No 600 “En mi opinion” Febrero 21, 2014

No 600    “En mi opinión”    Febrero 21, 2014


“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R González Miño Editor


“USA is falling apart”


It is extremely outrageous to see how organizations called to be those who define the strategies that should be implemented to prevent the total destruction of “The United States of America” ​​for a wrong and inefficient government. They do nothing effective against any destruction of our country.

But not away to do something to slow down our destruction as a country. Democrats and Republicans in Congress to vote to participate in the destruction of the United States who wish to support the worst for USA.

As far expect to hear a voice of elected True Patriots who want to identify with Ronald W. Reagan, and say, “NO MORE”

What they are doing cannot otherwise qualify that “Complicity “If we are complicit in the destruction of all that has been achieved in the United States since its inception. It would really be helpful qualify as “Comrades”

We have had lazy, drunken, wrong, inept , stupid until Presidents. But I really think this administration have broken all parameters of impudence, abuse in holiday spending, incompetence and stupidity … Or is misconduct? But still all elected officials “supposedly” Conservatives and Democrats , they behave as if nothing is happening , or rather as I said before … As if they were complicit in the continuing sinking The United States of America, with all his greatest enthusiasm .

I do not think making a list of all the misfortunes that are living well because it would be endless and unnecessary because we all know. But for any citizen is obvious that we have a tremendous problem with unemployment, with elections that are a shame for their lack of credibility and the thousands of allegations of fraud and bad procedures to question the outcome of the elections especially the current president Mitt Romney Vs and also have “all” a tremendous problem with a health plan completely alienated and devoid of true technique to implant in addition to the many problems it has brought , it has imposed on citizens by force and has forced them to buy a product and they will be punished if they do not . It has forced them to witness the breakdown of the law, to put drugs that have caused so many deaths and so many murders, as recreational and moral decay of society when our children see on TV and in the street as the men marry men and women with women. Well and I wonder: WHERE WILL EXIT THE FUTURE children. Because at the rate we’re going with increasing sterility and couples who can not procreate because we have a few others have ovaries and sperm…

WHAT? From where we will get the kids . Also if we see the marriage of the “potato – breasts ” and the ” mamas- papas” it is better that these monsters have no offspring. Because that’s out there?

Although from a realistic point of view all these gore also have their advantages. According to reports in the state of Colorado and California on the first day that the establishments were opened to sell ” Recreation Marijuana” [Even the name is ridiculously stupid] For he died overdose many of the “consumers” do not say drug because want to be “politically correct ” After that have not been given more stats from ” low ” it is well known that people who use drugs are in their most criminals : thieves , rapists, murderers . That’s what we want to prosper we prosper here or decency and quiet.

The country has no way to find the way because they simply cannot … because supposedly they lead. Not have the capacity or the true vocation of decent people. They are blind, in my town called him shameless, I do not know how they be called here . The president himself has been publicly accused several times in the press that has a homosexual past in Chicago attending a bathhouse where men practiced homosexuality. He lived in a place where people who were gay Arabs lived. There have been pictures of him smoking marijuana. His great mentor Alinsky was a well-known terrorist. You cannot grow a healthy tree if not grown with the elements that make it grow healthy and useful.

The country churns in the scariest, promiscuity, ineptitude and economic calamity, employment does not increase, in contrast , external debt increased to supersonic speed , this president has been responsible for almost double it in his years as president. crime increases wildly , all factories have been shipped to China , Vietnam , Singapore, and any country where they can pay less to employees and then come to sell the products here to Los AMERICANS UNEMPLOYED who pay with a piece of cardboard soon and at this rate we will have to use as toilet paper. I must say that he has all the blame for this because this structure of American industry began before. Only the accelerated and increased. No country has respect for the United States the country that only six years ago envied because it was “The best country in the world “

Now we have the first black non – Muslim president born in USA, and I say black non- detriment, because Black was the General of the Cuban forces Mambisas , Antonio Maceo y Grajales , who freed the island from the Spanish . But you president, his detractors claim he was not born in the U.S. and therefore cannot be president. You do not have any experience in any area of ​​work and that is partly the reason for its failure. An individual who has no past and no one knows, not even remember him from his days at Yale. No, no girlfriend, friend, nothing of his past exist or has been deleted. And you have been commissioned to create the largest “political and economic disaster in the history of the USA . And does nothing to solve the terrible problem we have because you have not known or has not wanted to. I was horrified when the unfortunate Republican presidential candidate Mit Rodney call you before midnight on election day and granted his Pyrrhic victory. That day was bad for the American electoral system illegality . Never before that day have been so many allegations of illegality in the polls . It was a terrible shame that many schools do not finished the fraud until after a week. The State of Florida was one who joined the troupe of electoral fraud, accepted by the worst Republican candidate , was even more wrong that what John McCain May you sack out in the previous election . All remained full of mud, trapping, fraud, violations of the right and lies. It’s embarrassing to remember how the press, that sucks behaved. In my heart I feel that I won and I feel I have a president who does not deserve to be. And because you chickened Rodney and that attitude has cost him a lot of embarrassment, sadness and great loss to the Americans and the world. If the world, because when America sneezes the world has tuberculosis. I have to accept that you are a very clever , cunning and cruel type, but not afraid and so I face you and say things that I think need to hear and you , need to hear the American nation to know that there all is lost and we can still do something to regain our honor and we are going to do.

There are a huge number of people living in dwellings ” low income ” illegally, since the time of the pyramids, you are guest fees if you because you are the ones who pay for it all and not just pay for that pay well for their “Food Stamps ” ahhh effective aid and also for its famous Medicaid health insurance and also have a cell phone that possibly better than yours , and you know who pays for that, ” TU” and you know one thing. Possibly you live worse than they are and they live on charity work for you without you let a government that is because they are the ones who vote for these governments.

We in the country of about 15 million illegal immigrants and the youngest of the euphemistically been baptized “dreamers” No dreamers or ” sweet potato casserole ” . If an illegal Cuban enters the territory of Mexico catch it and give him up by the back and mount them on a go to Cuba tickets or wherever, without the right to a lawyer or anything and do not tell me that prisons here are worse than the Mexicans.

To make a respectable immigration reform. Custody and impermeability of the land, sea or air borders must be strengthened. The first line has to say that anyone crossing the border without authorization must be returned home immediately, whoever and wherever they come from, I include Cubans. Because they arrive saying they are politically persecuted and when they meet do not know what time they return to Cuba to see his family and some make degrading business, that’s a nerve. You’re a victim of political persecution or you’re a liar and a liar and the position is occupied by who you know ….

He has committed treason against crew of U.S. diplomats in diplomatic missions in Benghazy , has allowed an ambassador has been raped, tortured and murdered , not only to him but also three members of the embassy were killed betray the television cameras and you or the secretary of state were watching as they tortured and killed and were not able to make the forces that were near or American combat aircraft never received an order to attack the degenerates who were slaughtering U.S. officials and nobody even responded to these crimes. America has reached ridiculous because for the first time ever someone attacks and kill American personnel and not punished in an exemplary and Mr. President is because you have not done so. I cleaned the honor of America.

You have been able to promise veiled and hidden as the people who preside when unaware that the microphones were open, Mebdeleyev asked the Russian Prime Minister to tell the Russian President Putin after the election when then you may have the ability to please him more. Have patience.

The government we have is the worst I’ve seen here, but we who are Americans because we are sorry and are willing to do what needs to be done to defend it, even put our lives against enemies with rifles and fight who finds fight and say that the truths to which they have to say, including the president .

We have to do something, but something big, something to tell the president that he was passing his hand and we think “AND” no more .

From today I ask all who receive this newspaper: How many of you are willing to go to Washington to speak out in front of the White House to talk to the president and tell you, cannot continue to destroy our country, which was the most powerful country in the world. This disaster cannot continue.

What you’re doing is not what to do.

What you’re doing is crap that makes us unhappy.

In my opinion, our government is looking at several governments in Latin America.

And if you do not know what to do and go from there if you know one that comes to.

But these things are not only the tell our president also say to the Republican and Democratic Senators and Representatives Republicans and Democrats say they are also the more than 535 members of Congress , 50 governors and members of the Armed Forces that if there is to defend the American nation from within. And give an example of decency and exercising the position for which he was elected.

My friends, do not know how many of you want to go to Washington to tell that to the president, and stay until you tell us what decision to take. I want to think that over 160 million Americans if they want to go and tell , this is a nation of patriots and many times they have told the enemies … Why not , a president was elected supposedly legally?


PD . Please send this message to all persons, organizations in every state of the American Union you know.

The question would be president:


Are you going to do well from now and going to fix everything wrong you’ve done? Or would you rather inept and resign and declare that we look to another city to do it better than you?


This is not sponsored by any organization. But all existing organizations that are interested in the happiness of the USA are invited to participate. All ideas and interests are welcome.


A good day for it is the Day of Memorial Day May 26, 2015 . It is a very special day for Americans and we have to make the arrangements we need to prepare.


If this is accepted by you must be prepared to reach out to Washington DC . USA at 6 AM on May 26, 2014 In front of the White House.

So we have time to prepare for the trip without trouble.

Individually or in groups.


Will you participate in this civic event?



Lázaro R González Miño, 305 898 4146




Amenper:  Meditando sobre el Comunismo


Aunque el término “comunismo” puede referirse a determinados partidos políticos, en su núcleo, y por lo general hablamos del comunismo en el contexto político ya fuera en la Cuba pre-Castro como en la actualidad política de los Estados Unidos y el mundo.

Pero hay que reconocer la realidad de que básicamente el comunismo es simplemente una ideología de igualdad económica mediante la eliminación de la propiedad privada, este es su propósito final algo que por desgracia se olvida en la vorágine de la política y el mundo de los negocios..

Las creencias del comunismo, más famoso expresada por Karl Marx, centran en la idea de que la desigualdad y el sufrimiento resultado del capitalismo. Bajo el capitalismo, privado, los negocios personas y corporaciones poseen todas las fábricas, equipos y otros recursos llamados “los medios de producción”. Estos propietarios, según la doctrina comunista, pueden explotar trabajadores, a los que  “obligan” a venden su mano de obra por un salario. Para lograr terminar con esta explotación, no hay otro camino que eliminar la propiedad privada.  

La clase obrera — o “proletariado” — debe levantarse en contra de los propietarios capitalistas, o “burguesía”, según los ideales del comunismo e instituir una nueva sociedad con ninguna propiedad privada, sin clases económicas, y sin la avaricia de las  ganancias

Esto está claramente establecido en el manifiesto comunista y es una filosofía completamente definida. Pero vemos como las ideas se mezclan y los capitalistas se ligan con los comunistas, como dijo Lenin vendiendo soga para que los ahorquen, no toman en consideración la realidad del comunismo, no piensan que serán los perjudicados de los mismos que ahora se dicen su aliados, sólo piensan en el dinero que van a ganar en esta alianza de momento.

Lo vimos en Cuba, se ve en Venezuela y se ve en los Estados Unidos. Hollywood crea películas como “The Lego Movie” que es un mensaje contra el capitalismo, que ha sido un triunfo taquillero, que es lo que le importa a la empresa productora, no piensa que ha servido para ayudar a la causa que no solo impedirá su capacidad de producir nuevas películas libremente si toman el poder, pero que se incautará de sus propiedades totalmente

Es un extraño fenómeno social que se repite en la democracia y que el comunismo, más sofisticado con el tiempo, habiendo aprendido de sus errores, utiliza cada vez con más efectividad en el socialismo del siglo XXI

Es un deber del capitalismo para su supervivencia, aprender también de sus errores para evitar su destrucción.  Simplemente parar un poco su ambición de simplemente hacer dinero, y meditar sobres cuales son los motivos finales del comunismo y los resultados para él mismo al final del camino.

Al final todos terminarán mal, tanto los comunistas como los capitalistas, lo vemos cuando establecen sus sistema en economías de mercado que destruyen para el mal de todos, pero entonces ya es demasiado tarde.



Samitier: “Sin punto y aparte”


Los Banqueros Hacen Dinero En Las Crisis… Bush Salvo En El 2008 A Los Banqueros … Y Obama Los Ha Enriquecidos Imprimiendo $85 Billones Mensuales…  

He Aquí Un Informe Sobre Una Logia De Banqueros… Que Se burlan de nosotros, mientras van corriendo a la reserva federal por su cheque de “welfare” pagado por los trabajadores.


Todos, Que Tienen Dinero En La Bolsa De Valores,

Esperando Usarlo, Como Retiro, Están Avisados:

George Soros, El Que Financio A Obama,

Está Apostando Contra La Bolsa! La Cantidad De


¿Que Información Tiene Soros? Para Apostar A Favor De Otra Crisis…

Quien Va A Perder?  Los Inversionistas O Soros?

La Compañía ATT Acaba De Declarar Que Recibió 35,000 Ordenes De Escucha Del Gobierno … Vamos A Ver Cuantas Ordenes Recibieron Las Otras Compañías…

Existirán 35,000 Terroristas Habrá En USA?

Que les parece, si le preguntamos al gobierno de Obama?  

Será posible? Que el gobierno de Obama sospecha que hay más de

35 mil terroristas  y nuestra seguridad depende de escuchar todas

esas personas?  

O es mas logico, pensar que el gobierno de Obama,

usa estos poderes, por razones politicas??  

Usted decida?

Puedes escoger ser una persona digna y libre


Un Informante Dijo Que Existía Droga En Una Casa… Como Resulto La Policía

Mato  A Un Anciano De 80 Años Y No Encontraron Ni Pisca De Droga…  

No Hay Un Día Que No Se Mate A Un Inocente… La policía ha logrado que

Los jueces consideren que preguntar Cuál es la razón del arresto sea un



Todo Luce Bien Hasta Que Te Toque A Ti… O a unos de los tuyos…

Hace 50 Años USA Traicionó A Los Cubanos

Y Nadie Se Percató Que No Fue La URSS Quien

Consolidaron A Fidel Castro…

Nos Embaucaron Con MIL MENTIRAS… La URSS desapareció En 1989… y Ahora

SIN LA URSS Toda Latino AMÉRICA Está En Manos De Los Antiguos Amigos de Castro

y La URSS…

¿Cómo Es Eso Posible?

Fácil Esos Gobiernos Están Financiados Por Las Mismas Fuerzas Que Han Financiado

A Obama…Y Ahora Claramente La Prensa Socialistas y Pro Homosexual  Esta Apoyando

A MADURO… Por Eso Fuera de Miami… Ningún Periódico Ha Dado Cobertura a La

Insurrección Popular En Venezuela…


Despierten El Enemigo Está Gobernando En La Casa Blanca Y En El Capitolio En Washington…

Basta De Mentiras Politiqueras…  

La Geopolítica Real En Ucrania…Los Partidarios

De Un “Gobierno Mundial” Contra Putin…

Primero Rusia, TIENE va a garantizar sus intereses, a todo COSTO…  

Segundo políticamente Rusia, no quiere invadir Ucrania, pero NO PUEDE

perder SU ÚNICA SALIDA AL MAR NEGRO a los “Globalitas Europeos.  


Declarando un Federación Ucraniana neutral.

El Este, que tiene las bases militares, y la población hablan ruso y son

Ortodoxos Rusos, va a pactar con Moscú…

El Oeste, que son Católicos y tiene el oleoducto hacia Europa,

va a pactar con ambos bandos….  

Para los Católicos, es mejor tener una Federación neutral, que sufrir una

Invasión Rusa y que le corten el gas a Europa.  

Los Obama y los “Globalistas Comunistas Europeos”

Van a PERDER… pues no tiene, ni fuerzas militares suficientes para

rescatar a Ucrania, ni tiene otra fuente de energia.  Menos, en invierno!


Ósea, Una Vez Como Lo Hiso En Siria

Putín Va A Dictar Los Términos…


Le Darán El Premio NOBLE De LA Paz A Putin… Lo Dudo


Los EEUU, demostró en Georgia, que no tiene la fuerza para evitar una anexación Rusa en los Caucasos.

Pero, Putín no quiere tener que movilizar tropas en Ucrania… Pero si es

Necesario lo va a hacer…

Fue un error histórico, la creación de Ucrania y los Ucranios se van arrepentir

uniendose a un modelo Europeo caducado, en declive total…

Fueron engatusados, por los Globalistas y sus PRESTAMOS fáciles.

Ahora, van a ser la parte mas pobre de toda Europa.

La Importancia De Ucrania… Es La ÚNICA Salida Al Mar Negro…

Que Tienen Rusia y Donde Esta La ÚNICA Base Naval De Rusia…

Ni Putin Ni Rusia Puede “PERMITIR” Perder Esa Base Naval…  Que

Tiene Los Cohetes Intercontinentales…   

Es muy posible que el gobierno de Ucrania pida ayuda militar a Rusia…????




Dear American,

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

My friends at American Legacy PAC just launched an important new project called Save our Healthcare – and I will be serving as Chairman.

Let me tell you a bit more about what we’ll be doing, and how you can help.

When I spoke just feet away from President Obama about the dangers of political correctness at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast, many were surprised.

After all, my background is medicine, not politics.

But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon like me to see that America is facing serious problems. And right now, the number one problem is Obamacare. Dropped coverage, failing websites, skyrocketing premiums – the list goes on and on.

I wish I could snap my fingers and make Obamacare disappear tomorrow, but we both know that won’t happen.

That’s why we’re launching Save our Healthcare – a national citizens’ effort to hold Washington accountable, re-center the healthcare debate around doctors and patients, and begin to answer the question of “What’s next?” – because real reform is absolutely vital.

Please join me, and sign our petition

It is our goal to recruit every American that believes we can do better than Obamacare, and make sure that our message is received loud and clear by every elected official and candidate in 2014.

Please sign up to support this project, and ask your friends and family to do the same.


Dr. Ben Carson
Chairman, Save Our Healthcare
American Legacy PAC




In the song “Folsom Prison Blues,” Johnny Cash captures the lament of the felons waiting to get out of prison. Cash sings, “Well if they freed me from this prison, if that railroad train was mine, I bet I’d move it on a little farther down the line. Far from Folsom Prison, that’s where I want to stay, and I’d let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away.”

But Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has a different vision. You see, in America, felons have traditionally returned to society with restricted rights. In some states, they lose the right to vote. In many jurisdictions, they lose the right to sit on a jury. And more widely, they’re prohibited from serving as law enforcement officers.

These restrictions are intended to protect society.

But Holder is upset with this tradition, and he wants to see it changed. In a widely anticipated speech at Georgetown University this month, Holder stepped into the bully pulpit and declared that restrictions on felons’ voting rights are wrong and immoral.


Patriot Privacy – Stop the NSA From Spying

STOP the NSA from spying on your emails and phone calls. Learn these easy to use tricks and loopholes in THIS VIDEO.

Holder said, “The current scope of these policies is not only too significant to ignore, it is also too unjust to tolerate… These restrictions are not only unnecessary and unjust, they’re also counterproductive… These laws increase the likelihood that they will commit future crimes; they undermine the re-entry process.”

I doubt Holder seriously believes that felons commit crimes because they don’t have voting rights. Then again, logic has never been his strong suit. This is the man who allowed high-powered firearms to be sold to Mexican drug cartels in his drive to reduce violence at the border.

The Not-So-Hidden Agenda

The real purpose behind Holder’s behavior is stacking the deck for left-wing politicians. Polling shows that when past felons are allowed to vote, they vote in overwhelming numbers for candidates who are soft on crime. Right now, those politicians are aligned with Obama and Holder.

“That speech showed how political he is,” Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department official, told The Hill newspaper. “All he talks about is the restoration of voting rights for felons. What he fails to mention is the fact that you don’t just lose your right to vote. In most states, you lose your rights to own a gun, to sit on a jury, to engage in certain kinds of employment like being a police officer. Nowhere does he say a word about restoring those rights. That tells me he is only interested in the potential votes.”

On top of that, Holder is also focused on two high-profile cases in North Carolina and Texas that could have a significant impact on those states’ elections. In each case, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is contending that certain laws concerning voter ID and early voting have the practical results of disfavoring minority voters. The DOJ wants these laws struck down before the next election.

It seems that Holder views every issue through the prism of racism. He twists logic and hopes no one catches on. In the Georgetown speech, he pointed out that 1 in 13 black Americans are precluded from voting, often because of a past criminal conviction. “They are prevented from exercising a fundamental right,” he argues.

Actually, voting is a privilege that can be taken away from citizens who have demonstrated a lack of integrity, honesty and character.

But as we know, Holder isn’t bothered by faulty integrity. He was held in contempt by the House of Representatives in 2012 following the Fast and Furious scandal. And if Obama had a spine, he would’ve fired Holder.

Instead, the two ethically challenged leaders blunder on, attempting to change America from a republic to a kleptocracy.

There’s still hope, though. Currently, 140 members of Congress have co-sponsored legislation seeking Eric Holder’s immediate resignation. It’s a bill long overdue for passage. In the words of Johnny Cash, it’s time for Attorney General Eric Holder to move “a little farther down the line,” and out of this important office.

Your eyes on the Hill,

Floyd Brown







Dear Friend, 

This is SHOCKING: the Obama administration has decided that conservatives and Christians shouldn’t have a voice in our government. 

Recently, the Obama administration quietly ordered the IRS to silence its opponents by imposing new regulations on Christian and conservative non-profit groups. 

These rules forbid conservative groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition from distributing voter guides, Congressional Scorecards, legislative alerts, and even registering voters. 

And, of course, Obama’s favorite Big Labor unions are all exempted from following the rules. 

We must stop this war on our freedom of speech! That’s why we have launched to defeat these proposed regulations to silence conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Americans. 

If we’re going to keep our voice in November, we need as many Christians and conservatives to make their voice heard now, by signing our petition to Congress and the Obama Administration. 

Please sign the petition right away, to make sure we stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on conservative speech. 

Friend, these new regulations are so crushing that, for months before an election, conservative and pro-family nonprofits would be muzzled – in direct violation of our First Amendment rights. 

We wouldn’t even be able to mention a candidate’s name before an election! 

That means it’ll be impossible for FFC to expose the truth about how the politicians are voting in Washington on critical issues – and, worse, it’ll severely hamper our ability to get Christians and conservatives informed and vote. 

Even worse, Obama has exempted deep-pocketed liberal groups – far-Left unions like the SEIU or AFL-CIO – from these crippling regulations. 

Imagine what will happen in America if the people only see anti-conservative, anti-Christian, union-backed TV, newspaper, and Internet ads for months

That is absolutely unacceptable – and that’s why we’re counting on you to make sure your voice is heard. 

Go to to sign the petition to stop the Obama’s war on Christians and conservatives right away. 

It’s obvious why Obama’s targeting groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition: he’s terrified of the impact we’ll have in November. 

Because, with more than 700,000 members and supporters, FFC is America’s largest coalition of conservative Christian voters – and liberal circles know that, when FFC activists lead a fight, they get results. 

I’m Dr. Ralph Reed – and I founded FFC in 2009 with one clear mission: to stop Barack Obama and his radical, anti-Christian agenda for America. 

And, since then, this effort has grown by leaps and bounds – and now, I’m humbled to say that FFC has become the most united and powerful group of Christians standing in the way of Obama’s agenda, and in the defense of our faith and values. 

In 2012, we conducted the largest Christian voter registration and turnout campaign ever seen in American history. 

And 2014 will be no different. This year, FFC plans to distribute over 33 MILLION voter guides and informational mail pieces and make over 21 MILLION phone calls to grow Christian voter turnout. 

Obama knows the only way to stop our side’s momentum this year is by silencing us with these liberty-destroying regulations. 

And that’s why we have to fight back right away – before the Left takes away our free speech rights for good. 

Keep your voice alive in 2014 by signing our petition to stop the IRS’s radical, un-American ban on Christian and conservative free speech. 

Thank you so much for your help. With your help today, we will not be silenced—and we can make sure we’ll have the tools to win the fight for our values in 2014. 


Dr. Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition







“En mi opinión”    Lázaro R González Miño Editor.

Para contribuir con artículos, opiniones, sugerencias o recibir “En mi opinión”

e-mail a:, o,


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