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“IN GOD WE TRUS”   Lázaro R González Miño, Editor. 










If Barack Obama and John Kerry’s bizarre intervention on Hamas’ behalf against Israel over the weekend seems confusing, it’s because you’re talking their boilerplate rhetoric about being “friends to Israel” who respect her “right to defend herself” seriously.  Obama regards Turkey as a more valuable ally than Israel.  Turkey is run by an increasingly deranged Islamist who is very eager to keep Hamas in the game.  Obama is also miffed at Egypt, which overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government Obama once celebrated as a triumph of his “Arab Spring” foreign policy.  Egypt under the Brotherhood would have been helping Hamas right now; instead, they’re blowing up Hamas tunnels that protrude into their territory.

Obama personally dislikes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Secretary of State Kerry’s brain floats in a numbing stew of anti-Western ideology that led him to describe Israel as an “apartheid state” when he thought nobody who disagreed was listening.  Both Obama and Kerry are keen for some sort of “win” in the burning world Obama’s reckless foreign policy has created, and they know they’re not going to get it by browbeating the homicidal lunatics who run Hamas – Obama’s “smart power” idea boils down to leaning on the civilized people who feel compelled to at least pretend they take him seriously, while letting savages get away with murder.

All of these influences combined to bring forth a “cease-fire” proposal that amounted to Israel surrendering to Hamas.  The deal would have done more than reset things to the status quo that existed before three Israeli students were murdered in cold blood, the Israelis went into Gaza to arrest the perps, and Hamas responded with a shower of random rockets at Israeli civilian areas.  Hamas would have been rewarded for its brutal terror attacks and evil human-shield tactics, with the lifting of the Gaza naval blockade.  That would make it much easier for Hamas to take delivery on the North Korean weapons they’ve secretly purchased.

Getting that blockade lifted is a high priority for Obama’s true friend and ally in the Middle East, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.  Turkey is getting ready to send another terror flotilla to run the blockade in support of Hamas, and this time it will supposedly have Turkish military support, which could lead to a naval battle, or perhaps even war between Turkey and Israel.

Obama and Kerry want to hand Turkey and its terrorist-supporting partners in Qatar a victory without putting them through all that unpleasantness.  According to the Jerusalem Post, Obama is actually a bit peeved at Erdogan for throwing gasoline on an already incendiary situation, and his once-cordial relationship with the Turkish leader – by some accounts, one of the few world leaders who actually seems to like Obama personally – has cooled a bit:

Harold Rhode, a senior fellow at the New-York-based Gatestone Institute and a former adviser on Islamic affairs in the office of the American secretary of defense, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Sunday that the real issue in the ongoing conflict is that Turkey and Qatar are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in their goals.

“[Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood long before he was prime minister,” Rhode said.

It should now be clear to all that Erdogan “is now out of the bag,” Rhode said, adding that US President Barack Obama does not speak to the Turkish leader anymore despite previously describing him as one of his closest friends among the world’s leaders.

“Erdogan is doing whatever he can to help Hamas,” he said, asserting that it will only hurt the Palestinian people in the end.

Obama’s “smart power” means following the path of least resistance.  He appeases and capitulates to get foreign crises off the radar screen, viewing them as annoying distractions from the “transforming America” project he prefers to focus on.  That makes Obama the perfect patsy for “asymmetrical warfare,” which is all about becoming a bloody nuisance and annoying civilized people into making concessions.  Hamas can’t defeat Israel, but they can keep making life miserable until they get what they want, piece by piece.  Hamas has demonstrated that no amount of dead Palestinians will dissuade it, and they’re not going to recoil from a round of harsh newspaper editorials or finger-wagging from the United Nations or U.S. State Department, so the “smart power” calculus calls for going to work on Israel until they buckle under.

In the process, the basic argument of the terrorist is accepted, and their tactics are validated: we’ll keep hurting innocent people until we get what we want, and we can never be permanently defeated, so this only ends when we win.  It’s a gruesome upgrade of the childish tactic of screaming until the grown-ups give you at least part of what you wanted.  Indulging this tactic from children is bad parenting.  Indulging it from brutal terrorists is an invitation to further bloodshed.  The terrorists know their human-shield tactics will work, so they’ll redouble their efforts to put civilians in front of their rocket launchers, striking at Israel with impunity and howling bloody murder when retaliatory strikes kill the people Hamas has put in harm’s way.  They’ll also have every reason to escalate their bloody atrocities in the future, knowing that no matter what they do, they’ll get a reset to the status quo afterward.  Escalation is the logical conclusion when terrorists are satisfied their basic strategic model is sound.

Writing at HaaretzAvi Shavit explains that Benjamin Netanyahu actually represents the more moderate elements among Israel’s defenders, looking for a big strategic victory over Hamas that would stop short of their total destruction.  There are significant voices in the Israeli military who want to go further than that.  Obama and Kerry’s ham-fisted intervention on Hamas’ behalf might tip the balance of this argument away from the moderates:

Until last weekend, the moderates held the upper hand. They felt the military achievements of Operation Protective Edge were rather good: The Iron Dome system intercepted the rocket attacks on Israel; the air force caused enormous and horrible damage in the Gaza Strip; and the ground forces destroyed 10 out of 12 offensive tunnels that threatened the Israeli communities near Gaza. At the same time, Hamas’ strategic capabilities were eroded somewhat, and the pressure on its leadership grew stronger. With proper management, the military success could have been translated to a certain extent into a significant diplomatic victory: The Egyptian initiative.

But over the weekend, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ruined everything. Very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Kerry put on the table as a “strategic terrorist attack.” His decision to go hand in hand with Qatar and Turkey, and formulate a framework amazingly similar to the Hamas framework, was catastrophic. It put wind in the sails of Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshal, allowed the Hamas extremists to overcome the Hamas moderates, and gave renewed life to the weakened regional alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Obama administration proved once again that it is the best friend of its enemies, and the biggest enemy of its friends. The man of peace from Massachusetts intercepted with his own hands the reasonable cease-fire that was within reach, and pushed both the Palestinians and Israelis toward an escalation that most of them did not want.

Another Haaretz piece by Chemi Shalev explains, “Nothing riles the White House more than the appearance that Israel is supplying ammo to Obama’s political enemies,” as it did by rejecting Kerry’s cease-fire proposal.  This is personal for thin-skinned Obama now, and that’s enough to pull him away from his golf outings and fundraisers to make trouble for Israel.

The New York Times does its part to pitch in for Hamas by writing that they’re actually winning the current conflict.  Notice that one of the Hamas victories the Times writes about, the cancellation of flights into Ben Gurion airport, was a gift from the Obama Administration:

Hamas, the militant Palestinian faction that dominates theGaza Strip, has more to boast about in its current 20-day battle againstIsrael than ever before. Forty-three Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting. Gunmen infiltrated Israel through tunnels five times. Rockets repeatedly rained over Tel Aviv, and one even led most airlines to halt flights into Israel’s only international airport for two days.

As added leverage for cease-fire negotiations, Hamas seems to have at least the dog tags and perhaps remains of one of the Israelis killed in combat. Internationally, there is both mounting outrage over the hundreds of civilian Palestinians dead and growing consensus that any cease-fire deal should include Hamas’s demands for lifting trade and travel restrictions on Gaza and investing in its economy and infrastructure.

Yet Hamas shows little readiness to declare victory, as it did only 20 months ago, based largely on a single rocket hitting an apartment building in a Tel Aviv suburb. Analysts attributed this apparent intransigence to a fractured leadership, redrawn regional alliances, the sharp downturn in Gaza’s condition and a sense within Hamas that this time the fight is for its very existence.

The Times is unwittingly making the case for more aggressive Israeli action.  In a conflict like this, terrorists win all ties.  A return to the status quo is a victory for Hamas.  At a minimum, Israel has to take that terror tunnel network down.  The conflict escalated significantly after those tunnels were used to launch an aborted attack on an Israeli community.  The Israeli military knew such escalation would come with casualties for their forces, as they switched from an air campaign to brutal close-quarters fighting.  They went ahead anyway, because they know how dangerous those tunnels are… especially if they might soon be used to move some very special munitions from Iran or North Korea.

Hamas wasn’t all that interested in ceasing fire over the weekend, at least until the ass-kicking from Israel resumed, at which point a few Hamas shills started making noises about how it might be a good idea to take a break after all.  (It’s grimly amusing to hear them bleating about violence on Muslim holidays when they were preparing to use their terror-tunnel network to launch bloody massacres on Jewish holidays.)  It’s back to business in Gaza today, as Fox News reports:

Israeli jets resumed airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas rocket fire hours after the United Nations Security Council ratified a draft statement early Monday calling for a cease-fire in the region.

Israel’s military said it struck two rocket launchers and a rocket manufacturing facility in central and northern Gaza after a rocket hit southern Israel. The rocket caused no damage or injuries.

Earlier, the Israeli military said it had not carried out any attacks in Gaza since 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, but that troops on the ground were pressing on with efforts to destroy the cross-border tunnels constructed by Hamas for attacks inside Israel.

The military said it opened artillery fire on Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza in response to the rocket fired at Ashkelon, said the office of Israel’s military spokesman. “Quiet will be met with quiet,” the office statement said.


RICARDO SAMITIER: En Todos Los Periódicos, TV Y Radio Se Movilizan Para SALVAR  A Obama De Sus Últimos Fracasos…

Comenzando Con La Liberación De Carvajal Por Holanda… Seguido Por Lograr Una TREGUA EN GAZA… Y No Conseguir Consenso En EU. Sobre Rusia…

Ya; Ni Los Pequeños Países Europeos Respetan A Los Estados Unidos De Obama…


Supuesto logró es que Venezuela Ha Quedado identificada

Como otro “GOBIERNO NARCO TRAFICANTE”… cosa que todos

Sabemos desde que llegó Chávez al poder hace 16 años…

Todos los países siguiendo las directrices de Mao Set Tun…


CON DROGAS…  hoy según los reportes 35% de los jóvenes


Para los que no lo saben… ya que esa guerra no se enseña…

“LA GUERRA DEL OPIO” 1842… Fue hecha oficialmente por

Inglaterra para defender los derechos a VENDER OPIO en CHINA…

En defensa de los Contrabandistas… por esa razón Inglaterra logró

El territorio de HONG KONG, y que sus ciudadanos tuvieran los

Mismos derechos que los chinos… posteriormente esos

Derechos se les dieron a Franceses, Alemanes y Norte Americanos…

Quienes fueron los más FAVORECIDOS por esa guerra…ya que eran

Los que desde el final de la Guerra de Independencia… eran con sus

Barcos “CLIPPER” fabricados en Boston el mayor número dedicados

Al TRANSPORTE y TRAFICO DE OPIO… siendo el mayor contrabandista


Cuando el OPIO se generalizó en China y no tenían con que pagar…

Se estableció la COMPRA de chinos… que los contrabandistas traían

A las AMERICAS como obreros contratados por 7 años y con ellos

Fabricaron los ferrocarriles y canales en los GRANDES LAGOS…

También vendieron chinos en la AMERICA LATINA y en Cuba…

Ahora IGUAL QUE LA CHINA DE 1842… el 35% quizás más de los

Jóvenes norte americanos usan DROGA… Y NO PRODUCEN…

GRACIAS a los comunistas y socialistas que siguiendo las doctrina

De MAO… se dedicaron por años a introducir droga en USA… y

Ahora son los POLITIQUEROS ELECTOS… los que están legalizando




Amenper: La administración de Obama parece una culebra. 

Una culebra es un animal rastrero, pero no es a eso a lo que me refiero, aunque quizás también la descripción pudiera considerarse adecuada.  Una culebra es lo que llaman a los novelones de la televisión.  Como las culebras las situaciones se intercalan unas con otras y se enredan en un nudo que se desarrolla según la conveniencia de la emisora basada en las encuestas.  

En el culebrón de Obama, ahora vemos el último descubrimiento de una de esas asociaciones atacadas por el IRS.   Resulta que un agente del IRS confesó que ellos tienen orden de la administración de hacerle la vida difícil a los que atacan a las políticas del gobierno.  Esta institución conservadora se dedicaba a apoyar a Israel.  Así que vemos como el escándalo del IRS se intercala en la madeja de la política exterior contra Israel.  En resumen, que el pensamiento de esta administración es que ni la libertad de expresión merece respeto, ni un país soberano y democrático que lucha contra los enemigos que debieran ser nuestros enemigo, debe de ser defendido.

Lo que descubre este artículo hubiera sido suficiente para un juicio de impugnación de cualquier otro gobernante.  Pero la negrura de Obama, aunque es parcial, es una coraza que lo protege.

The IRS’s Foreign Policy

Emails show a political motivation behind tax-exempt scrutiny.

The IRS has stuck by its story that tax-exempt applications by conservatives got slow-rolled because of bureaucratic bungling not because the groups opposed President Obama’s policies. Now the slow drip of email evidence to congressional investigators is casting further doubt on that tale.

In 2009 the Pennsylvania group Z Street applied for tax-exempt status for its mission of educating people about Israel-related issues. In 2010 an IRS agent told Z Street that its application was delayed because the tax agency’s Washington, D.C. office was giving special scrutiny to groups whose missions might conflict with Administration policies. The IRS’s “Be On the Lookout” list that November also included red flags for groups referring to “disputed territories.”

Z Street sued in August 2010 for viewpoint discrimination and its case is headed for discovery in federal court. Now emails uncovered by the House Ways and Means Committee show that the IRS and State Department were conferring in 2009 about pro-Israel groups like Z Street and considering arguments to deny their tax-exempt applications.

In an April 16, 2009 email, Treasury attache to the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem Katherine Bauer sent IRS and Treasury colleagues a 1997 JTA News article sent to her by State Department foreign service officer Breeann McCusker. The subject was whether 501(c) groups buying land in Israel’s disputed territories were engaged in “possible violations of U.S. tax laws.” The article chronicles the controversy and whether “ideological activity” can “legally be financed with the help of U.S. [tax] dollars.”

“Thought you might find the below article of interest—looks like we’ve been down this road before,” Ms. Bauer wrote. “Although I believe you’ve said you can’t speak to on-going investigations, I thought it was worth flagging the 1997 investigation mentioned below for you if it can be of any use internally when looking for precedence [sic] for the current cases.” A Treasury spokesman declined comment on Ms. Bauer’s behalf.

The “current cases” would have been applications like Z Street’s in which Israel-related activity was apparently being scrutinized for its ideological and policy content. The government says Z Street got special scrutiny because it was focused in a region with a higher risk of terrorism, which is hard to believe and in any case doesn’t explain all of the IRS’s behavior.

It doesn’t cover, for instance, why one questionnaire we’ve seen from the IRS to another Jewish group applying for tax-exempt status asked, “Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?” and “Describe your organization’s religious belief system toward the land of Israel.” No matter the answers, they should not affect the processing of an application for 501(c) status. The State-IRS emails reveal a political motivation for IRS scrutiny that gives Z Street powerful evidence for its suit charging IRS bias.

On Monday the IRS filed an appeal of the judge’s decision denying its motion to dismiss Z Street’s case. The government says the action stops all discovery while the appeal is pending, a process that could take months or even years. By filing the appeal on the last possible day, the Justice Department is running out the clock on discovery during the remainder of the Administration.

This is a whole lot of effort to prevent discovery in a case that is not even seeking damages. Ways and Means uncovered the email exchange between State and the IRS only after Treasury was forced to turn over documents it had previously withheld. What else did it lose in the ether?


AMENPER: La burbuja del crédito de Puerto Rico se revienta. Por Mary Anastasia O’Grady

Y aquí vamos de nuevo: otro paraíso del Estado grande está agotando el dinero de otros, para parafrasear a Margaret Thatcher. Esta vez se trata de Puerto Rico, que ha tomado demasiado dinero prestado y ahora está dando señales de que quizás no pueda pagar toda su deuda. La única pregunta es quién pagará los platos rotos.

Los médicos aseguran que los adictos tienen que tocar fondo antes de encontrar la voluntad para cambiar sus comportamientos. Puerto Rico, que vivió alucinando durante la última década con el dinero barato de los prestamistas estadounidenses, podría estar cerca del fondo. La triste situación de sus cuentas fiscales sólo se comprara con la de su economía, que también está hecha trizas. ¿No les recuerda a Detroit?

Este sería un buen momento para intentar ser honestos sobre lo que ha causado esta desesperación. Pero hasta el momento, la clase política de Puerto Rico parece más inclinada a dejar a sus prestamistas en el aire y continuar como si no hubiera pasado nada.

A fines de junio, el gobernador de Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, firmó una ley que permite la reestructuración de más de US$19.000 millones de deuda de los monopolios estatales de electricidad, agua y autopistas de la isla. La ley sorprendió al mercado de bonos municipales porque Puerto Rico tiene una fuerte tradición de respaldar la deuda de los monopolios públicos cuando es necesario.

La Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica —AEE, conocida en inglés como Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, o Prepa— ha sido un problema particularmente recurrente debido a los robos, la incapacidad de los grandes clientes como las entidades del Estado para pagar sus cuentas y el alto precio del petróleo, que es usado como combustible. No obstante, a medida que los gastos del gobierno han superado los ingresos por casi una década, se ha hecho más difícil robar a Sutano para pagarle a Mengano. Recientemente, la compañía tuvo que acudir a su cuenta de capital para pagar su deuda de petróleo.

La nueva ley de reestructuración pudo haber tenido la intención de asegurarles a los bonistas que Puerto Rico está salvaguardando los fondos necesarios para pagarles a ellos primero. Sin embargo, el 30 de junio, Moody’s MCO -0.68% Analytics dijo que en su parámetro de “expectativa de cesación de pagos” a un año, Puerto Rico sigue por encima de Argentina, Venezuela y Ucrania.

Las firmas de inversión Franklin Templeton y OppenheimerFunds, que suman US$1.700 millones en deuda de la AEE, han desafiado la nueva ley de reestructuración en la Corte de Distrito de Estados Unidos en Puerto Rico. Argumentan que sólo el Congreso estadounidense puede dictaminar reglas de quiebra. Puerto Rico, un estado libre asociado, asegura que no hay planes inmediatos de declararse en cesación de pagos. Hasta el martes, la AEE se mantenía al día en su deuda al pagar US$418 millones a los bonistas.

Por su parte, el Banco Gubernamental de Fomento para Puerto Rico también ha dicho que cree que la isla tiene la autoridad para implementar la nueva ley. La semana pasada, Moody’s dijo que la ley “provee un camino claro para la cesación de pagos de las corporaciones públicas”.

Una cesación de pagos puertorriqueña no debería sorprender a nadie. Según Carlos Colón de Armas, decano interino de la Escuela Graduada de Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, durante ocho años, desde 2005 hasta 2012, los gastos del gobierno superaron los ingresos en aproximadamente US$1.000 millones en promedio anualmente. El decano me dijo por teléfono que la deuda total del estado libre asociado se encuentra en cerca de US$73.000 millones y en 2013 representaba 101% del Producto Nacional Bruto de la isla (PNB) frente a 57% en junio de 2001. (Aunque el Producto Interno Bruto es la medida más ampliamente aceptada del tamaño de una economía, refleja las ganancias de las grandes multinacionales registradas para efectos tributarios en Puerto Rico, pero que no se quedaron en la economía local. Por lo tanto, el PNB, una medida de lo que es producido por la economía local, es una herramienta más precisa).

El despilfarro fiscal es un cambio significativo respecto a las tres décadas previas, dijo Colón de Armas. Él indicó que la competitividad económica de la isla ha ido en descenso desde la década del 70, en parte, por las distorsiones creadas por los incentivos tributarios especiales para las multinacionales estadounidenses (conocidas como “936” por su designación en el código tributario del país), que trasladaron la carga impositiva a los emprendedores locales. Sin embargo, por más de tres décadas y pese al declive económico, la relación GNP-deuda se mantuvo estable.

El sentido común culpa de la crisis de deuda a la eliminación del “936” en 2005. Pero Colón de Armas asegura que el desastre fue causado simplemente por un gasto excesivo del gobierno y por tomar demasiado dinero prestado. Comenzó con un préstamo por US$550 millones en el presupuesto del año fiscal 2004-2005. Posteriormente, los préstamos, principalmente para financiar gastos operativos, se dispararon. La política de tasas bajas de la Reserva Federal y el apetito por la deuda exenta del triple impuesto (que descarta los ingresos que están libres de impuestos federales, estatales y locales) entre los inversionistas de bonos municipales, alimentó la locura.

El gobernador García Padilla, quien asumió el cargo en 2013, incrementó los gastos en cerca de US$600 millones en su primer presupuesto. Aunque ahora está recortando los gastos, las reducciones provienen principalmente de ese aumento, según Colón de Armas. Entre US$500 millones y US$800 millones en adiciones aproximadamente, que van desde subsidios a intereses especiales hasta financiación para los partidos políticos, sigue sin cambios en el presupuesto de US$9.600 millones.

Podría ser tentador tratar de preservar el Estado paternalista de Puerto Rico y pasar el costo de los malos manejos a los inversionistas que no hicieron su tarea. Pero los acreedores están prestando atención ahora y la mala voluntad no pasará inadvertida.

Escriba a O’Grady@wsj.com



GLORIA LEAL: Museo del Exilio o monumento a la humillación 



¿Qué hubiese pasado si en vez de unirse a las fuerzas mambisas, José Martí hubiera decidido recaudar fondos para crear un Museo fuera de Cuba sobre los años de exilio de los cubanos que vivieron en Nueva York, Cayo Hueso y Tampa? ¿Qué pensaríamos de Ignacio Agramonte si en lugar de entregar su vida y sus bienes para comprar armas se hubiera dedicado a recopilar proclamas y retazos de banderas cosidas por las valientes mujeres de las guerras de independencia?

Martí no era un soldado. No tenía las condiciones físicas, ni su personalidad era la de un guerrero. Con todo y eso escogió morir dignamente a la ignominia del exilio. Prefirió el fusil a no tener tierra propia. A seguir viendo su suelo ultrajado por extranjeros, interesados en saquearla y apoderarse de ella otro siglo más. Cuando a Martí se le terminaron las palabras, empuñó el fusil y se fue al monte a caballo, a la manigua a matar o ser matado. Con honor.

Es por eso que me indigna leer que un grupo de cubanos exiliados pretenden recaudar una enorme cantidad de dinero para construir un museo de memorabilia del exilio. Una estructura que costaría $130 millones de billetes. Repugnante.

Lo que “no supimos defender como hombres” con balas y bombas para destruir a los tiranos, lo “lloraremos como mujeres” construyendo un magnifico edificio de tres pisos donde guardaremos ¿qué? ¿Las cucharitas de plata que trajimos de Cuba, o los boletos que pagamos para una cena de gala con orquesta para bailar, y con lo que sobrara de la recaudación comprar una antena para oír Radio Martí clandestinamnente en la isla?

¿Cuánto costaría una guerra aunque fuera ideológica o psicológica para terminar con el régimen cubano instalado 55 años sobre las tumbas de los héroes que dieron su vida por lograrlo? Entre los muchos intentos, hace unos años se empezaron gestiones con profesionales de las comunicaciones para recaudar fondos con el fin de publicar páginas enteras en los principales diarios del mundo libre (The Times of LondonThe New York TimesEl PaísFrankfurter AllemaigneLe MondeCorriere de la Sera, etc.) denunciando los crímenes del infausto gobierno de La Habana. La propuesta progresó cero. Los millones de dólares nunca han aparecido para acabar con aquello.

Ahora aparece un grupo de exitosos hombres de negocios que pretende recaudar nada menos que una purruchada de millones de dólares para construir un museo de memorabilia del exilio, mejor dicho, ¿de los fracasos?, ¿de las derrotas?, ¿humillaciones y pérdida del terruño (amén de las vidas), diáspora, ahogados, balsas de neumáticos? ¿O de cuentas bancarias que dan fe de la buena vida en yates y mansiones de un exilio que se ha enriquecido y enorgullecido de sus triunfos económicos a costa de medio siglo de espera en tierra extraña?.

¿En qué cabeza cabe crear un monumento a la indignidad? ¿Cómo vamos a engreírnos de una larga cadena de trágicas humillaciones? ¿Como vamos a desenmascararnos ante el mundo mostrando nuestro fracaso? ¡Hacer alarde de nuestra inhabilidad para defender con garras, dientes y uñas lo nuestro, y encumbrar nuestra cobardía, creando un museo para guardar y celebrar lo que no supimos defender ni conquistar!

Martí hubiera muerto de dolor y vergüenza.

Por supuesto que los cubanos han crecido con Miami, y Miami ha crecido con ellos. Han, hemos, contribuido a convertir este “pueblo de campo” en la ciudad cosmopolita y moderna que es hoy día. Sin duda, los profesionales que llegaron en la primera década del exilio, el “Early Exile” de los años sesenta, traían sus conocimientos, experiencia y cultura para contribuir a esta sociedad que nos abrió las puertas de las oportunidades para crecer. Contribuyó también el entusiasmo por sobrevivir que se transformó en dedicación al trabajo, “inventando y doblando el lomo” en lo que fuera hasta ir saliendo de la absoluta pobreza con que llegamos hasta lograr revalidar carreras quemándose los ojos estudiando de noche mientras trabajaba en uno, dos y tres trabajos para mantener a la familia extendida que fue llegando. Con el tiempo y la especialización se fueron construyendo empresas, urbanizaciones, edificios rascacielos, comercios de todo tipo, industrias, universidades, calles y carreteras, puertos y aeropuertos. La lucha por sobrevivir en tierra extraña fue dejando atrás la tierra que una vez defendimos. Y la patria se fue desfigurando, achicando en el recuerdo, quedando atrás, olvidando por la indiferencia y los fracasos políticos, y las intenciones combativas fueron muriéndose. Hasta convertirse en inercia inútil.

Pero de eso, a un “monumento al exilio”.

Martí hubiera muerto de dolor y de vergüenza.


Escritora y periodista cubana 



M ALEMAN:   Acaban de descubrir que muchos
> túneles de Hamas llegaban a casas de
> Israel. Fue capturado un terrorista y
> al obligarlo a hablar, confeso
> que Hamas tenía plan de atacar a Israel en la cena de
> Rosh  Hashana en la cual entrarían a
> casas y matarían a la mayor cantidad de israelíes
> possible.Han descubierto una verdadera ciudad
> debajo de la tierra:
> BELOW: http://cryptome.org/2014-info/gaza-ugi/gaza-ugi.htm
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Nestor Dan:          Doctor: “What’s wrong with your friend?”
>         Amigo: “El doctor pregunta ¿Qué es lo que tienes?”
>         Cubano: “Dile que me duele en medio de las paletas y el dolor me sube hasta la sien.”
>        Amigo: “He says that his popsicles hurt in the middle and it goes up to the one hundred”
>         Doctor: “What else?”
>         Amigo: “Que mas tienes?”
>         Cubano: “Las muñecas me duelen mucho en las mañanas.”
>         Amigo: “He say his dolls hurt very much in the mornings.”
>         Doctor: “Tell your friend he is mentally retarded.”
>         Amigo: “El doctor dice que te pongas mentolato por las tardes”


Cops Using Fake Cell Phone Towers to Track Your Every Move

Over the past 12-18 months, there’s been an increased level of scrutiny applied to the various ways local, state, and federal law enforcement officials track and monitor the lives of ordinary citizens. One tool that’s come under increasing fire is the so-called stingray — a fake CELL PHONE TOWER that law enforcement officials deploy to track a suspect, often without a warrant or any other formal approval.

A stingray is a false cell phone tower that can force phones in a geographical area to connect to it. Once these devices connect, the stingray can be used to either hone in on the target’s location or, with some models, actually eavesdrop on conversations, text messages, and web browser activity. It’s not clear how much the police cooperate with the CELL PHONE CARRIERS on this — in at least some cases, the police have gone to carriers with requests for information, while in others they seem to have taken a brute-force approach, dumping the data of every single user on a given tower and then sorting it to find the parties they’re interested in tracking. Stingrays can be used to force the phone to give up its user details, making it fairly easy for the police to match devices and account holders.


Exclusive Interview: Rick Perry Says Deploying Troops to Border Sends a ‘Powerful Message’

Josh Siegel / @JoshDailySignal 

Texas Governor Rick Perry (Photo: Polaris/Newscom)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry compares the role of National Guard troops at his state’s border to the deterring effect that cop cars stationed along neighborhood roads have on crime.

Perry, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, said even though the 1,000 military troops he activated to help manage the border crisis in his state will not be authorized to make arrests, the sheer presence of the military will deter illegal activity.

“It’s a powerful reminder that what you are doing is a crime,” said Perry, who has been a critic of the White House’s response to the border crisis. “It’s just like a law enforcement effort in your neighborhood, where you see a parked patrol police car on the corner, and the bad guys see it and don’t commit a crime.”

By announcing plans to deploy the National Guard to the border on his own rather than through the federal government, Perry has the power to order the troops to make arrests and apprehensions.

But Perry, perhaps responding to critics who worry about the troops’ lack of training in IMMIGRATION LAW, told The Daily Signal he has decided not to give arrest power to those deployed to Texas’ border with Mexico.

“Their real JOB is not apprehension,” Perry said. “Border Patrol apprehends.”

National Guard on the Border

In 2006, President George W. Bush sent 6,000 troops to the four border states. They repaired and built fences and roads, and conducted surveillance, among other duties.

Troops in that deployment did not have apprehension and arrest powers.

“What you are doing is a crime,” says @GovernorPerry of illegal immigrants.

Troops were similarly limited when President Obama eventually extended that deployment while ordering a second wave of National Guard forces to Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico in 2010.

With troops’ responsibility likely to be limited again this time, Border Patrol agents who are responsible for apprehending and arresting illegal immigrant crossers argue that the National Guard will make little impact.

Border Patrol union representatives told The Daily Signal last week they worry the troops will interfere with agents’ work.

>>> National Guard Would Be Waste of Resources, Border Patrol Agents Say

Perry, who says he has talked to Border Patrol agents about his decision, believes otherwise.

“They aren’t displacing Border Patrol,” Perry said. “It’ll be just like how we partner with law enforcement. They want to see the border secure, so they won’t resist the assistance. Just the presence and knowledge that they’re deployed will have a powerful message.”

The troops that are due the border next month will actually work side by side with police officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety, not alongside Border Patrol.

The state officers are there as part of Operation Strong Surge, a Perry initiative approved last month that sent state troopers to the border to assist local law enforcement.

Just like the National Guard, state and local law enforcement officers can only defer to the Border Patrol those they suspect have entered the country illegally.

Stopping Smuggler and Criminals

Not including the deployment of the 1,000 troops, Perry said there are already 300 state and National Guard troops at the border for Operation Lone Star, an annual joint military and civil humanitarian medical mission.

“For those who say, ‘This is very out of the ordinary,’ the National Guard being at the border is not an unusual situation,” Perry said. “There’s troops at the border every year and there’s troops there now.”

Can the National Guard help Texas stop the surge of crossings on the border?

Perry hopes the new troops will send a message to drug cartels and other CRIMINAL groups that he says have exploited the latest border trend — the surge of Central American children coming across the Rio Grande Valley.

“There has not been as much focus on the drug smugglers and other criminals because of these children,” Perry said. “There’s been an effort by the cartels to distract Border Patrol into taking care of these kids. The danger that this situation presents for ordinary Texans and Americans has not been a focus of the mainstream media.”

>>> Brooks County, Texas: Ranchers Help Round Up Illegals Who Skirt Checkpoint

Perhaps realizing the threat, President Obama dispatched a team to the border last week to determine whether a federally ORGANIZED National Guard deployment was necessary.

No matter what Obama decides to do, Perry has said he intends to ask the federal government to pay for his deployment of 1,000 troops, estimated to cost $12 million a month.

Perry, who warned the Obama administration about the border crisis in his state more than two years ago, did not speak with the president’s team while it visited Texas.

“This [the National Guard deployment] is important for the peace of Texas and the country,” Perry said. “I had to make a decision.”


Border militias moving across Texas

Posted on July 29, 2014 by Cowboy Byte

Americans taking it upon themselves to secure the border.
Check it out:

Photos showing dozens of members of the militia groups on the U.S.-Mexico border carrying semi-automatic rifles and wearing masks, camouflage and tactical gear provide one of the first glimpses into the group’s activities on the border.

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Members of the militia groups, who say they have 10 active “teams” along the state’s southern border, are seen at campsites, walking along the Rio Grande River, pointing rifles and pistols out of frame and flipping off the camera in the photos obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.

A spokesperson for the group provided the photos under the condition that members’ faces be blurred because of fear of being identified by “cartel and gang members.”

Read more at http://cowboybyte.com/32257/border-militias-moving-across-texas/#qLhJuQmvz81K0P5k.99


Impeachment Petition Steaming-Up

110,370 Americans have already signed the Impeach Obama petition

Dear Lazaro R:

Americans are steaming-mad about Obama destroying OUR country.

As you read this email, Obama is prepping Executive Actions to grant instant anesty and work permits to 5 million illegals.

We MUST fight back immediately.

This is why Revive PAC has launched a national TV ad and petition drive on the FOX News Channel to Impeach Obama.

The Washington politicians — obsessed with getting themselves reelected — absolutely hate our TV ad.  

But as of this morning, 110,078 American VOTERS have already signed our Impeach Obama petition.  

Our goal is to deliver 1 million petition signatures to Congress demanding impeachment proceedings.

As you can imagine, a national television campaign on the FOX News Channel isn’t cheap.

Revive America PAC has already spent over $100,000 to run our powerful Impeach Him Now TV ad.

Frankly, we’re very close to depleting our financial resources.  

To keep this TV ad up on the air — and to continue our Impeach Obama petition drive — we urgently need your help.

Millions of Americans need to see this TV ad, and then to sign the petition.

Revive America PAC is the only conservative group with national TV ads pushing for Obama’s impeachment.

We urgently need your support to continue.  

Please donate whatever you can afford, no matter how big or small the contribution.  <Click Here to Donate>

Obama MUST be stopped — because if we don’t stop him, he will NEVER stop!

Bob Adams

President & Founder


Top Obama Aide Just Admitted Obama Really Could Be Impeached

…senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer explained…


Following a pair of polls showing that a significant number of Americans support Barack Obama’s impeachment and removal from office, a high-ranking White House source expressed concern that such an effort will pick up steam. In a statement to reporters Friday, senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer explained that he no longer looks at impeachment as a GOP pipe dream.

“I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying they supported impeaching the president,” he asserted.

While Pfeiffer acknowledged that many in D.C. would “laugh that off,” he took a much more realistic view of the fledgling effort among GOP leaders.

“I would not discount that possibility,” he said.

He went on to explain that House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to sue Obama for his excessive use of executive power will likely keep the issue at the forefront of many Americans’ minds.

“Speaker Boehner,” Pfeiffer said, “by going down the path of this lawsuit, has opened the door to Republicans possibly considering impeachment at some point in the future.”

He concluded that Obama’s own policy initiatives could also make the possibility of impeachment more appealing to Republican lawmakers.

“I think that if the president enacted immigration reform, that would certainly up the likelihood that they would contemplate impeachment,” he reasoned.

In the end, impeachment is a notion that Pfeiffer said the administration takes “very seriously,” stating that he is against the pursuit of any such measure.

“But I think it would be foolish to discount the possibility that Republicans would at least consider going down that path,” he concluded.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/revelation-proves-white-house-worried-impeachement/#lRxfefPwqExvRdbC.99

Angel Cuervo:
A Canadian Top 10 List —– A MUST READ


Canada’s Version of David Letterman’s Top 10.

Just makes you want to shake your head in disbelief.

This is Canada’s Top Ten List of America’s Stupidity.

Of course we look like idiots …. because we are.


Number 10  Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 per plate Obama campaign fund-raising event.


 Number 9  Only in America …could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a  black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans – 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!


Number 8  Only in America…could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (former head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turned out to be TaxCheats who are in favor of higher taxes.


Number 7 Only in America…can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have themedia primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.


Number 6 Only in America…would they make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just ‘magically’  become American citizens (probably should be number one).


NUMBER 5Only in America….could the people who believe (Tea Party) in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as  EXTREMISTS.


Number 4 Only in America…could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.


Number 3  Only in America…could people demand the government investigate whether Oil Companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. Oil company(Marathon Oil) is less than half of a Company making tennis shoes (Nike).


Number 2  Only in America… could you collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion dollars more than it has per year – for total spending of $7-Million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn’t have nearly enough money.


And Number 1 Only in America…could the rich people- who pay 86% of all income taxes – be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all.


                            Have we become a Nation of Morons?


“En mi opinión” Lázaro R González Miño  



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