist and leftist threats against his life. The agent in the foreground holds a bullet proof shield with both hands, ready to open it quickly to defend against an assassin’s attack. The stage area was completely surrounded by security agents.

Mr. Wilders is outspoken in opposing the islamization of the Netherlands and the West. He produced a  short film called Fitna which features violent Koranic quotes juxtaposed with images of terrorist attacks. Theo van Gogh  was stabbed to death in Amsterdam for making a similar film called Submission. Van Gogh’s partner in making the film, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, M.P., was advised by the Dutch government that she would be safer living elsewhere. She moved to the relative safety of America, where she lives under 24 hour tight security. Pamela Geller is also under constant death threat, as is Robert Spencer, both of whom can be seen in the photo above.

The conditions under which these human rights activists live show clearly that islam is a violent totalitarian ideology which is destroying free speech in Europe. It takes left-wing political correctness (speech control) one step further by threatening the lives of those who speak out. 

A  Washington Post article describes what life is like for leading critics of Islam:

“He is an enemy of Islam and he should be beheaded,” the narrator of one video clip posted on the Internet says in Arabic, against the crackle of gunfire. Behead him, “and you will earn a place in paradise.”

Wilders now travels everywhere with six bodyguards. He cannot sleep in his own home, but is moved around between various undisclosed safe houses. He sees his wife twice a week, at a safe house. Visitors to his parliament office must be cleared in advance and are thoroughly searched; even ballpoint pens are carefully examined.

“It’s like being caught in a bad B movie,” Wilders said. The guards are always there: “If I go to the toilet, they are standing behind the door.” The irony, he said, is that the people who are threatening him walk the streets freely, while “the people who are threatened are more or less in prison.”

Other Dutch politicians who are under similar protection include Job Cohen, the mayor of Amsterdam; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born member of parliament who is Muslim and collaborated with van Gogh on a controversial film about Islam’s treatment of women; and Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born alderman in Amsterdam who has talked about tolerance and the need for Muslims to adapt to the Dutch way of life.

NYPD officers backstage secured the area as Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders spoke.

Pamela Geller wrote of Wilders:

Geert Wilders, personifies moral courage in an age when such courage is an extremely rare commodity the possession of which can threaten one’s life. He is one of the few who truly deserve the label of hero, he is my personal hero, — and yet it must be said that all he has done to become heroic is something that we all can do, should do, and must do: he has spoken the truth. We live in so cheap and tawdry an age that all one must do to be a hero is speak the truth — and yet there are so few heroes. Geert Wilders is that hero. He has done this at immense personal cost, such that he now must be accompanied by armed guards at all times. One would think that the constant threats made against Geert Wilders would wake people up to the true nature and lethal character of the enemy we face, when they are so threatened by the telling of the truth that they’re willing to commit murder in response. Yet even as Geert Wilders is defamed, vilified, and marginalized, he is being proven right by the events of every day — and the light of the truth he tells shines more brightly all the time.

Dutch Parliamentarian and freedom fighter, Geert Wilders, gave an outstanding speech.

Dear friends, May I ask you to be silent for ten seconds? Just be silent and listen. Ten seconds. And listen… What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth.

No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City. You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity. And that is how it should be.

Always. Now close your eyes – I know it’s a beautiful day, but close your eyes. I have been told that this day nine years ago was just such a beautiful day — and remember, or try to remember, or try to imagine the sounds which were heard here on this spot under this same blue sky exactly nine years ago. The sound of shock, the sound of destruction, the sound of panic, the sound of pain, the sound of terror.

Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this?  What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds?

There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line. My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago. I have not forgotten how I felt that day.

The scenes are imprinted on my soul, as they are on yours. But our hearts were not broken in the same way as the hearts of the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives here. Many relatives of the victims are here in our midst today. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to them and to all of the people of New York and America. Humbly, I stand here before you as a Dutchman and a European. I, too, however, cannot forget. How can anyone forget?

Let me remind you of the words from Darryl Worley’s 9/11 song.

Have you forgotten how it felt that day?

To see your homeland under fire

And her people blown away

Have you forgotten when those towers fell?

We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell


Cuban consulates.- pieces of Miami’s pre-Castro Cuban heritage

There were several sites of Cuban consulates In Miami, but Villa Paula is the best known and more visible.

Villa Paula Mansion is located in the section of Miami known as Little Haiti.  It was built in 1925 by the Cuban government. for Cuban consul Domingo Milord and his wife, Paula, who inspired the property’s name.

It was a neoclassical ‘20s mansion with a Cuban air. Ten rooms, 18 foot ceiling and hand painted tiles. Elaborate chandeliers hang in the hallways and bathrooms of the one-story, 2,893-square-foot home. The back yard was designed to resemble a Havana garden. Freira designed the building in a neoclassical style. It was built with materials brought from Cuba, including tile and yellow brick

Milord was not the first Cuban consul. Miguel Caballera was named the first consul in 1916 at the request of a group of Miami lumber merchants who had been exporting materials from Cuba

The Cuban government opened the first consulate in a building al 2nd. avenue next to the area of downtown. The consulate stayed in this building until 1925 when it moved to Villa Paula.   

Paula Milord, died 6 years later in 1931, from complication of a leg amputation.

After the consulate was moved to Coral Gables, the next owner of Villa Paula, was Muriel Reardon.

She lived there for more than 30 years.  Later the mansion became a home for seniors and a refuge for homeless. Mr. Joseph Swedroe, a local entrepreneur,  bought it from HUD and invested thousands to restore it back to its original state..Owner Joseph Swedroe and his siblings, Marc and Lulu, have meticulously preserved the building’s original features, from the Ionic columns on the front porch and stained-glass windows to the rectangular garden pavilion, all designed by Havana architect C. Freira. Architect

In the 1980s, Villa Paula gained a reputation as a “haunted house” following reports from residents of paranormal activity. The Miami Herald named it “the most haunted house in Miami” in 1989.

After Muriel Reardon purchased Villa Paula from the Cuban government in 1952, the consulate was moved to a building next to the area of Coral Gables.

When in June 3, 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower closes the American embassy in Havana and severs diplomatic relations with Cuba, the consul of the Castro regime, closed the consulate and abandoned the country..

Since then the site has been a private museum, a Cuban paraphernalia store, and a Hispanic restaurant.


Obama Demandado

Comunistas demandan a Obama por robar su sistema de Gobierno.


En una jugada de sorpresa, el CPUSA (partido comunista de Estados Unidos) ha anunciado una demanda contra presidente Barack Hussein Obama por el robo de la propiedad intelectual del comunismo.

Los demandantes alegan que el supuesto  “cambio” es, de hecho, el producto de una campaña durante décadas, esmerada y estudiada por los teóricos comunistas, agitadores y celdas subterráneas subversivas –  Por lo cual se convierte en la propiedad intelectual comunista, protegida por el departamento de patentes de los Estados Unidos. 

El  partido comunista, dice que se encuentra protegido por las leyes de derechos de autor estadounidenses ante las políticas usurpadas por el Presidente Obama..

“Todas nuestras políticas” han sido copiadas y renombradas como ‘progresistas’,  reclamándolas como propias,” declaró un portavoz CPUSA en una conferencia de prensa en San Francisco.

“Pero nosotros, los comunistas le decimos, ¡Obama, no tan rápido! No en este país, donde todavía tenemos derechos de propiedad y el estado de derecho, gracias a Dios.

Bueno me permiten corregir esto último, quise decir, Gracias a Marx.

El representante del partido comunista explicó que el control de los negocios como la industria  automovilística  y las industrias financieras, la redistribución de la riqueza y atención médica gratuita racionada siempre han sido políticas bien definidas entre los gloriosos  objetivos comunistas: “Logramos  estos objetivos a través de todos los años difíciles de huelgas,manifestaciones,  intervenciones, purga, denuncias y heroico espionaje en nombre de los servicios de inteligencia soviéticos.

“Esto puede parecer una idea rara para muchos, pero hemos sacrificado todo, luchando contra nuestros amigos, nuestros vecinos y nuestra nación. Sufrimos de todo tipo de úlceras y trastornos de la personalidad dividida por seguir ciegamente las directivas de Stalin.

Arriesgamos nuestras posibilidades de promoción dentro de nuestros trabajos por haber avanzado la política  Soviética.

¿Y para qué? ¿Para que un mulatico consentido y engreído se pueda montar sobre nuestras espaldas al poder mientras que a  nosotros nos siga  tirando migajas en la forma de los nombramientos del gabinete menores?

No en los Estados Unidos, pedimos ayuda internacional a los comunistas del mundo contra la usurpación de nuestro modelo de gobierno por Barack Hussein Obama.

¡Comunistas del mundo Uníos!


Que es lo que “Navarro” le puede ensenar a CVS

Quiero compartir con ustedes algo sobre mi trabajo que tiene realmente tiene relación con todos nosotros como “Hispanos”.

Creo que deben saber, CVS ha comprado las tiendas Navarro, pero todavía la familia Navarro, el hijo de Pepe Navarro, Gabriel es parte de la nueva administración.  Este es una copia del último Email que les envié, sobre un artículo que salió en la internet.

Hemos estado conversando sobre el plan de CVS de pasar el conocimiento de Navarro a otras tiendas  nacionalmente donde hay mayoría “Hispana” y siempre he enfatizado que la razón del por qué las cadenas nacionales no pueden servir y sacar provecho al mercado latino es porque no lo entienden.

Es muy sencillo, no somos como ellos creen, “todos la misma mierda”. 

Cada grupo tiene su idiosincrasia y esto se refleja en el tipo de producto que ellos compran.  Si no se adaptan a esta verdad y tratan de vender productos mejicanos en Miami o productos cubanos en California, están muy jodidos.

Sent: 9/27/2014 8:55:05 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: What Navarro Pharmacy Can Teach CVS 08/18/2014


What Navarro Pharmacy Can Teach CVS 08/18/2014


Very good, this is more or less what I’ve have trying to tell the chains for years.


Forget the stupid “Hispanic sections” there is not such a thing as “Hispanics”, there is not such a thing as “Hispanic” products. 

Each “Hispanic” is different accordingly with the characteristics of the culture of the country of origin, each product is different accordingly with its purpose.

How to approach these facts is a matter of study, but these are the facts.

 These are the facts of what Navarro Pharmacy cant teach CVS and or Walgreen.

 Navarro began as a Cuban Store in Miami and adapted the merchandising in each store accordingly with the changes of the demographics in the city.

 What Navarro never had was a “Hispanic section”

Saludos, Alberto


Hasta aquí la columna de Amenper:



Por fin publican el vídeo de seguridad, del asesinato policial

supuestamente justificado por la policia.


La victima, entra a un Walmart solo y está hablando por telefono.

Pasó entre o detrás de 7 personas durante su tiempo en la tienda

y nadie le hace caso, ni habia ningun peligro.

 Cuando fue sorprendido por los policias armados,

la victima suelta el juguete, se tira al suelo y se vira bocabajo.

 No hubo resistencia!

No hubo interrogatorio!

No le dieron oportunidad de rendirse!

 Que fue eso??

Eso, tiene un nombre…

Estamos en un estado policial.

Hay que reconocer la verdad!

La Policia tiene ordenes de matar!!

Como se puede justificar lo que vemos con nuestros propios ojos?

 El ciudadano sale muerto.

Policias actuaron bien?

 Usted decide:

 Tiene la policia el derecho de asesinar?

Cuando le toque a uno de los tuyos, va ser demasiado tarde!


La Prensa Y Los Medios, Hasta Los Deportes Y El Weather, Están Controlados Por Los Homosexuales Y Comunistas:                                                                                  Is a 4-year-old girl reciting the Pledge of Allegiance a political statement?
Read more here:                                                           

Para poder explicar la falsa teoría de Darwin, 

los Darwinistas tienen que decir que han pasado miles de millones de anyos

pero que sucede, cuando un fósil de supuestamente 60 millones de anyos, todavia tiene tejidos blandos?

La teoría de Darwin explota!   

Como reacciona la ciencia universitaria a los hechos?

Criticaron a la Iglesia por silenciar a Galileo, pero como pueden explicar esto:       

Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil

El Sístema Médico Americano Tiene 3 Ramas Que Ya Son Socialistas: los veteranos, llamado el VA:  donde los médicos fueron pagados y ascendidos por dejar morir a los soldados crónicos.  el Medicaid:  donde no hay atención médica debido a que pagan poco, tarde o nunca   y el Medicare:  donde un segmento, los discapacitados y los Seniors,  tienen una tarjeta sin limite para dar ganancias sin fin, a los hospitales. Vean los resultados de estos sístemas Marxistas:

Doc Admits He Put Patients Through Unnecessary Chemo In Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Scheme.


Hasta aquí la columna de Ricardo Samitier…


Clemente Sánchez: Califato Mundial Comunista?

El presidente Obama habló en el miércoles de las Naciones Unidas para como líder del mundo libre, reunir al mundo para luchar contra el estado islámico, a veces parecía de verdad un ganador del Premio Nobel de la paz que con el tiempo había sido asaltado por la realidad.

Esa fue la parte linda del discurso. Después se empieza a ensuciar.

Dijo que el mundo es un “cruce de caminos entre la guerra y la paz; entre el desorden y la integración” esta bien, pero entonces hizo un llamado a las naciones y líderes musulmanas (ya ahí empieza a esuciarse) y sigue diciendo “para contrarrestar la marca letal e ideológica de los terroristas que han pervertido uno de las grandes religiones del mundo”. Quedándose completamente ensuciado del más pestilente excremento.

Porque esto es el problema, no son los terroristas los que han pervertido el Islam, es el Islam el que pervierte as los terroristas. Sin la excusa de la religión del Islam y sus enseñanzas en el Corán, los terroristas no podrían subsistir y cesarían de ser los generadores de la guerra de terror y desorden actual.

Lo que sustenta eso, es el hecho de que mientras el presidente hablaba, una amenaza para la seguridad de Estados Unidos que no mencionó Obama se está desarrollando en Yemen, donde el lunes rebeldes Houthi respaldados por Irán agarraron la mayoría de la ciudad capital de Sanaa, dejando centenares muertos y dictaron los términos de rendición al gobierno aliados con EU.

Esta es la misma Yemen que el Presidente ha dicho que es un modelo para su lucha contra el terrorismo en Irak y Siria.

Esta es la misma Yemen que como Cuba ha sido un modelo del camino para la implementación de la ideología comunista. “El camino del Yemén”

Hay miles de millas geográficamente y una distancia aún mayor culturalmente entre Yemen y Cuba.

Cuba era un país de una cultura judeo-cristiana que siempre había vivido en un sistema capitalista. Yemen era un país musulmán, un desmembramiento del Califato del imperio Otomán, una monarquía.

Hasta cuando muere el Rey Ahmad en septiembre de 1962. Le sucedió su hijo Muhammad al-Badr, pero fue poco después depuesto por fuerzas revolucionarias, que tomaron el control de la capital e instauraron la República Socialista Árabe de Yemen.

Más o menos en la misma época en que Cuba se convierte en la primera dictadura comunista en América, Yemén se convierte en la primera dictadura comunista en Arabia.

En ambos casos, el sistema comunista, una filosofía fracasada en lo económico y lo social, nos enseña el genio del sistema cuando se trata de, a través del engaño progresivo, lograr el control de las instituciones.

El camino del Yemén, como el camino de Cuba, puede ser el camino de cualquier nación que no esté alerta sobre el maligno sistema, y esto incluye a los Estados Unidos.

Uno pudiera preguntarse ¿cómo es posible que el comunismo ateo pueda convivir con una religión como el Islam? Pero esto es parte del “Camino del Yemén”. Aunque Marx en una ocasión dijo que la religión es el Opio de los pueblos, también dijo que una vez tomado el poder, la religión se pudiera tomar como aliado. Eso lo estamos viendo en Cuba ahora, eso lo vimos y lo seguiremos viendo en Yemén.

Lo que puede suceder es que el prototipo del Yemén puede ser el camino a seguir para la instauración del Califato Mundial. Un Califato con una alianza con Rusia, que ya se ve, para siguiendo el camino de Yemén se logre “El Califato Comunista Mundial”.

¿Conoce algo de esto Barack Hussein Obama?

de la dieta)

 alta velocidad, fue encontrado con un mapa y 11 armas, mientras circundaba la Mansión Ejecutiva. El mes pasado, fue encontrado frente a la casa blanca con un hacha.

Ahora se habla de toda clase de nuevos procedimientos de seguridad en 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Por Dios, el servicio secreto incluso comenzará a cerrar la puerta delantera, bueno algo es algo.

Pero esta brecha de seguridad — de una conocida amenaza al Presidente, no por ello menos — representa un fracaso total que requiere un replanteamiento total de cómo la agencia hace su trabajo.

Si un loco puede hacer esto, en varias ocasiones, sin que se le vigile o se detenga para que no lo repita, que podemos esperar de los grupos terroristas que residen en nuestras ciudades, sofisticadamente preparados para atacarnos.

Pero en esta administración están demasiado preocupados por el calentamiento global para ocuparse de estos detalles de seguridad. Después de todo, como dijo Obama, ISIS no es más que un equipo de segunda categoría que no ofrece peligros.


Enrique P:  Barney Frank and the Male Prostitute – 1989

The era of sour feelings on Capitol Hill continued after House Speaker James. C. Wright’s resignation and the smear campaign against his successor, Thomas S. Foley. In a third blockbuster scandal, Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank admitted a lengthy relationship with a male hooker who ran a bisexual prostitution service out of Frank’s apartment.

The story was broken by the conservative Washington Times newspaper, which trumpeted every juicy morsel with front-page hype. Though Frank was apparently ignorant of some of the prostitute’s activities, his indiscretion was so great that his standing in Congress was greatly damaged and a House reprimand passed overwhelmingly in July 1990. His home district in Massachusetts was more forgiving, reelecting him easily the following November.


Record del congresista Joe García en el congreso.

El 27 de Mayo de 2014 dijo “COMMUNISM WORK”

Apoya el aborto

Apoya el matrimonio de personas del mismo sexo

Planteo’ que se apoyara en los Estados Unidos una prueba de una medicina hecha en Cuba.

Aboga abiertamente por el levantamiento del embargo medida que beneficiaría a la tiranía Castrista.

Apoya la legalización de millones de ilegales

Insulto’ al exilio cubano cuando dijo textualmente “Quien no ha oído hablar de los viejitos del Versalles Restaurante en la calle 8,sería más efectivo pagarles el pasaje y que se fueran hablar boberías al parque central de la Habana”

Sr. Congresista Joe García

Esos cubanos que usted despectivamente los llama “los viejitos del versalle”son los que gracias a ellos,la ciudad de Miami es lo que es hoy en día. Son los que desde 1959 tuvieron que abandonar su patria por culpa del sistema tiránico marxista leninista que usted tanto admira. Ellos con su trabajo y honradez han logrado lo que otras nacionalidades no han podido lograr y es ser reconocida ante el pueblo norteamericano como una inmigración decente, honrada y trabajadora. No se preocupe que en Noviembre esos “viejitos del versaye” ayudaran a que su sueño se convierta en realidad, cuando se celebren las elecciones y usted pueda mudarse para Cuba. Quizás con un poco de guataquería hacia los Castro le den un puesto en la Asamblea del Poder Popular

                                          COMMUNISM WORK?

Este es el saldo de muerte dejado por el Marxismo Leninismo a través de la historia, sistema que el congresista Joe García tanto admira.

24 millones de asesinados en la Revolución Bolchevique en Rusia por Lenin y Trotsky

20 millones asesinados por Stalin en la Unión Soviética

64 millones de asesinados por Mao Te Zung en la China Comunista

Mas de 2 millones asesinados en Cambodia

Miles de miles asesinados en Korea

Miles de miles asesinados en Laos

Miles de miles asesinados en Viet-Nam

Miles de miles asesinados en Cuba

Miles y miles de asesinados en Latinoamerica por las guerrllas narco-terroristas entrenadas y financiadas en Cuba

Miles asesinados en Angola, el Congo y otros países africanos por las tropas de ocupación de Castro.

Cientos de asesinados en Venezuela por el régimen títere de Chaves y Maduro recibiendo ordenes de las tropas de ocupacion castrista en Venezuela al mando del asesino Ramiro Valdes.

Joe Garcia con el promotor de artistas castristas Hugo Cancio, Alexis Valdes, el ya fallecido Juan Formel de la orquesta castrista los Van Van y otro sujeto.












 Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.



It was in Oxford as a student Clinton came to hear about the One World Government for the first time, and what was required to be a member of this New World Order. In an interview in 1994 Clinton said that he’d known about the “Shadow-government” already in his youth, and had been very enthusiastic to get an entrance into the “Inner Circle” and from there have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding the future of the world.

He succeeded! The “President-maker” David Rockefeller met Clinton in the mid 80’s in Arkansas to prepare him for what was to come. The State of Arkansas, by the way, is a major seat for the Brotherhood elite. The south branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has its center here, and from this area Albert Pike (33 degree Freemason) created the Ku Klux Klan.



Clinton worked himself up rapidly and became a governor of Arkansas. As a governor Bill Clinton committed a series of high crimes, related to his Illuminati connection. He became the leader of a gigantic network which dealt with drug-smuggling, laundering of drug-money and corruption in general.

A good friend of Clinton from Arkansas, Larry Nichols, was interviewed in a film. Clinton thought that Nichols would keep his mouth shut, but he didn’t. He was hired by Clinton and had found out that Clinton’s firm, “Arkansas Development Finance Authority” (ADFA), laundered drug-money. Cocaine to a value of $10.000.000 (ten million dollars!) a week was flown in from Mena Airport in Arkansas. The money was laundered via ADFA to a bank in Florida, to a bank in Georgia, to Citycorp in New York, and from there it was transferred out of the country. All this regarding to Larry Nichols.

Clinton’s best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes.

The Chief of Police in Arkansas at that time, Doc Delaughter, said he had gathered information from many persons in Lasater’s surroundings, how he smuggled drugs and abused young girls sexually. During those investigations Doc was harassed by persons from his own police department, paid by Clinton.

Bill Clinton created new laws that helped “Tyson Foods” to be the biggest company in Arkansas. The owner, Don Tyson, received a loan from the Clinton-owned ADFA, but never had to pay back. Doc says he has evidence enough against Tyson to start an investigation regarding illegal drug-trade. Nichols says in the film:

The first loan ADFA approved was to “Park-O-Meter” … When I investigated the company, I found that the Directive Secretary and cashier was Webb Hubbell … Guess who wrote the law proposition … which made ADFA possible. Webb Hubbell. Guess who drove the law proposition which looked into- and admitted (Park-O-Meter’s) request. “Rose Law Firm” (owned by Hillary Clinton). Who signed the admittance? Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton.

Nichols said that when journalists started investigating the loans to “Park-O-Meter”, they discovered that the company did not make parking meters, but removable airplane nose-cones, delivered to the air-field in Mena. The equipment was used to smuggle narcotics into the country, and with this Clinton and his companions participated heavily to the pushing of street-drugs in the USA.

Nichols says further that Clinton most of the time was involved in drug trade and the people he surrounded himself with followed him all the way to the White House.

When Clinton became President he elected Webb Hubbell as the Minister of Justice(!). Hubbell had to go back to Arkansas, though, to plead guilty to having cheated customers of the “Rose Law Firm” on $500.000.

Maybe the largest drug smuggling event in the USA history started in 1982 on Mena Airport by Barry Seale, pilot for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA!!!). He had had problems with the authorities in Louisiana, so he moved his dirty business to Arkansas, where he could work un-disturbed. Seale said later in a police investigation that he had used nose-cones to smuggle drugs (Park-O-Meter).



So what did Bill Clinton do, when he came to power in the White House? Just like the drug trading president before him, Freemason-Brother George Bush, he started a war against drugs(!).

The interesting part is, though, that when different people have started talking about Clinton’s affairs, they have suddenly and mysteriously died. One of them was Barry Seale, the drug smuggler. He was killed in February 1987.

By that time, several murders were committed in Arkansas.

  • Two young boys were out walking late one night in the surroundings of Mena Airport. They were found dead on a railroad track. The examining doctor, sent by Clinton, said it was an accident. But their parents didn’t agree. Later it was found that the boys had been stabbed and got their heads crushed.
  • Six other persons, who had talked to the police regarding the murder of the boys, were killed themselves! Some of them had said to their families they had to leave town urgently, as they knew too much about the murders, but they were all traced and shot to death. All this happened while Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and used Mena Airport for drug smuggling.

To make research on, or accuse Clinton has too often showed to be a lethal business.

  • Danny Casoloro, who investigated Clinton’s involvement in stock frauds, was found dead in West Virginia.
  • A lawyer from Washington, Paul Wilcher, who had made an appointment with Casoloro’s former attorney, was found dead in his apartment.
  • Prosecutor Charles Black wanted more money from governor Clinton to be able to continue the investigations regarding drug smuggling on Mena Airport. He got no money, but Black’s mother was killed.
  • The director for Clinton’s Finance-campaign Committee, Ed Willke, was shot with a hail-gun.
  • John Wilson, politician in Washington, threatened to reveal Clinton’s dirty business. He was found swinging from a rope in 1993.
  • Kathy Furguson, police in Arkansas and Clinton’s bodyguard, said that Clinton was promiscuous. She was found dead with a gun in her hand. Her husband Danny denies all sex-scandals related to Clinton. He is still alive.
  • Jon Parnel Walker, one of the investigators in the Whitewater affair, “fell” from a balcony in Virginia.
  • Victor Raider II had an argument with Clinton. Raider and his son Montgomery died when their sport plane crashed.
  • Friday, member of Raider’s committee, and a known skilled pilot, died when his plane exploded.
  • Dentist Ronald Rogers was about to meet a journalist and give information regarding Clinton when his plane crashed in clear weather.
  • Luther Parks had gathered information regarding Clinton’s sex habits. Clinton owed him $81.000 for security during his election campaign. He threatened Clinton to go public if he didn’t get the money back. He was shot September 26th 1993.His son Gary said he had all the evidence at home and proof of Bill and Roger Clinton’s drug abuse. The information was stolen shortly thereafter.
  • Vincent Foster was a good friend of Clinton since childhood. His “suicide” occurred during the Whitewater investigation. The “suicide” couldn’t have been such. He still had the gun in his hand when found, which is impossible after the reaction from the bullet. Also, he held the gun in his right hand, though he was left-handed! At the same time employees at “Rose Law Firm” started to destroy documents.

In Arkansas there is a law saying that autopsy is not necessary if the diseased through a court-order can be classified to have committed suicide. This law was written by Bill Clinton. Almost every death around his person has been classified as suicide.

The crimes just don’t stop! During the Whitewater investigations Patsy Thomason, Clinton’s companion, searched through Foster’s office the same night Foster died(!). It was justified under the means of “national security”. Patsy Thomason, by the way, is in the police reports for drug related crimes, and it was she who stopped the drug tests on employees in the White House.

Gary Johnson, a lawyer, wanted to reveal the money laundering and corruption in Clinton’s business ADFA. Johnson was a neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, one of the ladies Clinton has denied having a sexual relationship with. Johnson had a camera outside his house, and it caught Clinton on his way into Flower’s apartment. He had his own key. Johnson had it on film and could prove that Clinton lied. He was then attacked in his home and badly wounded. The intruders also stole the film.

But why hasn’t Clinton been thoroughly investigated and put to trial when so many people knew about the crimes? Larry Nichols might have the answer:

Many people wonder how Bill Clinton could lead a whole state in the size of Arkansas with the ultimate power he expressed. It’s not that hard. After 12 years, after having “made friends” with the rich, Clinton was in charge of the constitutional laws, the judges, the lawyers and the banks.

When Clinton moved into the White House, he continued as before. He is just one more of the top controlled Presidents, whose purpose is to make way for the New World Order and the new slave community. When Richard Nixon resigned in the 70’s the Brotherhood took over the USA with the help of Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller. Since then there haven’t been any true democratic elections in the USA. The Presidents have all been selected carefully by the Illuminati, with David Rockefeller on top. The “free” elections are just something for to keep people busy and to make them think there is a choice. As a matter of fact, no candidate will make it to Presidency if he hasn’t got the support from the Illuminati. Such candidates will be ridiculed, lied about or financially overthrown already early in the campaign.

Another peculiar thing about Clinton has to do with Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is a city that has 47 thermal springs which has brought the jet set from all over the world. The mafia with their night clubs made the city a hot bed of vice, gambling and prostitution. During the 1920’s the territory was so popular with organized crime, that the criminals considered the area to be “neutral ground” like they did Hollywood. In the early 60’s Hot Springs had the largest illegal gambling operations in the entire USA. Clinton’s uncle Roy was a politician in Arkansas’s legislature connected to all the named mess. And Bill’s uncle Raymond Clinton, who had a Buick dealership, was tied to all this corruption. Bill and his brother Roger’s cocaine habits are well known by people who were connected with them, but how many knows about Bill’s and Hillary’s connection with the Illuminati? Hillary is sometimes called the “dragon lady” behind her back – for good reasons. Now it seems like the Illuminati is laying their cards on her to make a real politician out of her. She has been the “poor victim” for Bill’s sexual behaviors and got the American people’s sympathy and envy, as she seems to be a very strong and loyal woman. In fact she is as much involved as her husband and we can only hope she won’t be the first female president of the United States. The only person to feel sympathy for in the Clinton family is their poor daughter, who has to live with this viciousness.

Also, Bill is closely connected with Charles “Chip” Whitmore, who is a Satanist and Programmer for the Illuminati and probably has MPD. Bill and Chip have often met on a weekly basis over the years. They still do; when Bill was in England Chip was there too, when Bill went to Florida so did Chip. Chip was also a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, who also is a Satanist and a programmer. He was also a friend of Jack Ruby. Chip had a programmed girl murder a man, and then the Illuminati Network got him off his murder charges. He has also been in charge of assassinations in his area, and controls the local law enforcement in Arkansas.

So it doesn’t matter if Clinton resigns or not, as the next representative of the White House will be just another of the many Illuminati-created Presidents. In the background the current Vice President Al Gore is preparing himself to take over after Brother Bill – Gore being a 33:d degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite and with a doubtful background …Or will we all be surprised by having Hillary Clinton as a candidate? Time will show …



Icke, David: And the truth shall set you free (Gateway books)

Spotlight magazine: Various articles

Springmeier, Fritz: Be Wise As Serpents [App. 3: Clones] 



Lázaro R. González Miño

En mi opinión” 


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