No. 433 “EN MI OPINION” Julio 17, 2013

“En mi opinión” No 433 7/16/13 ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ Lázaro R González Miño Editor.

Esta frase que recibí no me deja la oportunidad de hacer comentarios aquí se las dejo: “URGENTE, PUES LOS OFICIALES ELECTOS SIGUEN SORDOS Y ALGUNOS DE NOSOTROS, MUDOS” TONY.


Black Racism Killed Trayvon …

Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson wants Americans to take stand against intimidation

By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson 

Rachel Jeantel, the troubled young woman who was speaking on the phone to Trayvon Martin just before he was killed, testified in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial that Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy a– cracka” before their violent confrontation.

I’ve been warning for the past 23 years that black racism is out-of-control – it appears black racism killed Trayvon Martin, and Paula Deen’s career!

Since the shooting of Martin, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP (along with the liberal media) have done their best to portray Martin as an innocent kid tiptoeing through the tulips who just happened to be the victim of a racist white vigilante (even though Zimmerman is half Hispanic).

Blatant hostility and racism toward whites is common among black youth. Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel admitted that where she comes from the term “cracka” is a common term used to describe whites.

Before his death, Martin was suspended from school; he was caught with a marijuana pipe; it was reported he had burglary tools in his locker; and it was recently revealed that pictures of marijuana plants and someone suspected to be Martin holding a gun were found on his cell phone. Does this sound like a well-adjusted teenager?

Trayvon Martin was the product of a broken home. He was also a victim of the corrupt civil-right leaders who peddle racism infecting the minds of young blacks. Martin’s parents (Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton) stood next to race hustlers and knowingly allowed this case to be framed as a race issue. As a result, supporters have taken to Twitter, threatening to kill Zimmerman and random white people if he gets off:

  • @HotTopicLys: f**k Don West. f*** George Zimmerman. I’ll kill both them n***as.
  • @StayFocus_Jones: ima kill a white person in self-defense if Zimmerman go free lol on everything.
  • @ZackSlaterExe: If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka.
  • @BE4L_Pervis: If Zimmerman win, I’m gonna kill a white kid by mistake.

All the threats and screams of racism from these thugs, as well as Sharpton and Jackson, have nothing to do with justice for Trayvon! Just as the uproar over celebrity chef Paula Deen’s use of the word “N–-er” decades ago has nothing to do with eradicating racism.

Deen has been excoriated after she admitted she had used that word in a deposition over a case accusing her of condoning an atmosphere of sexual harassment and racism in her businesses.

Paula Deen has apologized profusely to everybody and their mama! She released statements, videos and appeared on the “Today” show begging for forgiveness from blacks.

Jesse Jackson (of all people!) has said his organization plans to investigate the matter and that he will help the embattled chef overhaul her image. She didn’t owe an apology to all black people. Jesse Jackson is not the gatekeeper to black America, and she doesn’t need him to remake her image.

Since Paula’s admission, the Food Network, Wal-Mart, Caesars Entertainment, Smithfield Foods, Sears and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk are no longer doing business with her. This type of overreaction by majority white-owned companies is the height of cowardice.

Just as in the Zimmerman case, it’s time for people to take a stand against all forms of racial intimidation!

By apologizing to all blacks, Deen and her former sponsors are unwittingly sending the message that just the accusation alone is enough to get whites to cave. This only encourages vultures like Jackson and Sharpton to swoop in and exploit these incidents for personal gain.

Jackson claims he’s going to investigate Deen’s past use of a racial slur. Did anyone investigate his past use of racial slurs when he used the slur “hymie” and “hymietown” respectively when referring to Jews and New York City? Or when Jackson accused Barack Obama of “talking down to black folks” by lecturing them on moral issues?

If Jackson, Sharpton and the NAACP hadn’t jumped on the Trayvon Martin case and made it into a racial matter, nobody would have heard of it. His death would have gone unnoticed, just like the more than 500 black youths that were murdered in Chicago in black-on-black violence last year.

The attention on the Zimmerman trial is not about justice for Trayvon; it’s about intimidation and dividing the American people along race.

I hear from many white people that they’ve given up on trying to help or deal with blacks. If they hire blacks, they’re afraid to correct them because they may cry racism. God forbid if they have to lay off or fire a black employee – all hell might break loose! This is putting fear in white people because they can’t win either way.

Whites have to overcome the fear of being called “racist.” Blacks have to be on the side of good and stand for what is right, regardless of race. In order to conquer these racist black leaders, we must see clearly that the uproar in the Trayvon Martin and Paula cases is NOT about justice.

Original Source

The Biggest Government Lie in History?

By LOUIS BASENESEChief Investment Strategist 


Welcome to the world’s most secure vault…

Completed in 1936, it’s encased in 16,000 cubic feet of granite and 4,200 cubic yards of cement.

The vault door weighs an astounding 22 tons and is made of a 21-inch-thick material that’s resistant to drills, torches and explosives.

It comes with a bombproof roof, too.

Additional layers of physical security include: video cameras, minefields, barbed wire, electric fences, armed guards – even unmarked Apache helicopter gunships.

Oh, and it’s stationed on a 109,000-acre U.S. army post.

So what’s inside?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

The government will tell you that almost 5,000 metric tons of gold, or roughly 3% of all the gold ever refined throughout human history, is safely sealed inside the vault.

Others will tell you that the vault (the United States Bullion Depository – known as Fort Knox) is totally empty.

What if the skeptics are right? And all this protection is just an elaborate cover-up? 

What if there’s actually no gold at Fort Knox?

Let’s dig a little deeper… 

Send the Auditors to Fort Knox! 

In light of the revelations from NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, it’s even harder now to trust Washington politicians.

The government has been doing a lot of things that it said it wasn’t for years (i.e. – spying on citizens). And that naturally makes me wonder what else it might be up to.

I’m not alone, either.

Three-time presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has long questioned the amount of gold at Fort Knox. He even went as far as introducing legislation in 2011, which proposed an audit.

One thing we can all agree on is this: Lack of transparency always leads to corruption. So Paul’s audit demand seems reasonable. Especially considering that the world’s publicly traded companies must undergo annual audits. Why should the Federal government be immune?

Amazingly, though, the last audit of Fort Knox occurred in 1953, right after President Eisenhower’s inauguration. Except no outside experts were permitted, and only about 5% of the gold was tested. So there’s been no full audit in over 60 years!

Over that time, however, the government has sold its gold – reducing its holdings from about 20,000 metric tons in the 1950s, to the current level of 8,133 metric tons.

So are we just supposed to trust that the government stopped selling? In this day and age, that’s a pretty tall order!

Just ask the Germans.

In late 2012, Germany’s federal court ordered its central bank to conduct annual audits and physically inspect gold deposits worldwide – including in the United States. For decades, the Bundesbank had relied on written confirmation.

Why the sudden change of heart? It makes me wonder…

A More Fundamental Question 

Let’s give the government the benefit of the doubt for a (brief) moment and ask: Why do we even have gold reserves?

The gold bars, packed tightly into a secure vault, were supposed to give us confidence in our country’s currency. But we cast off the gold standard in 1971 and stopped redeeming currency for gold. So nowadays, gold reserves are nothing more than an asset on the Fed’s balance sheet, not an integral part of our monetary system.

So what gives with clinging tightly to it?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says that it’s the result of “long-term tradition.”

Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics says, “It may lend some confidence to investors that we have large gold reserves. But it’s more symbolic than substantive.”

Meanwhile, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan reportedly said, we hold onto the huge reserves “just in case we need it.” (That’s comforting.)

In the end, if there’s no real purpose for the gold reserves, then why worry about an audit at all?

A Crisis of Confidence

One reason the government might not want an audit is because it would lend importance to an asset that it swears is unimportant.

Or as hedge fund manager James Rickards puts it, “An audit would give gold too much credit and start to erode the official propaganda that gold is not a monetary asset. After all, no one audits the number of acorns in the national parks… They are too unimportant.”

Makes sense. Yet, I don’t think that’s substantive enough to justify the refusal.

What’s more likely is that an audit would raise more questions than it answers. Like, if the gold is really there, does it really all belong to the government?

I say that because central banks routinely lease or lend out gold. But current reporting guidelines don’t require them to distinguish between gold owned outright and gold swapped with another party.

Instead, the U.S. Treasury simply states its holdings as “gold (including gold deposits and gold swapped).” Or in the British government’s case, “gold (including gold swapped or on loan).”

Again, such a lack of transparency opens the door to abuse. Not only could all the gold be on loan (perhaps on unfavorable terms), but banks could also be “re-loaning” that very same gold, thereby creating a “paper pyramid of gold.”

The process is known as “rehypothecation,” and it’s exactly what happened during the mortgage crisis with collateralized debt obligations. And we all know how that ended.

An audit might also reveal that the government dumped some gold on the world markets to manipulate prices. (Yes, governments have done that before.) And if the U.S. government even sold a little without telling us, trust would be irreversibly broken.

More spectacularly, an audit might reveal that Fort Knox is littered with gold-painted tungsten. Here, too, a precedent exists, ascounterfeit bars turn up from time to time. Although I doubt a government would confess to being so incredibly duped.

Fort Knox: A New Stimulus Project

It would reportedly take 400 people, working full-time for six months, to test all the gold at Fort Knox for purity. It would cost at least $15 million, too. For me, that’s not a deterrent, though.

Sounds more like an economic “stimulus” project. Lord knows we’ve squandered way more tax dollars on projects with no tangible benefits. Besides, we could use some new jobs.

Bottom line: If you believe the government routinely lies or covers up its actions, we can’t simply laugh off the idea that there’s no gold in Fort Knox. Until an audit is done, the facts provide more questions than answers.

And while I don’t believe Fort Knox is completely devoid of gold, it’s certainly possible that our gold reserves are lower than reported and/or not wholly owned by the U.S. government.

So what does that mean for the price of gold? Stay tuned fortomorrow’s column. I’ll address that question to provide a real-world, logical price target for gold.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese

Zimmerman to Press on With NBC Defamation Case

Monday, 15 Jul 2013 11:27 AM

By Melanie Batley enviado por GATRIA.

With his acquittal in hand, George Zimmerman plans to resume his defamation lawsuit against NBC News for its coverage of the call he made to police the night he came face-to-face with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The neighborhood watch volunteer contends the network’s March 27, 2012 “Today” broadcast painted him as a racist by editing out significant portions of the discussion he had with police, The Washington Post reports.

NBC’s abridged version of the conversation stated that Zimmerman told police, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

The full tape of the call went like this:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. 
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic? 
Zimmerman: He looks black.

Zimmerman started the lawsuit against NBC in December, but the case was put on hold pending the outcome of his trial. 

Read Latest Breaking News from 

Flashback: 4 Blacks Torture and Kill White Couple

Eric Holder Doesn’t Care About Chicago Murders

Posted 10 Hours Ago by Philip Hodges filed under CorruptionCrimeEmail FeaturedGun ControlLaw EnforcementSecond Amendment

In his speech to the black sorority Delta Sigma Theta in D.C., Eric Holder said that he was resolved to combat violence directed at youths in light of the Zimmerman verdict:

 “We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people, to prevent future tragedies and to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents. And we will never stop working to ensure that – in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community – justice must be done.”

Really? “In every case, in every circumstance, and in every community?” Does Chicago count? Or just the cases that the media have twisted into racial hate crimes?

During the Zimmerman trial, there were four kids gunned down in Chicago. Three were teen minors, and one was a 5-year-old. CNS News summarized the cases:

  •  His body was found next a bicycle.

Holder said that his department had opened an investigation into Martin’s death and will possibly press civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Since Eric Holder is so concerned with violence “involving or directed at young people,” like Trayvon, I wonder what his Justice Department is going to do with these Chicago youth murder cases.

Or do they not count? Is black-on-black violence not really anything to be concerned about? After all, it happens everyday in Chicago, and they hardly spur even local investigations. “Another day, another murder,” right?

I guess Holder doesn’t care about those cases. It’s not like he can capitalize on them in any meaningful way, since usually only blacks are involved. He wouldn’t want to bring attention to that. That would make blacks look bad. But just wait. Liberals will find a way to blame Chicago black violence on “white privilege.”

Read more:


¡Impeach obama! “Recall Carlos Gimenez”¡Impeach Obama!

“Recall Carlos Gimenez” ¡Impeach Obama! “Recall Carlos Gimenez”



Envíame un email diciéndome que es lo que puedes hacer o donar díselo a tus amigos para que participen activamente. Si quieren dar un ejemplo sacando a un mal político, que no responde y se burla de los intereses tuyos y malgasta tu dinero esta es la única forma de hacerlo. ¡EL MENSAJE A LOS POLITIQUEROS ES QUE SE ACABO EL JUEGO, QUE ESTO ES AL DURO AHORA!

Envíame tu nombre, email y teléfono. Díganos de que forma va a participar: donar materiales, dinero o será voluntario?

1) Puede donar papel para imprimir planillas, (Se necesitan 100,000 páginas de papel 8×13)

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7) Necesitamos que las personas que trabajen en el RECALL tengan siempre listos sus cámaras de fotos o celulares para que en caso de que exista alguna provocación o ataque contra las personas que estén colectando las firmas, inmediatamente se tenga prueba del ataque y esas personas sean llevadas a los tribunales.

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Si usted desea participar en este esfuerzo infórmeme lo que usted puede aportar con seguridad. Repito No me envié nada ahora, solo comuníqueme que es lo que usted puede donar o hacer y yo en el futuro reuniré y contabilizare los recursos y cuando lo tengamos todo empezaremos. Puede hacerme cualquier pregunta o decirme cuál será su donación a

Muchas gracias,                                                                 Lázaro R González Miño


¡Impeach obama! “Recall Carlos Gimenez”¡Impeach Obama!

“Recall Carlos Gimenez” ¡Impeach Obama! “Recall Carlos Gimenez”



Noticia Fresca De Hoy… Julio 16, 2013

Otro Banco Reporta sus ganancias…

Las Ganancias De Solo 3 Meses…

Fueron De Casi $ 2 Mil Millones!


¿Quien Puede Lograr Esa GANANCIA En Una Depresion?  

Solo Un Banco “Salvado”…

Pero No Cualquier Banco!

Por Ejemplo:

El banco del Tesorero de W. Bush…

El director del Banco Central Europeo…

El banco del “APOLITICO” Presidente de Italia

y tantos mas. Que resulta imposible al ciudadano NORMAL

que tiene que trabajar… para mantener la familia… seguirles el RASTRO a esa Mafia


Ya Vivimos En Una Bancocracia

Lo Mas Parecido A Un Sistema Feudal…

Donde Los Banqueros No Pierden Ningún Juicio…


Goldman Sachs reports strong earnings


Goldman Sachs shrugged off the market volatility that rocked Wall Street at the end of last month to report $1.93bn in net income for the second quarter, higher than forecast by analysts and more than double what it earned in the same period last year.

Revenues for the three months to July jumped 23 per cent to $8.61bn, the bank said a statement on Tuesday. The higher than expected profit equated to earnings per share of $3.70, more than the $2.89 per share predicted by analysts.

La Sra. Angela Carey Nombrada Por El

Gobernador Rick Scott… El “Poncio Pilatos”

De Florida Complicando Las Cosas…

Acaba De Ignorar El Sistema Legal Al Declarar

Para Complacer A Obama Y Los Negros Que


“Zimmerman A Pesar De Que El Jurado Lo

Declaro “No Culpable” Es Un ASESINO…”


El Famoso Profesor De Harvard Dershowitz dijo:

Zimmerman Por esas Declaraciones; tiene Un Caso De

Difamación Contra El Estado De La Florida y La Fiscal…


Para leer toda la información

Apareció Hoy Un Artículo En El New York Times Con El Titular

La Verdad Sobre Trayvon

Que No Dice Una Sola Verdad


Por ejemplo olvidan decir… que fumaba mariguana, que robaba…

Que buscaba pleitos continuamente en la escuela y su barrio…

En fin el New York Time continua aun después de juicio… trabajando

Para mantener la ciudadanía DIVIDIDA…


Lo peor de todo es que los NEGROS DECENTES y TRABAJADORES no

Abren la boca PUES VIVEN ATERRORIZADOS… y cuando los BLANCOS




Para los que deseen leer la BASOFIA que escribieron a favor

Y para proteger a los negros que son delicuentes…


Bank Of América “Otro Banco Salvado” Ganó 63% Más Que El Año Pasado! $ 4 Billones En Los Últimos 3 Meses… Mientras, En El Resto De América Y El Mundo, Los Pequeños comerciantes Siguen Cerrando… Las Grandes Tiendas Sigue Cerrando y Botando Empleados… Office Max La “Penúltima” Vendida

A un competidor… ¿Cuál Sera La Próxima?

Ver la noticia


Wednesday July 17 2013





Bank of America reports $4bn in second quarter net income


Bank of America reported $4bn in net income in the second quarter, a 63 per cent rise on a year ago – which beat analysts’ estimates – with the bank’s trading division almost doubling its profits.


·         La Piñata de Obama para los bancos continua…‏ La Impresión De $85 Billones Mensuales De Dólares

Va A Continuar…Afirma El Sr. Bernake… Mientras los Planes De Obama Continúen Fracasando…

El Plan Obama Es Una Verdadera “FIESTA” Con Una“PIÑATA” Para Los Banqueros…

Analicemos La Situación Y El Significado De Las PALABRAS:

BIENES algo que tiene un valor en dinero… el “Valor” está condicionado a la necesidad y el Tiempo que se requiere para hacerlo EFECTIVO..

TOXICO = algo prejudicial… ALGO ENVENENADO

BIENES TOXICOS Los banqueros usan esas DOS PALABRAS JUNTAS, para ELIMINAR el uso de la palabra “ESTAFA” “FRAUDE” para no decir que fue un PRÉSTAMO FRAUDULENTO y una estafa cometida por el BANCO que originalmente dio el PRESTAMO…y esos bienes NO se pueden convertir FACILMENTE EN EFECTIVO…

Todas la hipotecas “LLAMADAS” por los banqueros “TOXICAS”  y por el pueblo “BASURAS” fueron

VENDIDAS A LAS AGENCIAS DEL GOBIERNO… es decir al Pueblo por los “BANQUEROS” quienes las Vendieron  como BIENES BUENOS… de hecho cometieron una “ESTAFA AL PUEBLO” y los encargados de VIGILAR y DEFENDER los intereses del PUEBLO… los POLITIQUEROS ELECTOS han“PREVARICADO” al continuar haciendo negocio que los ESTAFADORES… cuando debían de estar PRESOS…

Para continuar SALVANDO LOS BANCOS… el gobierno ha decidido SEGUIR IMPRIMIENDO $85 BILLONES de dólares mensuales (creados de la nada) con el resultado que cada día el “Pueblo” puede comprar menos con cada dólar…

Esto Es El Robo, Mas Grande De La Historia Humana!!!

Aunque No Ha Sido El Único… Se Hizo Antes… El Más Conocido Fue:

La Impresión de Dinero Hecha Por El Economista Necker… (el Bernake) del rey

Luis XVI… que produjo la “Revolución Francesa” la ruina de Francia, el aguillotinamiento

Del Rey y la Reina… y Necker se fue a vivir como millonario a Suiza… y escribir sus memorias…


La historia de cómo la IMPRESIÓN DE DINERO lleva a la ruina a las naciones… lo sabe todo el que

Ha leído HISTORIA… los casos más conocidos son los de Roma y Francia… pero la IMPRESIÓN de

DINERO fue lo que llevo a HITLER al poder…


Todo lo anterior lo saben los politiqueros… los de Washington y los Estatales…

También la Prensa lo sabe… pero LOS PERIODISTAS… están VENDIDOS…


Aquí Tienen La  Noticia… Bernake Anuncia Que Va A Continuar Imprimiendo Dinero



·         George Zimmerman Encontrado Culpable‏

·         George Zimmerman Encontrado Culpable de todas las Acusaciones

Me encuentro en el extranjero, pero no estoy tan desinformado.

Sé por la Internet y por los periódicos locales que después de un procedimiento judicial un jurado encontró inocente a George Zimmerman.

Pero lo que veo, tanto en la Internet como en los periódicos es que la prensa liberal y los oficiales y militantes liberales, han declarado culpable a Zimmerman sin importarles la decisión del jurado.

Zimmerman es declarado culpable y será condenado, no me cabe la menor duda.

He tenido la experiencia de un caso familiar de menos notoriedad e importancia, pues no hubo muertos, simplemente un “desamparado” herido, pero se acusó a la policía de uso indebido de fuerza y encubrimiento. 

Los oficiales acusados fueron exonerados y declarados inocentes en dos juicios. Pero por la presión del Miami Herald y de los militantes liberales, fueron juzgados por tercera vez y declarados culpables de violar los derechos civiles del “desamparado”. 

Tuvieron que cumplir dos años de cárcel y perdieron su puesto. 

El caso de Zimmerman tiene mucha mayor visibilidad nacional y en el extranjero.

Está en primera plana en todos los periódicos, con la simplista historia de un vigilante que mató a un niño negro desarmado y fue declarado inocente por un jurado de blancos.

Hablan del racista sistema judicial de los Estados Unidos, no quieren mencionar que bajo ese sistema se ha elegido dos veces presidente a un negro y que el fiscal general es negro.

Ni en Francia donde estuve, ni en Inglaterra donde estoy, ha habido un negro en posiciones tan altas.

Un periódico menciona que si hubiera sido a la inversa, si un negro hubiera matado un blanco, hubieran linchado al negro.

No saben o no quieren acordarse de que O.J. Simpson fue exonerado de matar a su esposa blanca.

Pero George Zimmerman será juzgado de nuevo y encontrado culpable.

Esto sucederá porque el sistema judicial ha sido prostituido. 

Una persona encontrada inocente no puede ser juzgada por el mismo crimen.

Pero en una prostitución judicial, se ha establecido que se puede acusar a la persona por el mismo hecho bajo otras acusaciones como violación de los derechos civiles y odio racial.

George Zimmerman tendrá que cumplir cárcel, su vida será destruida, porque el sistema judicial se ha prostituido.

Mientras los que han prostituido el sistema mantengan el poder, mientras la militancia liberal controle los medios de comunicaciones del mundo, no puede haber justicia para un George Zimmerman.




Take a count of the number of innocent black children dead and or wounded in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami during the last two years at the hands of black thugs. Look up the statistics and then think of the Trayvon Martin tragedy reaction by the black racist agitators. 

Also while you are at it examine Attorney  General Eric Holder what issues he takes up and investigate or even knows any thing about it. When it comes to IRS scandal and investigation he claims to know or does little if any. Take a look at Fast and Furious investigation, AP spying, Chicago poll voting intimidation and the Black Panthers . Also what he said and why he would not investigate . You will be surprise of his words. 

Also when directed to suspend and not enforce laws he is there as well. Several Presidential like directives to unenforced immigration laws have been issued and Attorney General suspend federal laws . But when convenient to enforce the illegal immigration agenda Eric Holder is there to prosecute Sheriff Joe Arpaio. BUT BUT when it comes to what he thinks is a civil right violation (i.e Trayvon Martin case) look at his reaction and vigor to investigate. The current Attorney General Eric Holder is clearly ‘POLITICAL MAFIA” and the record shows it.


The President has three times injected himself in the legal system in reference to what he thought racial issues. One he admonish the supreme court at a state of the union address the other two were what he thought were racial bias issues. 


Remember the black Harvard Professor breaking into his own house after a black lady  witness called the police. The President called the police usual abusers when a black person is involve. The President later had to apologize to the arresting police officer after the facts came out. Remember what he said about Trayvon Martin “if I had a son it would probably look like Trayvon Martin” . And don’t forget the President attended a church  for many years where country and whites were called all kinds of racial insults. IF SOME ONE IS A CLEAR RACIST IS THE PRESIDENT. 

There is plenty of evidence that the current administration is “POLITICAL MAFIA” and they are also racist as well. This is the first time in my lifetime that a present has suffocated the third political branch of government (i.e the JUDICIAL) and with that power the country is merciless at the will of the administration. While many in the current administration have broken the law no one goes to jail, prosecuted NOT EVEN FIRED AS IN THE IRS SCANDAL. What else do you need to know.

Jorge Aguiar, Doral, Florida


“En mi opiniónLázaro R González Miño Editor ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’  Image


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